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  1. i am okay. I'm sorry for worrying people. you've done a great job the last few months doing this 🙂 it looks really spiffy.
  2. Norne is not a part of this. I am offended for her. lol
  3. It's a New Month Summoners!! Legendary Micaiah has (finally) arrived, so you have a few more days to get her before she graces us with her presence in November with Corrin and Bramimond (which is a pretty solid lineup). The Smite Stick has come for Thrasir, Nagi (March), Edelgard,(February) and Ashera (January). Lilina is in December. a lot of far out heroes now. So if there is anyone you want, now might be the time. But it's mythical time, so let's try to fill out the rest of September. I have seen a lot of people ask why is it 4 people in September for red. Reginn will be on Reginn and More earlier this month So it's still 3 heroes. on the actual banner Mythic Banner Prediction We have got a lot of open slots. With MByleth returning (and sharing with Celica), it's a fair assumption that the newest Mythic will be Green. I honestly haven't played the last chapter yet so I don't know if Otr bit it or not - but if he didn't, there's always this month right? (But Considering Ullr came out of nowhere in July, i mean it's only fair to assume that Freyr could be the rep in Blue this month. maybe he will become the next Micaiah) -It could be also - he might be the Ylgr of the family, and he could become playable eventually just not Mythical. If we're going to go Outside the Box (aka pick a Main Game Mythic), I'll go with Athos for a friend who is wanting desperately for him to be in the game. Red Hrid (distant counter) Altina (atk/def oath) Roy (renewal, bonus doubler) Red is very much a dud - unless you really needed distant counter, or you want one of these guys for projects or something. Just as an aside - they could yank Hrid and put him on the Remix banner with Ryoma, and Sliding Reginn (swift sparrow 3, lull spd/def, panic smoke) in that third slot. I don't really see any normal pool red getting in this month regardless. Blue Chrom (close counter, lull atk/def, rouse def/res 3) ??? ??? So the hero could be blue (as mentioned). 2 empty slots. I do think they'll take the time to catch up with blue (very neatly) and add Marianne (Blue Infantry 4, Lull Atk/Res, Joint Drive Res), and Evil!Dimitri (Atk/Spd Solo 4, Odd Tempest). If Fafnir bites it, they could slip him in for Blue - and like i said they could easily (finally for some people) add Freyr (now including skills!) usually with two slots open I'd be more confident in this is where the hero would go - but the pattern has been for a while new returning (whomever) shares with the newest hero to come. Green Male Byleth (Atk/Def Ideal 4, Lull Atk/Res, Times Pulse) Celica (miracle, swift sparrow 3, atk/spd oath) ??? Again - it really depends if Otr bites it (or already bit it). then I think he'd be the obvious choice. because of Ullr - we now have 11 more Crusaders to choose, or the Eight Legends (and I think Anankos would be red so...) it gets harder to choose and anything goes. It's really hard for me to guess other mythic people since i don't know a lot of the mythos on a lot of games. but i mean anyone is up for grabs, right? if it's not Otr, and the hero ins't green, Charlotte (swift sparrow 3, frenzy 3, times pulse) slides in right here. (or Thorr. she could be here...) Colourless Claude (Atk/spd Catch 4, spd/def rein) Leif (Atk/res push 4, def smoke) ??? So if it's not Eitri (who is shaping up to be the big bad so maybe not so soon) - it's interesting. The next colourless main pool unit would be Brave Marianne. (which i'm not even putting her skills up because I doubt very much that she'd be here. We've only had this happen one time before (With Julian releasing in July and being on the Legendary banner the month after - or something very close/similar to that - and i just wouldn't hold my breath they'd put her up this quickly. But I would love to be wrong lol). It's kind of difficult to think of whom would be here (because a lot of good options have already repeated this year - or have been on a remix). the candidates would be: 1: Bernadetta (atk/spd push 4, lull spd/def, close guard) - who still hasn't been on a legendary/mythic banner. 