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  1. well i thought about that, but if marth had been hijacked or something for example, then i wouldnt have seen a tracker report on ichigo, but would have seen the action targeting marth. ultimately you might be right that targeting ichigo would have been better, I kind of just thought my action was a formality at that point tbh so I didn't think about it as hard as I should have.
  2. I'm pretty sure either SFMM3 or SFMM4 had a scum governor but i can't find the spreadsheet that links to all the games
  3. yes but that's why i specifically said he wasn't targeted by any role actions, I didnt think the factional NK was worth mentioning. voyeur doesn't get to see who did anything, just what was done. i targeted marth because i wanted to make sure scum!marth couldn't fakeclaim something weird to avoid having to clear someone. but tbh i didn't spend more than 30 seconds thinking about it because i didn't think it mattered bastard is specifically something that breaks typically understood mafia rules. lynchproof scum that works in *ylo is very strong but it's not bastard. bastard is the healer role, or my role in marth's anon game where I could have faked my death and took over a town account. put another way, *ylo governor basically is the equivalent of an extra vote, but we wouldn't say a 12/5 game where two of the scum died together was bastard. @Makaze I was reading your iso. after voting refa originally, why did you switch to weapons before moving back? also, why did you vote him to begin with? it almost seemed like boron bullied you into it. did you find him scummier than marth at that point, or were you just consolidating?
  4. there are governor variants who can force a lynch on someone specific rather than just no lynch (do you remember KIRBY MAFIA shinori). fuck it maybe i'm omgusing but i'm suspicious of makaze trying to force early phase end + vigshot on me as soon as I started saying he's not clear. you can call me scummy if you want for it, but i'm also not going to roll over like snike and rapier and just accept my death while town overconfidently wastes its advantage. i'm going to be pissed if you shoot me shinori but if you do you guys better not treat makaze as clear and let him coast to a win makaze > ichigo > j00
  5. umm i dont think you should use it now before half the game has any chance to weigh in i am also not scum because voyeur sucks and only works as a backup information role. it's nowhere near good enough to be the scum main info role and if i was scum rolecop i would not have known exactly who boron targeted
  6. i don't doubt makaze is a governor fwiw. i def think we should use it up though cuz if we're in 3/1 mylo with a scum governor alive i dont like that
  7. btw I voyeured marth and can confirm he was not targeted by any role actions i feel like the marth kill points to ichigo or makaze? as the remaining non-night action claims they're the ones who have most to fear from marth cuz if he tracks them going anywhere it's automatically a 1v1 i don't think governor is confirmed town purely on role. i've been clearing makaze to this point moreso on interactions than role, but we're down to the point where the last scum definitely bussed refa since j00/makaze/prims all voted for him. given town's immense nightkill power via unlimited vig I think mafia having a governor is not out of bounds
  8. damn I didn't expect that. I kind of think it's just prims hardbussing refa but I need to reread d1 now. i don't want to be hasty cuz another day/night like that gets us to mylo
  9. tbh i've scumread snike and rapier both for big chunks of the game. i think snike is worse on interactions but dont care so much if we want to get rapier first
  10. doc on vig right? there's not that many scum left and in 9/1 we still have two misvigs + vig potentially being able to win mylo if that ever becomes a thing
  11. this is honestly a relatively low-power game by SF standards hijacker and SG just 1x, and backup isn't really a role in itself, just lets one of the PRs stick around longer. tracker and voyeur are relatively low power investigative roles, communicator is just kind of around. unlimited vig is kind of crazy but thats it fwiw i also think in a 16p game you can only have so many vanillas cuz if you get unlucky and town loses 1-2 PRs early it becomes pretty hard
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