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  1. Yes, and he is pretty much along the same lines as guys like Fetterman. We need more guys like Fetterman.
  2. a lot of people in new york do not have a driver's license and get around just fine Also, as someone who lives within 20 miles of two big city centers (DC and Baltimore), better public transportation would make it easier and safer to get to those big city centers from suburbs. The traffic is absolutely unbearable because public options are so limited
  3. How is it anything other than a coincidence?
  4. Lol what does this even mean? Just say what you mean and not this fence sitting shit, man
  5. that shit was 15 miles from where i live, i could've gone they also said "you really trust ted cruz and marjorie taylor greene with your social security" lmao
  6. No, more lanes won't fix it. We need way better driving standards and non-driving options. Assholes won't stop driving on the left and staying in the merge lanes, and nobody in America likes to keep distance from the car in front of them OR let anyone change lanes outside of rural areas It doesn't really matter anyway, thank god there's a US state trying to set some sort of green standard. Also @Dr. Tarrasque how do you feel about the messaging the last few weeks?
  7. That's why it's 2035 and not 2025. Infrastructure will be built very quickly since now there is will, and that's before we get into how California is trying to *lead* us into the country. I think they're planning on banning gas cars by 2030. People gotta live somewhere. You mostly need more housing. NIMBYism is a huge issue in California.
  8. Texas has a garbage government lol, once California gets housing figured out it'll probably be the best state in the union. They just passed a bill to phase out gas cars by 2035. Anyway, Joe Biden had a crazy amazing speech around 15 minutes from my house, alongside MD gubernatorial candidate wes moore: highlights thread: (it's a thread, so keep clicking down to see the stuff he's saying)
  9. i'm necroing a sticky but only because I want to make sure this isnt lost: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13o8iTXOvkr0CsZzxinBtk9lj7DhYBxcwiRXiQQ0Rwnw/edit#gid=84382139 Maniac Mode enemy stats. If anyone wants to make it better by noting reinforcement triggers and unit placement, be my guest. This was solely a raw data collection run from 6-7 years ago.
  10. A lot of weirdo Republican grievance shit today but who cares https://www.axios.com/2022/08/24/pell-grants-student-loan-forgiveness
  11. Tldr elect more Democrats, then make them better Your entire post is basically required reading
  12. For the record, Maine started instituting ranked choice voting in Democratic primaries and I believe other states will be following suit. There is a lot of slow change in this country, and I'm hoping medicare jolts all these old people to go out and not vote the shittiest iteration of the republican party
  13. It's also because our two parties are coalitions in the first place. No other country in the world would have Sanders caucusing with Manchin. This take is actually bereft of knowledge of our voting system. I actually do not like the idea of primaries and my ideal system would be putting a bunch of candidates in a vote similar to France. Or a ranked choice voting scheme. No primaries, just anyone who is eligible and wants to run, is on the ballot, and then we do either ranked choice or run the whole thing through two rounds of voting. The parties themselves are almost independent of their members, in a way, which dates back to pre-Southern Strategy US Politics. Tldr primaries are what you're looking for, we aren't delusional about only looking at two parties. And frankly, if the libertarians didn't want to kill the IRS and call taxation theft or if the Greens didn't put up an anti-vax 911-truthing Putin plant maybe the vote would be slightly more worthwhile. People do vote independent -- look at Bernie Sanders. But he caucuses with a party, and it's functionally no different from a two party system. America's issue is if the legislative branch truly represents the constituency and how it can be improved. It's not solely a FPTP problem.
  14. You mean the party that put up a Putin plant in 2012/2016? Pass. Read this: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/07/steve-bannon-war-room-democracy-threat/638443/ Bannon's nazi strategy of "flood the zone with shit" worked on you. It's a very binary decision to make.
  15. My question to you is, what makes you think this vilifying will make it to MSM outlets? These things are happening. Look at Fetterman's campaign, look at Warnock's campaign against, respectively, Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker. Stacey Abrams and just about anyone running against a Republican in America is literally saying this on the campaign trail. Like, look at this by Beto O'Rourke. https://mobile.twitter.com/travisakers/status/1557546910101250051 How much will this be repeated in the mainstream? MSNBC and CNN and NYT and shit tries to counterbalance Republicans, creating a false symmetry between the two parties. They did this with Trump. As it currently stands, Clinton did exactly that, people were fence sitting to say it's all political bullshit. The media has no interest in actually reporting things. Basket of deplorables and some stupid fucking emails were more heavily emphasized than the fact that "basket of deplorables" was actually a speech about empathy towards certain parts of rural America. Or the fact that Clinton stated repeatedly she did not want to raise taxes on the middle class. The message gets muddled because the media is intent on making things a horse race. Or they're Fox News. You should be aware of this, too. I advise you look up on what Steve Bannon actually did with Breitbart, because he did a lot of things to astroturf Breitbart to a mainstream audience that gets facebook addicted dumbasses to believe dumb shit. All messaging is met with "they're lying, they're playing politics, it's all a part of their games" by indifferent voters. This article gets at it better than anything else I've read or listened to. Dark Brandon is exactly the type of messaging the Democrats need. Right now, lowkey, there's a lot of NIMBYs that are making things worse for everyone and they aren't loyal to a party. They're the reason why the NYPD is so corrupt and mayors are routinely flaccid against them. They're the reason why zoning and housing is still so segregated. Right now they're mindlessly reading about groomers and thinking why Democrats care about the culture wars so much. It's a load of bullshit, but Facebook & Fox News is proving this to be a horrible uphill battle, because they're willing to feed the red meat to these people.
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