2: Shinon (deadeye, atk/def solo 4, lull atk/spd, times pulse) 3: Sara (atk/spd push 4, return +, dazzling staff, joint drive res) 4: Julian (close foil, lull atk/spd, caltrop dagger - cav effectiveness). 5: Brave Claude (Fury 4, Chill Spd/Def2, atk/spd rein) 6: Brave Camilla (Atk/spd Push 4, Wrathful Staff, Atk, Tactic). 7: Leila (life and death 4, atk/def ruse, rally atk/spd+, atk smoke) these are the bestest guesses i can think of (and honestly, one of those guys are probably going to share with Grima on remix this month too (I can't predict who else will be on that because we'd be here all day LOL). So I guess we will see on this front. Respark Banner As mentioned Reginn and More will be this month's respark banner. This also included Sacred Stones units (Selena (rally atk res+, life and death 4, atk/res ruse,), Dussel (def/res solo 4, lull atk/def, def res rouse 3), and Natasha. ... ) and another set of Banners will be up for voting. May the one you want win. Weekly Revivals Sept 5th - Tibarn, Nailah, Leanne (first appearance for both Tibarn + Nailah) Sept 12th - Saber, Linde, Sonya (Linde's last appearance until December 2020) Sept 19th - Lagearn, Ylgr, Surtr Sept 26th - Eldigan, Azura (first appearance of 2), Deidre (last appearance until December 2020) I think that's everything. Hopefully this helps you plan throughout the month (in between new heroes, seasonals and heroes with/banners! 🙂 See you next month
  4. I'm really sorry guys. I've been incredibly sick, and then the Olympics, and then really horrible news - this slipped my mind. I'm going to make this short and quick as well. (so no colourcoding and skills etc, but i'll do better next month) So looking at this, I'm going to guess right off the bat that the hero is going to be colourless. it's completely empty, Ashera is coming back, Evil Edelgard should be there, and colourless Legendary should fit right in there. per usual, I'm going to go with Micaiah. she could be a staffie, or another colourless tome (infantry this time) I'm really not sure. The new arena maps were designed to be completely anti horse, and really cottons to fliers so maybe a flying legendary? Everyone else slots in nicely. Red has one slot open - so Evil Morgan (Best skill to take is his menace) Blue has 2 Slots open, Marianne (best skill to take is duel blue infantry 4) + Ingrid (rouse atk/spd) [for fairness - a legendary could go here. doubt it). Green has 1 (Evil F morgan (I'd say menace is best, but divebomb works too) If it's blue we might see Legendary Caeda. (ehhhh). Green (Ninian?) (ehhhhhh). Xander is always an Option as is Camilla.. Honestly - it won't surprise me if Micaiah (if she is this year) won't be until December. they usually save awesomeness for last after all This month should have a Double Special. (I'm pretty sure?) Red could be Dorothea/Lif (which is pretty darn good I think) (skipping Kaden) Blue: velouria/katarina Green: Tharja/Gustav Colourless: peony/Raphael. Since a lot of the duos recently have been green (with a small pitstop in colourless). sooner or later they will have one of these things have 3 (or even more) of the 4* special heroes I think Weekly Banners completely got shifted around. August 8th: Lavetaetin, Helbindi, Loki (First of 2 appearances, August 15th: Mia, Lute and Dorcas August 22nd: Flora, Ophelia, Nina August 29th: Luke, Tana (first appearance) Hector (Hector's last appearance until Feb 2022) That is it. Sorry for it being short, and sweet (and late). but hopefully this helps people out.
