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  1. Exactly this and the GBA games still being in the public eye due to popular hacks still being made even this very year, Wyvern knight also can use lances+swords in Engage. Exactly its incredibly out of character and Arlen is the lawful ruler of the city, of course women are going to join their sons, brothers and fathers in fighting for their leader. IS and their sexism. Vestaria Saga Generals are a tier 2 class, as Generals always are. Lance/Sword Generals isn't that unusual, we had them in both Tellius games for example. Tier 1 Armored Knights getting Lance/Sword or any two weapons is unique to FE1 and VS2. I consider Large Shields to be another weapon type as they use an equipment, but I suppose it is debatable.
  2. Ah, personally I'm bothered alot by stuff like this as it doesn't work with the story that the game presents. That reminds me, did you ever read Kaga's explanation magic and its connection to religion? Here's a link if you want to see. It'll also explain stuff like the fairy summoned by the Thief staff. We have not, this is the only time in the entire game, both books, where female enemies exist. Otherwise the enemy army just uses male Bishops for healers to avoid using clercics. To be fair, the similarity might not have been obvious at first. I've read one of the novelizations delves into the Ellerean/Arlen and Gharnef connection, as well as their relationship with their masters. Apparently both had a more parental relationship with their tutor in the novel. FE12 adds a really out of place line where Jagen mentions Arlen kidnapped the clerics to force them into his army, which really makes much less sense than being citizens of Khadein like Yodel, that decided to join their male family members in fighting for Arlen. Also Arlen's men randomly start trying to murder him when you recruit him in this version. I didn't you mention it, so tell me if you didn't notice, but all of Arlen's troops will try to leave the map once you recruit him. Kaga and his love of incorporating gameplay into story. Lets be honest, every Fire Emblem is obsessed with the monarchy and bloodline. Even Ike is the son of a legendary knight whom was a famous mercenary even when he was incognito. We'll never get a bandit hero of the people. Kaga loves his redundant classes, I feel he exists because Kaga wanted the generic enemy unit that dropped the Master Sword to stand out so you'd notice him. Generals can use swords in a number of games, same for Wyvern Knights/Lords. Actually Wyvern riding units having access to axes is a very recent thing and even the DS Remakes went back to them specializing in Lances with Minerva being the sole exception. In FE1, all lance using classes could use swords. The real weird/unusual thing was that Generals were only swords in contrast to Armored Knights being Sword/Lance. No other game brought back Sword/Lance Armored Knights or Sword only Generals, except for TearRing Saga and Vestaria Saga II. Barbarians are interesting because they're basically the closest thing to an Advanced Axe Fighter class in this game. Despite this, they lack an animation if anyone wants to hear. Green clothes, Pink Hair and Master Sword, is that Link to the Past's Link? Xane had no idea that his simple prank would convince creepy fans and people whom haven't played this game to think Tiki really loved Marth like that.
  3. True, I do like it when the bosses have some characterization has some characterization, no matter how small. I'll respond to the rest later, I'm super sick right now, unfortunately. I wish I could edit posts more easily. As for the Hardin discussion, remember FE1 was a NES game and FE3 could only hold so much data, that said I do have some ideas of how I would expand it. @Jotari Actually Kaga had nothing to do with Eremiya, as has been discussed, the whole "woman whom seemed to be evil on her own but is really brainwashed by old wizard" is a story bit that only happened after Kaga left. Delthea and Mareeta were clearly brainwashed to begin with and were quickly recruited if you talked to them with the right people.
  4. Funfact, he's the only sword wielding boss in both books! Also I forgot to respond to this earlier. Dahl is actually a bit of a meme in Japan and has appeared in a few hacks with the iconic death quote. The english Book, Legacy of Archanea, makes large changes to this so humans worship Naga to begin with as their only Goddess and Naga sends a giant warrior to help them instead of Naga being one of their many gods, Naga being considered male by the legend, and Naga appearing as a giant man. Thoughts @ping. Personally I dislike it. Also sorry I didn't respond to this sooner.
  5. I should play this map again. I feel tanks like Sirius, Palla and Draug would help alot in dealing with the reinforcements, especially if they have a good position. Fair point, but I feel Samto is the first whom is actually an intentional pure joke stat-wise if you know what I mean? Yeah, I feel the Javelin makes Lang a little more dangerous than other General bosses even with the speed losses. Its fitting given his plot importance, I suppose?
  6. Oh that badly translated book. FE3 soldiers can actually be fairly tough, I feel. Alot of Matthis dialogue seems to refer from direct translation, like the infamous "never fall in love with a thief" comment said out of the blue. Jiol's portrait is also more unique in FE3, as it is a little different from Lang's, whilst Lykke even has the exact same palette in his portrait with Merach. Sidenote, I'd make Lykke a Warrior if I ever get the chance to hack the game. He takes such ludicrous defense nerfs in the DS remake, that he might as well not be a general at all. A friend of mine had tons of trouble with this chapter and its reinforcements. There's a reason why Bishops just heal or just attack. Enemy AI in FE1 and FE3 can only use the top item in their inventory, so a enemy unit would not use two items in their inventory like a healing staff and an attack tome. FE1 just used plain priests/curates for enemy healers, but FE3 opts to use healing only bishops with curates removed, probably because they don't want to use female enemy soldiers until FE4. Oddly these healing Bishops stay even on Lunatic of FE12! Would it be fair to describe Samto/Samuel as FE's first joke character? Maybe the speed penalty is why more bosses don't care javelins in FE3, whom knows really? Also Lang has an unused palette, pictured here. Its funny he can do that as an attack quote.
