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  1. FB groups for whatever neighborhood, city you're in. Search "Housing [X] City" and you should get hits
  2. There is such a niche audience for Binary hacks from a decade ago, interesting to see a thread of such hack in 2021. I don't know if you have played it on your own before attempting this walkthrough, but I did find this one of the more fun hacks. Difficulty felt balanced relative to something like Genealogy of Tordo. Though Trabant's low skill in Gen 1 leaves a lot to be desired. Will be following.
  3. Its very dated, wondering if anyone can share this.
  4. Hi all, so I have a +6 Blyn, I was wondering if I merged it into a forma Blyn, would that Forma Blyn be +7, and would I be able to change the skills on that +7 forma blyn to something from my +6 Blyn. I got a few skills I like on the forma, but not all.
  5. i have a +6 blyn, if i use my forma soul and merge my +6 blyn into the forma lyn, will i be able to access the +6 blyn's skills on my new +7 forma blyn?
  6. your cat could have smelled another cat in the area? possibly a stray walked by? or more realistically a ghost
  7. depends on how you would like to use him. dancing and healing utility sounds like a good idea until you have to decide between one or the other per turn.
  8. kai??



  9. you're a mod now? holy shit 

    how has adulthood been treating you old friend? 

  10. kai was a cool name and i was 13 nav is just the first three letters of my name
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