  5. Okay first of all. NORNE! FOR FREE i'm gonna assume she'll have relatively similar stats to her base self. - good spd, good magic bulk, mehish atk. i don't have a lot of demote lance food. (sigh)
  6. Happy July, Summoners!! MByleth is our newest legendary with a lot of things up his sleeve (literally, have you seen his animation?) and you only have a few days to get him until his next appearance in September where he will share with Celica, Leif, Claude, Chrom, and a full red roster of Altina, Eliwood and Hrid. Julia is bounced to January, Alm and Hel is in October, and Bramimond , Dagr, Nott and Plumeria is in November while Lif is holding December. Outside of the newer heroes a lot of these guys are being pushed out further out so if there is something that is intriguing you as always this might be the right time. But usual, with a new hero, requires predictions of the next one and a road map of the bigger things of the month - let's do this, shall we? ( Mythic Banner Prediction Red Seliph (distant counter, joint hone def) Sigurd (atk/def catch 4, fatal smoke) Reginn (swift sparrow 3, lull spd/def, panic smoke) Nice and legend-locked. (I know a lot of people were 😞 that Lilina and Reginn switched (me being one of them). but Reginn is still great fodder (or if you like her a great project) so this should be really helpful for a lot of people. Blue Dimitri (sturdy impact, odd tempest ) Seiros (mirror impact, dragon wall) ??? We're slowly whittling down the blue backlog we can see one of Marianne (BDI 4, lull atk/res, joint drive res) or Ingrid (atk/spd solo 4, lull spd/def, rouse atk/spd ) or the Mythic could pop in here. Candidate #1: Freyr. I honestly don't know if he's gonna actually be one to the chagrin of many - but who knows. A Plot Twist! could see it being Fafnir - but i think it's way too early for him. so it could be a Mainline game Mythic (ooh back to back?) but we'll have to see Green Yune (atk res bond, sabo res) ??? ??? Well now- two empty slots. One will belong to Pent (GDI 4, lull atk/res, times pulse) but the other is a mystery. the hero can also slot in here - Candidate #1: Otr (maybe he dies or has a massive change of heart and joins our side). or it can be another mainline game mythic. (who I'm not really certain). Honestly. if i had to choose between blue (having the stronger share for a new hero) vs. Green (that's empty) i'm leaning towards green. (but this is what bit me last month LOL). But i think it is easier for them to have the new hero being Green (Yune will be up for a remix eventually anyway) - vs pulling on older greens to fill up the pool. Colourless Mila (bracing stance 3, def/res rally+ sabo atk) Eir (swift sparrow 2, mystic boost) Louise (def/res rally+, atk/spd ideal 4, atk/spd oath) Simply and easy, Louise is the next in line, and I don't see them re-running an older Colourless to stretch it out. Only reason why they would is because of a potential Hero Fest for mid anniversary in August (and I 100 percent expect Fallen Edelgard to be the colourless rep - which would mean that they would have Louise in August and then figure out September later either with the new hero that month or popping Fallen Edelgard there. Well, Im going go with green as my mythic choice.(lol i will probably be wrong again) Respark Banner the people have voted and Goddess's Servants will be active during this month and another 4 banners will be eligible for sparking. This banner (in case you don't remember, or are new) - has Catherine (swift sparrow 3, lull spd/def), Shamir (atk spd solo 4, Null follow up, rouse atk/spd), Seteth (for those who want to save feathers and try to get him on the way to spark), and Flayn (rescue+, deluge balm+, dazzling staff and ground orders). I know that JIll's banner will be a contender, and Guinvere's banner will be a new entry but I'm not sure what other 2 banners will be up, (i'll try to pay more attention next time LOL) Weekly Revivals and last but not least - the revival schedule for July July 4th - Alm, Delthea (last appearance this cycle), Faye July 11th - Flying Olivia, Male Fallen Grima, Female Morgan July 18th - Ayra, Blue Olwen, Amelia (First appearance this cycle) July 25th: Leif, Shiro, Rahjat. While we've still got the first 3H banner running, not to mention another summer banner (new), and the other ones popping up - remember that usually we get a Hero Fest the first week of August, CYL 5 will be announced (who knows if it will have multi-spark, it might) and there'll be a Double Special hero banner so budget orbs (and/or wallets) accordingly. I think that's everything, I hope this road map helps you a tonne and see you next month!
