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  1. Ooooh okay, that's my bad. Lemme know your Rapier thoughts when you wake up.
  2. Yeah I don't think your read on Boron is a problem. I personally am more bothered because you're being very reductive on Snike's case.
  3. Maybe I'm getting the timeline wrong, but I thought this was before Weapons voted Makaze. Yeah, I mean I'm not bothered by you not diving into Rapier immediately there, it's more weird to me that you were just fine voting him instantly despite not being bothered by him earlier. Sure, that makes sense to me (re: what Town!Weapons would do).
  4. Actually you should respond to why you were cool with voting Weapons as well.
  5. I really should reread Marth at this point (the framing of Snike's vote on him in particular bothers me, I think that read has progressed a lot more than the Page 5 vote), but I don't know if I'll have the time today. @Snike I think what I want you to focus on is the last part, the rest is basically just me sucking your dick so it's not important to me that you read it. Who would you expect Weapons to vote as town?
  6. Snike: The Motion Picture @Snike -His first notable reads are scumreading Marth for fabricating content and having a bad vote on me. He also has lesser suspicions on Weapons and Prims based on their meta. -His second post where he's defending himself from Prims actually pings me more on Prims' end of things. @Prims You mentioned Marth being the one least likely to give backlash out of Prims' reads. I don't get where that's coming from, if anything I'd say it's Weapons who's the least likely to give backlash especially considering how Marth has reacted to votes on him. This part feels forced on your end. He elaborates on his Marth read (and others, but this is the most important one) here, I haven't had an issue so far. -Noting that he mentions he can't see the Rapier case pretty early on in case it comes up later. In his next read, he says that Marth's responses to him read as scum flailing and Marth's pivot to Boron bothered him (especially because he voted with me w/similar reasoning despite complaining about how I was playing). Also mentions he doesn't understand the Prims townreads, which is consistent with his reasoning. -Later scumreads BBM for waffling and specifically "One of the things pinging me in that post is the " I think the points on Makaze/Shinori/BBM/Snike are fakeable ya. " line where the two of us weren't really chatting at that point. By framing it as 'fakable' it's ascribing sinister intent rather than NAI, which is all the original line is." Also adds to his Marth case by mentioning that Marth calling her vote hypocritical wack. Also doesn't understand the Elie suspicions. Snike has solidly been townie so far. -Afterwards, he mentions why he feels worse about Cam than Elie, due to Cam not voting or pressuring people. I feel like I've vibed with Snike on a lot of these reads so far. Mentions wanting to reread Makaze and Rapier here. -Mentions he'd easily vote Weapons. This is consistent with his prior stances, but what bothers me here is that he hasn't really replied to or analyzed Weapons' posts so far. I know he's townreading me/Rapier, but I don't get why he's so comfortable voting Weapons here. -Holy shit, I did not notice the spoilered section here the first time I read this LMAO. In addition to elaborating on his previous points, he mentions that Marth backflips on Shinori, retroactively adding reasoning to his vote on me instead of initially having it (wait this bothers me too, @Bluedoom I didn't think about it before but for me, it seems like you decided to vote me and then case me rather than the other way around) to begin with, and basically Snike feels as though Marth isn't standing for his positions. I am not reading this as Marth framed it, which is that Snike is tunneling on a minor point from Page 5. -Snike then does a fucking deep dive on Makaze which I also uh did not see initially. I uh...do not have the time to go through this but the conclusion is that Makaze is town and he feels Marth is the most suspicious. -Wait, hold on. This post. You mentioned not getting the Rapier reads earlier, and I get that you didn't like Rapiers' most recent post, but why does that suddenly make him voteable for you? You literally said in this post that you'd be okay with voting Weapons if not Marth, so why is it bad coming from Rapier? Conclusion: -I thought Snike was solidly town leaning for most of his content, and honestly it made me feel worse about Prims and Bluedoom. However, at the end it feels like...it doesn't seem consistent with his previous posts? It seemed like he had a Rapier townread, but then he kind of backtracks on it and I really don't get the reasoning here. I think what makes me feel worse is that earlier he promised a Rapier/Makaze reread but then only reread Makaze and flipped on his Rapier read without that. This bothers me and stands out in contrast from the rest of his content. I'd like to know what the thought process is here.
  7. i'd be more bothered by rapier and i'd be looking at prims in particular. rapier because he's kind of been sitting on you and hasn't really considered other options, prims because the quick turnaround on you would read as more opportunistic. what makes this scummy coming out of snike? you mention that rapier has the same issue, but i remember you saying you didn't want to lynch rapier. what's differentiating them to you? snike reads to me like he caught you on something and you haven't really done anything to change his opinion on you. i don't know why he sticks to this read so long as scum.
  8. @BBM what do you think about rapier refusing to vote me? i think that's the one thing throwing me off here, like...at least before the claim, there's no reason he doesn't jump on this as scum. i thought he was just fencesitting before and then was going to push a vote on me later, but he was still refusing to vote me which is throwing me for a loop.
  9. rapier is scum for not really engaging or posting reads after rvs for a while, then after they did, there have been some inconsistencies. in particular, the progression on their weapons' read feels like they were fencesitting on the slot and then voted it when it was under attack. the via read is inconsistent, they have consistently ignored me/who is voting me and voted around me instead. in general, it does not seem like his reads are changing or evolving. i don't get why you're voting for me if you don't think my posts are empty. what's bothering you then?
  10. When I read this interaction, I didn't get how this solidified your scumread on Marth. If you still scumread Marth after that, I would get it but I don't get specifically how Marth's answer seemed scummy to you. If anything, it made me feel better on Marth. Specifically, him reconsidering his reads on me/Boron felt natural. (It was a joke, those were different mafia games and contexts) I didn't believe there is any benefit to crumbing with this role, it'd just be more likely to get me killed.
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