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  1. I'd say a game set in Almyra or Dagda is at least decently likely.
  2. Oh...hehe...oh nooo no no. She did a social media ''oopsie'' and got fired. I'm on two minds on the matter. On one hand I think gigantic or otherwise very rough woman like Vaida or Unicorn's Amalia to be hilarious and I do love seeing them. On the other hand I do agree with the sentiment that a woman being ''strong'' meaning she has to have masculine traits is lazy and not entirely sending the right message. I think Titania has the right idea. Very capable and still clearly a woman without having much masculine traits.
  3. Two years after the reveal we have our first gameplay footage! After the stream early access is opened to the public. I don't know how long the first game's early access took but I sure hope we'll get Hades II sooner rather than later. Some notes Instead of Achilles we now have Odysseus. He always struck me the more interesting Trojan war hero. Hypnos is the only one of the original household that available at the start. For a certain definition of available anyway. Old gods return with Demether, Poseidon and Aprodite having a new design and new boons. And Aphrodite remains naked. Of the old gods Artemis seems to have an acceded role and its implied Hermes has too. First region is Erebus which is a region that wasn't in the first game Zagreus sis is driven but is implied to secretly be a bit timid. She noticeable has to brace herself when answering a boon. Rather than just Hades Persephone and Zagreus are gone too. One shudders to think about what happened to Cerberus. While poor Cerbykins is missing the new character has her own pet in the form of a frog who's significantly less cool and less cute then Cerberus.
  4. Asugi is a big one for me and he brings down Gaius by association. The big reason I hold Asugi in contempt is because I don't think Gaius deserved his own clone. Tharja and Cordelia were at least a phenomenon during Awakening so them being cloned made sense. But who ever talked about Gaius? I know he ranked high in one poll where the western fans weren't even consulted but more should be required.
  5. Now that I think about it that seems to be a running theme for female flirts. Dorothea and Charlotte both have reasons and goals attached to their hunt for a man, while the boys are just allowed to be horny for horny's sake. The exception being Sylvain who's a flirt because he's the worst.
  6. I've been pretty tired of multiverse stories for a while now with Bayonetta 3 being the point I got most annoyed with it. FF7 gets kind of a pass since it doesn't really adhere to the multiverse style. Its just the same story told a bit different rather than ''Wutai Sephirot and Shinra executive Barret''
  7. The reverse side of that other topic. What minor character do you have a noteworthy negative reaction towards despite their lack of importance. I suppose what character is minor or not is subjective so feel free to name anyone you think fits, whether it be playable characters without much presence in cutscenes or minor bosses and minor or relatively major villains. For me the most noteworthy candidate for such unappreciation is Kotaro because I think he's about the worst written character in fates. If you betray everyone without rhyme or reason then you're not a schemer nor an opportunist, you're just a buffoon instead. Kotaro had no reason to go pick a fight over a single prisoner, and trying to exterminate the royal family of the country he was trying to ally with over such a squabble is just dumb. Even Iago has more logic to his actions. Speaking of poorly written we have Yukimura who is very chill about you trying to take over his kingdom but turns around and deems you an unforgivable monster if you just want to stay neutral. For the Leicester Alliance its Acheron and Judith. There were many good ways of showing us an example of an opportunistic small fry noble of the alliance but making him a gigantic loser who only ever picks the losing side surely isn't one of them. Judith meanwhile seems to be there solely to give us an NPC Alliance ally who's not Holst which seems a waste. Radiant Dawn's Levail exist solely to highlight an aspect of the Black Knight that drags down his character and which I think is a failure. As such I think Levail fails as well. No levail, a man who murders someone just to see if he can is not the last true knight on Tellius. It might have worked if we see the Zelgius fanboy slowly get corrupted into someone who behaves as the Black Knight, but they missed that chance by pretending there isn't any difference between Zelgius and the Black Knight.
  8. I'd say Lang scores a lot of points. He's an overly evil douchebag, but in a role and position where he's exactly what he's supposed to be. Lang's meant to be so evil that it shows how far Hardin has fallen, and be powerful enough to be an early game antagonist. In both aspects he succeeds. I think the key aspect to his success is that unlike many villains who hold this role Lang is never depicted as incompetent, allowing him to be a serious threat.
  9. I'm actually really surprised Yukimura got to be in the game. He's old, he's an afterthought narratively, he's as unpopular as he should be and he's poorly written. Nice to see Mozu, Hayato and best girl Candace though. For the forging bond its probably inevitable Hayto, Ricken and Lysithea will all scream ''NO YOU'RE THE KID!'' at each other.