  7. Hello Summoners!! Sorry for the delay! Summer is really not a good tie for me, so I was feeling kind of ill - and I wasn't sure if i should bother doing this this month but I noticed a few people asking and I got some PMs - so it's really nice that you guys really like it that i do this thing! (So Let's DO this thing). Hopefully Ashera is the sign of things to come and a lot more classic FE heroes (nothing against the OCs but it would also be nice to get some classics from time to time, and it is okay to make some of these OCS normal heroes, just saying). but as one Mythic goes, a Legendary Enters the guessing ring. If it is my guess - Azura is headed for a remix (good golly what that could even be would be a huge mystery. I am fairly sure once they've been shunted that far, they are going to be removed from regular rotation, and onto remix. Might be something to save for. Let's make this short and sweet Red Lif (Distant counter, time pulse) Plumeria (atk/res push 4, sabo spd, atk/res rein) Annand (unbound blade + (solo conditon lull -5 atk/def during combat sword), steady impact, guard bearing) Super easy and simple. Annand is the next red, and she fits right in there (and then in August we'll be seeing the Fallen people anyway well at least F!M!Morgan.). This is a pretty strong pool. DC/Time Pulse fodder is nice, Plumeria is one of the best astra supports, and Annand is good for flier food. (theoretically it could be ??? - but i am very certain it's Annand . I don't see them throwing an older red in here. Blue Julia (Mirror impact, atk/res oath) Nott (distant counter, atk/spd menace) ??? Blue seems prime for the new hero to arrive. Does Micaiah enter the ring with a souped up Blue Version of herself? Is it Legendary Caeda? Blue is still blocked up so badly, but new Mythic, Plus strong Legendary = prime new legendary candidate. If the slot is a regular hero - it's going to be Erinys (harsh command+, bduel flying 4, chill atk/spd 2, atk/def rein). (unless she's on a VG or something, then they could skip to Marianne (B Duel Infantry 4, Lull Atk/Res, Joint Drive Res) Green Hel (distant counter, guard bearing) Dagr (atk spd push 4, even tempest 3) ??? They could also do something funny and unleash a green hero instead. I know we've been clamouring for Xander for a while, and it would be kind of interesting. I'm personally leaning more towards blue, and they slide in Pent (G Duel Infantry 4, Lull Atk/Res, Times Pulse). - they could go with someone older if they feel that Pent is too soon -and I'm not sure who the best candidate would be. (Most likely Shamir (atk spd solo 4, null follow up, rouse atk/spd 3). or Osian (Mirror Stance 3, Wrath, Even Atk Wave 3) - or most likely Rinkah (Distant foil, wrath, even def wave) Colourless Alm (darting blow 4, null follow up, odd atk wave 3) Leif (atk res push 4, def smoke 3) Bramimond (atk/def push 4, lull atk/res) Not even going to lie. this banner is pretty chock full of good stuff. If Nott is your only thing - clearly obviously spark on the banner. I am going to double down on blue. I'm not sure who it will be. But blue seems like the logical choice. However, this is a very busy busy month with Double Special Heroes It will have Christmas Altina (Harmonic), Dhgensea (Halloween Dragon Armour), in red, Duo Peony and Christmas Bernie in Green, Ninja Navaare (and most likely Christmas Hilda) in blue, and Xane and Sephraim (I keep calling him Odd Recovery Fodder lol), in Colourless. So pretty great pool - If you want Xane/Hilda merges - wait for their appropriate banners (it's better) if you really don't care may your orbs be with you. 24 Hour Banners June 10th: Aerobatics (Nino, Petra, VCatria) June 11th: Even Wave (Shannan, Selkie, Osian) June 12th: Solo Skills (Mareeta, Perceval, Yarne) June 13th: Lull Skills (Sirius, Kiria, Bernadetta) June 14th: Draconic Aura (Keaton, Kjelle, Dreamy Female Corrin) June 15th: Link Skills (Kaden, Lilith, Dreamy Camilla) June 16th: Iceberg (Evil Julia, Say'ri, Fiora) June 17th: Bonfire (Caineghis, Forsyth, Surtr) June 18th: Foil Skills (Rinkah, Midori, Julian) June 19th: Infantry Pulse (Helbindi Gerik, NIls) June 20th: Luna (Sirius, Ced, Mareeta) Somewhere in between there you know the first wave of Summer Banners are going to come on top of us - and 24 Hours are bait - so unless it's skill/unit you really want, and you know they aren't going to be on a banner for an extremely long time (mostly because either A: they have noother fodder, B: they've been on all their appropriate banners, and already have had a BHB or VG - try to resist the temptation and may Naga or Santa bless your free pulls). Revivals June 6th: Hinoka, Ryoma, Takumi June 13th: Sword Reinhardt, Green Olwen, Hardin June 20th: Katarina, Minerva, Genny (her last appearance until November) June 27th: Karla, Flying Nino, Brave Hector (his last appearance until December and/or Hero Fest) I think that's everything, I hope I touched it all. I'll try to get this out earlier next time, if people want me to continue doing this 🙂
  8. why would Tatiana have to be the carry? Pent was the star of this banner, it wasn't Louise or Farina.
