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  1. The skirmishes in this game are pretty bad. I was doing the train everyone thing on my first Hard play through, but quickly realized than it was way more effort than it was worth. The game is indirectly telling you to just focus on a core set of units and move on with things. I don't think you should need to grind at the end of the day, but that's just me. One thing messing around with the skirmishes did was put me in tight situations and I had to really have a solid strategy to get through the maps. So I more so improved my skills at the core game rather than just getting more numbers on my units. Some maps aren't too rough, like skirmishes in the chapter 12 map are fine because the sand slows down the enemies, unless there are fliers of course. If you leave the skirmishes alone until your units can steamroll them, they're a good source to get extra materials, mostly Silver. Also I'm a little confused @Hrothgar777 are you having trouble with chapter 12 or is it just the skirmishes?
  2. The hardest part of the FX is keeping Nil alive lol. I used him as a staff bot with Micaiah mostly. The inventory management is pretty obnoxious too. Unequip all will become your friend.
  3. @GronderWarriorWhat kind of tripping yourself kind of thread is this? 🤣 I've never heard anyone call Dorothea annoying. Probably because I mostly see fan art and horny comments of her.
  4. I went and did some googling myself. Google suggested the word oliguria when I searched Oligoludia, which is some medical term for low urine output... I figured there must be some Latin or Greek origin, and oligo means small or little. I looked to see if ludia was something, and it says that it means beautiful or noble one. So small beautiful one or something. Referring to some precious and sublime thing probably. It kind of gives me the same vibe as the Sublime Sword of the Creator from 3Hs. Then with Lyration being similar with lyrate, it doesn't literally have be lyre-like in appearance, but in function if that makes sense. So the invigorating sound is what boost the engage meter of allies. Engage was TMS 2 all along. Even more digging on the significance of the lyre in Greek history, it relates to Apollo the god of music and the Sun. Also Hermes the messenger god. On the Wikipedia page of Lyre it says that the lyre could have exited in neighboring countries to Greece including what was Lydia. The region of Lydia can also be called Ludia. So maybe that's the relation with Oligoludia. I'm just parsing a bunch of random information so idk. This seems to be a similar case as the Ichival or Yewfelle, where IS just made up a weapon.
  5. You guarantee go up a support rank from 0 to C and C to B in the arena. So the two fights for B rank is expected. You can also reset scum the arena since the opponent is already set. I think there is an amount that you gain from each activity run. It took 2 runs for my Celine and Kagetsu, who have never gained support with each other, to get C rank support. Then I did some other characters that already had C support, but were able to get to B after one run.
  6. You see an adult depiction of Sothis on the Goddess Mural. I'm not sure the child body but adult demeanor god thing was done with Yune as well. Maybe it's to add mystery to their being, pure and almighty at the same time. Also her power is incomplete like @Shoblongoo just said.
  7. I was wondering if GameStop is even open that late, but google says they close at 9 PM in my area. I guess that GameStop is releasing it early to coincide with the EShop times. I can usually start playing a game 2 hours early, due to it being 12 EST. I was contemplating on getting the game physical, but I can't wait until 12 or 5 the next day to start playing.
  8. I was wondering about Ullr earlier, but it's probably because she didn't show up in the actual game right? Elimine is a Mario Cart Deluxe character, and the characters from that game aren't eligible for voting.
  9. I'm not familiar with the Sephiran example, but I know in Heroes they gave Ashera two save armors to cover her. Saves in the player hands in a mainline game is probably cheesy, but giving them to bosses as an alternative to placing them on +30 avoid thrones could be a nice addition. It would also subvert turn one cheese, but maybe speed runners would hate this. From what has been shown so far the niche that armors have in Engage is that they're immune to the break mechanic, at least breaks caused by triangle disadvantage.
  10. If people are able to get that day one bias like Tiki had last year I might throw the ol' Rein a vote too. The one character that I plan to drop a vote for that is likely to be a winner will be F!Corrin. I'm looking forward to random pre-Awakening characters winning so that I can diversify my barracks when the time comes lol.
  11. I'm not sure if they've shown details implying that you can set people from the get go. There are accessories and materials, so it might be the same as it was in Fates.
  12. Annette might be the token free bow/dagger armor this year. She would be the only one of those units that I actually build. I wonder if she'll be a red bow armor, since we have those other colors covered.
  13. I think they are confirmed to be siblings. Another strange thing is that Merrin and Bunnet look pretty similar as well, but having there be double sibling retainers is pretty out there. The siblings having some sort of bonus if one of them is using the Eirika/Ephraim ring would be interesting. So far I've just seen Eirika grant Luna and Ephraim grant Sol to who ever is using them.
  14. I've been maintaining tier 38 mostly fine, and when I drop it's for reasons out side of performance. So I don't need the merges, but the extra wiggle room is nice to have. Especially when I don't feel like pulling for every defense Mythic, and those -60s add up.
  15. Wow 3 back-to-back seasonal banners! Well they have been doing that for the last couple of years, but it's crazy seeing it written out. I suspecting characters that I like may be on the upcoming Christmas banner. Like Annette or Marianne due to previous patterns. I going to have to skip most of the upcoming banners, including the Engage one. Obviously I don't really have any attachment to those characters yet. And I need to get merges on Peony, because I'm somehow a competitive AR player with Mythics that are just +1 or +2. Right, and there will be Tempest Trials accompanying the seasonals. They usually give good sacred seals around this time. So I'm looking forward to Atk/Spd Catch and Ideal.
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