  7. No mention of the fact that he actually moves? That caught me offguard the first time I played and I lost some units to him! He can be good after a couple speed levels even if he's not high tier. Funny dialogue. Also I'm very curious as to what translation patch this is? Rumel/Lumel's brown green wyvern and bright green armor is a brilliant palette, I wonder why such a minor boss got such a unique palette yet his own boss is one of the only General bosses in the game to lack a unique palette? Palla and Catria break another game. Another odd thing about Lykke, whom I know is Ryuke, is not only does he not have a unique palette, he directly re-uses Merach's portrait with no changes whatsoever! Also he got an official artwork for some reason where he's pictured with an axe? As if fliers needed to be more broken, you get this in chapter 2! I forgot to mention, @Saint Rubenio listen too, I hear its normal for older siblings to refer to their younger sibling, male or female, as kawaii in Japan. In english, it just comes off as creepy. Funny thing about that, I was talking with someone that translated Japanese text and it turns out Guile's FE3 text is more accurate. Even in FE12, Guile's Japanese dialogue is apparently still considering if he should surrender before deciding the Alteans wouldn't spare him and attacking! I'm actually thinking of buffing Shooter/Ballistician base stats, Toras definitely needs a huge buff.
  8. Whilst they are a mask, there appear to be lenses in them so they're at least sunglasses.
  9. By Ballista gunpowder, I think it specifically said the "Elephant/Pachyderm", which is a type of cannon and so would no doubt have gunpowder to make the gunpowder fire. I read this on a Japanese site. Fair enough.
  10. Female Kris can get a pair of theatre glasses after the Legion paralogue in the DS version.
  11. The debug menu of FE3 labels the "Lady Sword" as "Magekiller", indicating a mage effective weaponry was almost in FE3! The concept got into the Vestaria Saga games. The anti armor weaponry usually does make sense from a player perspective as for all the problems as player units, Armored Knight enemies are not only very common, but can give the player alot of trouble in how hard they are to crack. I do admit though, FE12 adding an Anti Armor bow when the Hammer and ArmorSlayer already exited, really perplexed me though, especially as Armored enemies had their defense stats nerfed to the ground in the DS remake of Mystery of the Emblem, meaning the player already has no trouble with them. And several late game bosses would be much more powerful if there almost any other class even without the effective weaponry as the DS remakes use FE6 Caps. Damn it, so its not just a me issue. I'm having a long conversation with Shaky Jones and alot of the time, I really need to edit stuff in. Someone should really figure out whats causing the issue, but they probably won't. Yeah Lorenz is meant for indoor maps! I think Kaga planned her to be a high tier unit, but it didn't quite work out, but she's still ok. Hans reminds me of Lang too, with a bit of Gazzak. The "just bandits left", despite them starting near Lorenz, always come off as a bit of a copout to me. I'll do a comparison picture later, but Marth's outfit in his book 1 portrait appears to be the Toga he wore in the NES artwork and his SNES battle sprites, conversely his Book 2 portrait appears to be wearing his modern outfit. I don't think Draug's extra levels really helped him personally. They also have some support bonuses if you want to hear. I feel if you use Rody or Cecille, you should use the other. She has a nice and unique portrait, it'd be nice for a playable character too. This is one of many things disproving the Archanean didn't have glasses comment on Awakening's official site. Apparently the novelization says he used gunpowder from a Ballista. I really do wonder why they made the Thabes map so linear in Book 1? @JotariIt'd be nice if a lot of Book 1 bosses got more screentime, I imagine Xemcel is a personal friend of Medeus given he has such an important job.
  12. Anyone know why I can't edit my comments most of the time, it is really odd? I wanted to add more to my post earlier, but it kept saying the post was either "too old" or "moved", even though less than ten minutes had passed? Woo, they're best friends and drinking buddies. Male priests/curates don't even exist within the game data and the game is rather stingy on what classes load on every map, even TIki's Manakete class variant didn't make the cut.
  13. Whenever I make a post, particularly a long one with images and alot of quotes on this site, either in a topic or direct message, and I try to edit the post, I get the result "this comment may no longer be edited, it may be too long". Note this happens minutes after I post it and occasionally if I keep pressing it eventually lets me edit the post. Anyone know what is causing this issue? Its making me reluctant to make long posts?
  14. Yes! I should keep that anti warp skipping measure. Also I miss Lawrence. You know its a shame Elice comes in so late, she has powerful growths. Its a cute animation with a map animation too, but was it really worth it? Xemcel has no bos quote in FE1, I believe. I believe the caps lock is speaking in Katakana in Japanese to convey an inhuman tone, I'll have to check later. I hope you pumped him up with some stat boosters. Its a nice design. Bantu don't need stats, but its funny he got resistance. Poor Kashim. Also its funny he has a persian name for some funny reason. Lawrence is still a good unit. Its ok, 0% runs usually have Lorenz do the deed with Gradivus with support from the Earth Orb. I've been planning a harder hack for FE3, we'll see though. I noticed Snipers and Bishops took hits, which may have also made Book 1 easier than FE1. If I can add, could you do Sheena too? Also I second Bantu as a normal unit. Sorry about the late reply. Oh @Saint Rubenio, if I can respond to a post earlier this month, I agree that Armored units are too weak, but I don't think armor effective weapons really threaten player units outside of the DS remakes on lunatic mode where the enemy not only common uses effective weaopnry, but has it forged!
  15. Mounted units, even if placed on no mount tiles, cannot move. So in other words, no. We don't know Gharnef's motivation for keeping Tiki in the temple, him telling that he's protecting her from Medeus appears to be part of the false scenario he created to get her to fight the Archanean league.
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