  9. Greeting Summoners! Lol I thought I had one more day, but it's now May (i didn't mean to rhyme). I hope Golden Week was blessings upon you and let's get cracking on this. Sigurd was our newest hero for Wind- and he will be back with his son Seliph and Lilina in July so if you haven't gotten him yet (or on the fence) you have a few more days until then. Eir is also in July, Thrasir is in August and Celica along with Chrom is starting to be pushed out further and Further - she won't be back until September. Duma and Mirabilis are in October. Don't be surprised if Marth/Tiki (November), and Eirika/Lucina (January 2022) are removed off the main Legendary rotation and shifted into remixes. We still have Golden Week stuff going on, more likely expecting Fallen Heroes and per usual brides (leading up to the summer bonzana banners) so the onslaught of orb stashes and wallets will continue. Let's look if May's Mythic banner will be one of them, shall we? We have an empty slot in every colour which makes this difficult to predict. We have had back to back colour heroes before (Hrid/Eirika, Altina/Lif). We do have 2 reds (and two months where red is not full), so that catches up red beautifully, so they might take advantage of that. Blue is the backlog (still), but it doesn't mean the hero can't be in blue. Lately the returning hero earmarked the colour of the newest hero so it very well be a Colourless hero as Claude returns for the first time. Mythic Prediction Red Eliwood (death blow 4, rally spd/res+, chill atk) Roy (bonus doubler 3, renewal ) ????? Red isn't super strong. While Eliwood is still great support, the fodder possibilities aren't really all of that. So we could go one of two ways. Azelle (rally up spd+, spd/res ruse, r duel infantry 4, joint hone spd) could be there as the juicy fodder pinata to entice you to do some red pulls, or they can throw in Annand (unbound blade+ (solo condition -atk/def 5 and neutralize foes bonuses to those stats), sturdy impact, guard bearing). I think we'll see Annand first. Blue Azura (blue duel flying 3, aerobatics, atk tactic) Peony (blue duel flying 3, aerobatics, fortify res 4 ) ??? It's either going to be Ronan (rally spd/res+, swift stance 3, joint drive spd) or Erinys (harsh command+, blue duel flying 4, chill atk/spd 2, atk/def rein) - it would just depend if Ronan found himself on a heroes w/banner. So prepare for Ronan as the third if you were going for the blue flying bonkers dancers (or the Mythic obviously) Green Triandra (atk spd push 4, aerbatics, spd/res rein) Freyja (atk/spd solo 4, pulse smoke) ??? Dedue (steady stance 3, steadfast axe+ (within 2 spaces gain +5 atk/def, neutralize those stats penalties to unit) theoretically could come here. he is the next in line even though it is only two months. Green only has 1 more hero after Dedue, (which is Pent, whom i'd argue we'd see in July, not June), so it is in the realm of possiblity we see a Green Repeat here (as green is pretty empty down the road, even accommodating for Triandra in one month, and Freyja in the other). A wildcard hero would be Brave Edelgard (distant ward, joint drive res). We do tend to see brave heroes on these banners around this time, even though we just had a golden week and people voted in CYL 4 as the May's revote. Rinkah (distant foil, wrath, even def. wave 3) or Fallen Lyon (bonus double 3, null disrupt, rouse atk/res 3) can also be a candidate. it really just depends. Colourless Claude (atk/spd catch 4, spd/def rein) Corrin (distant counter, shield pulse 3, joint drive atk) ???? We could see the hero here or an appearance of Brave Claude (fury 4, chill spd/def2, atk/spd rein) or Brave Camilla (atk/spd push 4, wrathful staff, atk tactic) . I don't see Leila (rally atk/spd+, life and death 4 atk/def ruse, atk smoke) showing here just yet. Again- with CYL 4 winning re-spark, do they give us so many shots at Brave Claude? Unsure. So where does the hero fit in? I'd argue colourless if not green - and something something IntSys patterns, the last little while as mentioned before the returning hero usually has the newest mythic/legend in their pool. That means we're looking at a colourless mythic. Who? We could see Asherea (Or Ashunera? I think her name is?) finally show