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  1. @Rapier I wasn't scumreading you at the time either. Hence why I was trying to get people to look elsewhere for lynches
  2. Maybe these "certain roles" are actually VT and I am actually universal VT backup
  3. Didn't get anything from BT. Don't pick, don't know what roles I'd be getting
  4. I think you're supposed to policy "ok sure let's do that" but no one actually does policy anyways
  5. I do think scum would probably not be bussing much D1 esp with possible lost wolf, but I also don't think it's not possible. Idk I just get a lot of wifom from wagonomics, so I'll just leave it you guys!
  6. I do think the reasons around charlie are relatively circumstantial rather than hard scum evidence, but it's really this combined with the PoE for me. A lot of players are just showing up making consistently good motivated content with a consistent thought process, that I feel like casing them is just tinfoiling (Snike/BBM/Marth/Boron/Rapier sort of/j00 was like this D1 at least/Shinori probably too, though if I had to pick a deep it would be him). I am also slightly worried this is too easy, but that being the overall vibe makes me feel better; I would be more worried if eg we had a bunch of inactives. If I had to pick a 4th at this point, it would probably be Elie slot. Circumstantially more than anything, but I feel like it's only really worth worrying about a deep at this point if it comes to it. Flips/roles/etc will really help with that. FWIW, I'm only at like 60/40 on SB just based on play alone (reasons being mostly what other people have covered - wagonomics and general sideline-ish play), but given everyone else, I just don't see enough to not stick with this. @Bluedoom @Rapier if that answers your questions. I know it's not particularly detailed but that's where my head is at. Snike specifically I think I'm seeing think through a lot of things which would be not worth doing as mafia. Maybe he is really like that, but just not a prio for me today. I guess to complete the reads list, I'm willing to trust everyone else on Makaze + his Marth points do help me understand why he's at where he's at. Otherwise I'm not sure why I have a looming suspicion on him other than I just don't want to get dunked on by scum!Makaze. I'm sort of wondering if Percy has figured out how to integrate their town meta into their scum play, but it's more likely he is as is just honest. Ichigo himself is a hard null but I don't think scum!Prims switches wagons there (his vote on me was pretty significant in the first place). And I guess while I have posting momentum, my reservations wrt Rapier is mostly that he's thinking independently (how dare he) and is not where most of town is at, which makes things easier to fake, but interactions and play other wise seem fine. Shinori really just does seem like town solve Shinori, but a few things like Refa stance, and somewhat manufacturable gameplay give me pause, again not gonna care too much about it unless it becomes relevant. @Iris can you put pronouns in the OP, thanks!
  7. These kind of shots never actually go through, it's just to pressure the target into cooperating
  8. These questions are helpful to my understanding of the game. Often times they aren’t that important and maybe not that easy to answer so I’m like 🤷‍♂️ if I don’t get a response. But they are about things that bother me and responses do help me understand people’s mindsets wrt to things. You can ask me about any specific question I’ve asked and I can tell you about my mindset at the time and what a response would’ve changed/did change. Also I think you’ve taken some of my joke posts and just ran with them, I am not being particularly lazy about the game, it is just that solving the game at the depth that I would like would require more energy and effort than I truly have, and so many items get mentally cut from the “I will think about this seriously” list. On top of this, figuring out how to explain my thought process is a whole different beast altogether, one that I can not really explain why is, but can identify that you as a think out loud player would have a very difficult time identifying with. As such, a good amount of my play this game has gone towards self-pres, as that is the one thing I can be certain about and know will help advance village wincon
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