  10. In Engage it would be Morion and Seforia, to the point I'd probably have preferred them over their kids. Morion's weird contrast between being a warmonger while at the same time a really chummy guy is interesting, and its actually quite sweet how the ultimate macho man is so loving towards Alcryst who's anything but. I think he deserved better then become a moron and die. Seforia meanwhile is a character that just seems a ton of fun which we didn't get to see much of since she stays in the castle all the game. I like him too. I appreciated there was some nuance to his status as the rookie of the group since when he speaks with Ryan he comes off as a very caring older brother who's clearly successful in mentoring Ryan.
  11. I thought he was talking about Valter. On that topic I've always had a soft spot for Caelach. Clearly the least plot important member of the evil trio but I think that kinda enhanches him. He's a very human antagonist from very humble origins. He doesn't serve dark gods, doesn't want to destroy the world, isn't insane but just wants a throne and a fat paycheck.
  12. Its a bit strange to imagine him as ''minor'' due to how iconic he is, and how much he's playable compared to everyone else but Haar counts. He's not a main character after all or even particularly close to any of the main characters. His closest bond is with another minor character. And yet for some reason the funny sleepy guy with little plot relevance gets boss conversation with about any enemy imaginable, and practically none go for the low hanging sleep gimmick. Its nice how an unimportant gimmick character can ''trick'' you like this.
  13. I think Azelle's a very good candidate. Among all the Fire Emblem characters he's kinda one of a kind. I don't think there are many other characters who are direct relatives of the main antagonist without being long lost children. Alm and Alear barely know their evil dads but Azelle was directly raised by Arvis and the two seem to have a complicated but relatively loving relationship. I don't think there are many bastards in the series either. There's also a lot of potential for growth in Azelle. He starts out as a meek boy in his brothers shadow but might grow into someone more confident. His stats seem to kinda reflect that as he goes from footie rookie to pony riding mage knight if you train him. Vaida and Niime are everything Fire Emblem females usually aren't and that already makes them great. There's Tormod and Muarim. Aside from being very nice guys who fight slaves and are friendly to just about everyone their bond is also just wholesome. Its sweet the two are so devoted to each other despite not needing to be. Even more so when Muarim's backstory gives him all the reason in the world to want nothing to do with Tormod, but instead he raises him as a loving dad. And despite Muarim's patience with Tormod defeat quotes show he's not afraid of putting his foot down, no longer humoring Tormod's pretention of leadership and just ordering him back into line. Kasatai from Path of Radiance has a pretty impressive collection of good and bad traits that balance each other out. He's as bloodthirsty as you'd expect but also shows discomfort at the idea of Crimean civilians dying for his kings plans, he's skeptical about Ena's position of leadership but rather than being the biggest jerk about it he just tells it to her while being cordial and not seeming to blame her. This skepticism later turns into great loyalty. Despite clearly being a racist he does seem to really like and respect Ena. Count Erwin Fritz Gloucester was a nice black horse among the new additions in Three Hopes. Three Houses only portrays him in the most negative of terms so the more positive spin Hopes gave him was surprising. He's still scheming and somewhat disloyal but for a cause. Rather than being the biggest prick out there his shady actions just stem from him wanting to provide for his territory and keep his citizens safe. The game seems to depict a man who's naturally nice but steels himself to do his duties. Later on when freed from his job we see a dorky old man who's not unlike his dorky son.
  14. My guesses are evil Arval or possessed Shez, Loptyr Julius, fallen Alear and evil Veyle. With the right combination of these characters you can even have the banner set up of three females to one male that IS prefers. One idea I always liked is a morph of one of the FE7 lords being a duo hero with Nergal. The lord in question being the main unit and Nergal being the cheerleader in the context that he's puppeteering their movements. Maybe chaining him to Lyn can get IS over their unwillingness to give Nergal his due.
  15. Kitra and Nina seem significantly younger than the rest of the cast. For me there was a team with Travis and Berengaria up front, and Yahna aubin in the back. Travis dodges most things, Berengaria is a solid all rounder who attacks anytime Yahna debuffs enemies, and Aubin as well as Berengaria have row attacks. Yahna's ice coffin is always useful , and teleporting ensures the team could go where most needed. The other team was a Drakenhold team of Gilbert, Aramis, Gloucester and Hilda. Gloucester attacking a whole row and Hilda having that spear that allows her to dive bomb the entire field generally took care of most problems, and Gilbert buffing them certainly helped them do it better. Oh and Aramis was there too.
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