up here. I know everyone has been clamouring for Athos and he is a strong possibility. Medeus is long over due. I don't see it being any OC this month, unless they really wanna shove Nott in there (blue?), and way too early for Eitiri. So I'll say - prepare for colourless, and hope your back up colour has something good in it. Legendary Remix This is what made predicting the last green so difficult because i think one of those whom i mentioned will be the colour share with Gunnthra and Robin.. Red could have Fallen Ike, Fallen Julia or Say'ri (those were the closest to Kris, who was chosen on the last remix). And who knows what blue is (sorry, these are too new to really guestimate). Re-Spark please remember that this month's re-spark banner is CYL 4 (honestly, i know people picked this for merges and a guaranteed spark, but i think just waiting for hero fest/3 person banner would have been better, but the people spoke). I dont think (I won't expect) 4 sparks to be on this banner.... it would be kinda crazy if it were though. Check twitter for the next banners (which would be Jill, and I am pretty sure Flayn/Shamir's banner so... interesting). Revivals May 2nd: Exalt Chrom, Maribelle, Sumia May 9th: Ike, Brave Ike, Mist May 16th: Lene, Ishtar, Male Grima May 23rd: Lucina, Brave Lucina, Julia ('s 2nd appearance) May 30th: Brave Celica, Brave Veronica, Brave Ephrarim('s 2nd appearance) that's all for now. Hope this helps and see ya next month!
  10. yah i was really confident on Red. I didn't see it being Sigurd, i really thought Male Corrin. but hey Sigurd is nice (and sparkly) but i don't like that he's just gonnabe so mean lol
  11. my this is small. hopefully you can see it! Hello Summoners!! I was right on the money last month so let's see if I can do it again! Here we are with this months Legendary Prediction. Dagr was the mythic for March, and she will be right back in June, sharing with Hel (poor girl the Sun being with Death), so if you are on the fence about getting the newest Mythic (who also opens that light sixth slot), you only have a few days to decide. (something to consider is that May might have the Dark mythic who will do that and do you want to go a month being down 7 to 5 in AR). Corrin and Freyja get a 50 day turn around and will be back in May, Edelgard and Reginn are in August, Marth is in November, and if you were contemplating Lucina or Eirika for any reason, they have been smitted all the way into January 2022. So yeah. I'd go get them if i were you (if you wanted them). Next month has Golden Week. Last year they didn't really do anything super fancy (I think in part of the pandemic), but I think we'll have something this month. So be diligent with your cubes Legendary Prediction We've got one slot open for everyone. I am going to go come off the bat and assume the hero is red as to me that makes the most sense. Red Lilina (atk/res solo 4, sabo res, pulse smoke) Mirabilis (fort def/res 3, Sabo Def, def/res gap) Legendary Hero The reason why i think the hero is red was the last few heroes were Blue (Dimitri, Seiros), Colourless (Claude), Green (Dagr). Last red was Lilina, and while blue is equally as strong as red - blue is still slightly backed up, so I think they'll take the opportunity to slide in someone in there and only be down by 2 heroes. There are a few candidates that could be here but i am gonna guess either Male Corrin (with Divine Yato or something), or Xander (it's his time to shine). I honestly don't think it's gonna be Byleth - that would be 3 of 4 legendaries 3H and honestly, i think everyone would like a tiny 3H break. (But to cover my back, Byleth. (I will go with Female Byleth) just in case, because you know Claude did happen) Blue Chrom (close counter, lull atk/def 3, rouse def/res 3) Seiros (mirror impact, dragon wall 3) Selena (rally atk/res+, life and death 4, atk/res ruse ) Blue is pretty solid here. Selena slides right in here (unless she has a heroes with/banner, which would make the next Blue would be Ronan (swift stance 3, joint drive spd) If the Legendary is blue- this is where we could see Grandmaster Robin making an appearance in the blue slot (and he would be very dapper) Green Celica (swift sparrow 3, atk/spd oath) Thrasir (flashing blade 4, panic smoke) ??? As i predicted I think Shamir (atk spd solo 4, null follow up, rouse atk/spd 3), is basically like Bernadetta at this point, she's on the Hero Fest Circuit (and a strong contender to fill out the remix banners) so we'll probably not see her here. Also a consideration is that we might see Brave Edelgard (distant ward, joint drive res) here - but I am going to learn hard on that the last contender will be Asabel (fury 4, null follow up, spd/res oath) here. I think that Dedue is the next green candidate so i can see them doing a place holder either this month or next month). Colourless Duma (def res solo 3, bold fighter) Eir (swift sparrow 2, mystic boost) ??? Bernadetta (atk/spd push 4, lull spd/def 3, close guard) is always a choice here but as I said with Shamir, she's really on the Hero Fest/Remix circuit. They could slide in Brave Claude (fury 4, chill spd/def 3, atk/spd rein 3), or Brave Camilla (atk/spd push 4, wrathful staff, atk tactic) I'm trying to think of who (if not a Brave unit) would be a logical choice here if not these three - and Leila (life and death 4, rouse atk/def, rally atk/spd+) is really the only other one that comes to mind. While the bonus thing in AR is now a thing, colourless out of the 4 colourless is the weakest - so i don't know if they'll give a hard hitter (to at least sweeten the pot) or just use someone like... i don't know Larum (dragonslasher, disarm trap, spd/res gape 3) and call it a day But i am very very confident that the hero is Red. just which red, we don't know. ---------------------------------------- Double Special Heroes While the exact combination can always be curious, I will say the majority of this banner will be Dancers and Pirates and feeding in some of the other halloween units. Red Pirate! Brigid (helm bow + (inflict -5 spd/def and neutralizes foes bonuses to spd/def if solo), harsh command+, steady impact, pulse smoke) Halloween!Dheginsea (blackfire breath+ (if solo inflicts -5 atk/res and neutralizes foes bonuses to atk/res), sturdy stance 3, slick fighter) Blue Dancer!Quan (courtly bow+ (At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 50%, grants Atk/Def+5 during combat, and also, if foe can make a follow-up attack, reduces damage from foe's first attack by 50%.), atk/def bond 4, flier formation, joint hone def Harmonic!Tiki (reps Shadow Dragon, New Mystery, Blazing Blade) - (rally up spd+, atk spd push 4, aerobatics) Green Dancer!Lachesis (courtly fan+ (At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 50%, grants Atk/Res+5 during combat, and also, if foe can make a follow-up attack, reduces damage from foe's first attack by 50%) def cantrip, air orders) I think we'll see a repeat here of either Dancer!Reinhardt (death blow 3, chill res 3, joint hone atk) Halloween!L'arachel (madness flask+ (fury 3 tome for green mages), rally atk/spd+, spd/res ruse 3) or they just do Ninja!Laevatein (distant ward, atk/def rein 3) Colourless Tibarn (heavy blade 4, dive bomb 3) Xane (atk res form 3, infantry hexblade 3) Again it is golden week - so they could also toss in Ninja Lyn (swift sparrow 3, chill atk/def, spd/def rein), and bump Lachesis to make it a relatively stronger banner ----------------------- Revival Banner ScheduleApril 4th: Mage Erika, Myrrh, Brave Hector April 11th: Sigurd, Nephenee, Julia April 18th: Sigurd, Bow Hinoka, Kana April 25th: Lyn, Hector, Brave Lyn ----------------------- A New Future (aka Brave Houses) is obviously going to win the re-spark. May is really the onslaught of orb-murder with Fallen Heroes (roughly in may), that banner, the new mythic (opening the slot for Dark, I'd imagine)- Brides, followed by like Summer 2021 #1 (and every single banner for summer there), Summer 2021 #2, and 1/2 Anniversary/Hero Fest, and Brave Heroes 2021 (Not to mention, I still kinda feel we'll probably get a Hero Fest 2021 of CYL units down the road). Basically - they are coming for the orbs, y'all. be ready (a big thank you to @DarkAlf for helping me with the skill sets!) See you next month!
  12. and i'd also argue the accessibility of the of voice actor. Honestly to me. personally It doesn't matter who it is, and when they come because i believe everyone will get their day in the sun at some point.
  13. everyone tags me. and i watch them. but i forget to comment. they are all great. I haven't recorded lately mostly because i can zip through them but can't remember how. LOL this one is probably easily replicable but I'll have to twink. the team was Peony+Triandra, Norne (eating up most of the map), Alm+Celica and Alfonse+Sharena. pretty easy all things considering. it only took me 10 minutes and only 3 restarts.
  14. the chart is not me - that is reddit people but thank them 🙂 thank you though for the thanks about breaking it all down. it does mean a lot.
  15. Hello Summoners! Time to.. Somehow guess/predict what March will bring! Claude is our newest Legendary (and while people are confused why he was Earth and not Wind, going off by his summoning quotes. it kinda makes sense why they went for Earth for him). At any rate - Claude will be returning in May along with Triandra (with both green and colourless being unknown if you'd like the certainty of their team mates (and i mean Leif, Mila, Hel and Annette aren't bad). you have a few more days to try for copies. Leif will join his original bow brother Alm in June, and Hel is anchoring Green on her own. Seliph's next appearance will be July, and Altina/Hrid have been smitted into September along with Tiki. Naga is joining Sothis in August. March is a loaded month. so let's just start getting Mythic Prediction Red: Reginn (swift sparrow 3, lull spd/def 3, panic smoke 3) Marth (atk spd/bond 3, infantry flash 3) Eirika (atk spd solo 3, odd def wave 3) Depending on how remixes are gonna work. this could be the last time we see Marth/Eirika on these types of banners. It's not clear for sure. but if you want Reginn and not the other two - i would say maybe wait and see? Blue Lucina (swift sparrow 2, wings of mercy, distant guard) ???? ???? Blue (ironic after it being red for so long) has the most back log right now. They could put in Guinevere (atk res push 4, Lull atk/res, joint drive res) Duessel (def/res solo 4, lull atk/def, rouse def 3) It will be fair to mention that the hero could be blue as in Freyr - He could be a Dark mythic opening up the 7th slot there . Green Edelgard (atk res solo 3, armoured stride) Freya (atk spd solo 4, pulse smoke) ??? If the hero isn't green, we might be seeing Shamir (atk spd solo 4, null followup, rouse atk/spd 3), however this could be the Bernadetta situation being on a recent Hero Fest, and they go straight to Asbel (Fury 4, null follow up, spd/res oath 3).. I still haven't played the current chapter, so I don't know if Dagr is green, but chances are we're not gonna see her or Otr just yet so Asherea could be an option as well Colourless Corrin (distant counter, joint drive atk) Bramimond (atk def push 4, lull atk/res 3) Please Note: Corrin did win her first round in A Hero Rises so she will be on a 4 person banner w/a spark later in March. If you want Corrin I'd strongly suggest you pull here, unless you want Bramimond/new Mythic is in this slot. budget appropriately in case you don't want to wait. If the hero isn't colourless - it will be Sara (return +!!, atk/spd push 4, dazzling staff, joint drive res), rounding out the pool, unless Bernadetta (atk spd push 4, lull spd def/close guard 3) finally makes her legendary appearance after being skipped because of her Hero Fest duties. Now where do I think the hero would be? Well. they could do back to back colourless Athos? I know he is more inclined to be red because of Forblaze For the reasons why i thought the hero would be colourless last month is why I feel it will be green this month. It just naturally fits. Green is extremely solid. I just don't know if Dagr/Otr would be the hero or not (but then I wouldn't have thought Claude would be right after Seiros so 🤷‍♀️) I would plan for green. I think. ---------- Respark Banner The people have voted, and you all must have your spurn lol. Heroes: Light & Shadow (MKris, FKris, Julian, and Lena) will reappear this month. it will be interesting to see if the CYL banner will be up (again I'd imagine not but i mean who knows). Internkun is coming after orbs this month, so again plan appropriately. --------- Revival Banner Schedule We've ran through another cycle of the snapped (and the 4* special heroes just makes life so much more fun and interesting!). I don't see why this is going to stop, so this is where we are at March 7th - Fallen Celica, Hardin, Brave Ephraim March 14th - Young Tiki, Linde, Deidre March 21st - Zelgius, Micaiah, Brave Veronica March 28th - Celica, Delthea, Genny I think that is it. See ya next month!
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