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  1. That turtle attacks resistance iirc. Therefore, a mage that chugs Pure Water should shrug off his attacks. Also, his own resistance is garbage compared to his defense.
  2. Hopefully you get Chrom some levels, because without him, you very likely ain't beating the final boss... Just warning ahead of time.
  3. Like was said earlier, you gotta cross a certain part of the map first. Then they show up.
  4. Someone tried to argue Subaki can be a carry in Revelation. But that's something I have a lot of issues accepting, considering Corrin is practically forced to be the early carry in Revelation due to your lack of units (only themselves, Azura and Felicia/Jakob for most of chapter 7, and them plus Gunter for 8; sure, one could get Mozu immediately after chapter 7, but imho it ain't worth it. Also, many of those cannot take hits well). Is there any truth to this, or is this just hot air?
  5. Doh, I missed!! So ein mist! OH MY GOD! Relevant: That's rough, buddy...
  6. I see. In a Maddening context, personally, I consider the need for low HP to be a big, and universal, issue with these builds, as being at low HP in a game where reinforcements show up before enemy phase is just asking for trouble. I ten billion percent agree on Defiant abilities though. They just aren't worth it. Also, don't enemies eventually get so strong that you cannot survive one round against them? Setting up low HP builds would be really hard if that's the case... using devil weapons can help with that, but that's kinda slow. Also, are auxiliary battles EVER worth it on Maddening??? I am very heavily leaning towards no.
  7. Really? Because I'd argue the exact opposite. Rolf was TERRIBLE in PoR because bows sucked, and he came underleveled.
  8. That isn't something I can help much on without knowing your builds, particularly for the 5 DHE mentioned. That said, even then I'd still defer to a more knowledgeable person for help. For my own question... how effective are low HP builds in this game?? Because I am dubious as to whether they really are as effective as some people say..
  9. On paper, this sounds great. But in practice, I wouldn't be so sure. For the most part, a unit wouldn't be seeing 10 rounds of combat in one enemy phase unless they were killing everything that attacked them, because otherwise the enemy would eventually run out of spaces to attack from. The immediate vicinity also factors into this; a narrow hallway has less spaces to attack from than a wide open area. Of course... That's ignoring the fact that any unit who takes 10 hits to kill is probably really overpowered compared to who they're fighting. Or an inherently defensive class or unit.
  10. You're trying to bait an insult, aren't you. It won't work. I'm going to stay respectful even in the face of what you just said not deserving it. Anyhow, I find Conquest unforgiving enough without actively handicapping myself. I fail to see how making an excellent support unit like Elise into... something that is the exact opposite of that helps the team instead of hurting it. Ultimately, it is your choice. I only want you to think about whether it's actually helping or not.
  11. I have watched Zoran's videos, for your information. Mostly the raise everyone challenge. And I have seen nothing - NOTHING - to make me think otherwise. I mean, I respect Zoran, but I wouldn't treat EVERYTHING they do as gospel. Well... in this case, I find it hard to recommend, because what you get out of it is the exact opposite of what Elise is specialized in. That seldom ends well.
  12. Poor you, getting taken in by that scam. That garbage is an even bigger scam than the Giant's Knife in OOT. I wouldn't recommend this, and not just because Hayato is underleveled. Ew, Mozu. Inspiration is ten billion percent better than Sol, so nab it. Counterpoint: Wyvern doesn't improve her weaknesses that much, and you abandon her strengths to make her a crappy melee unit. Also, she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with axes if her life depended on it. Poor Sakura, being stuck with Jakob the Despicable. She deserves MUCH better than that a******.
  13. Imho, Corrin has better uses. The real problem with Alcryst? His damage sucks without Luna. And playing the "big damage or no damage" lottery isn't worth it.
  14. Because if the game's developer themselves chimes in with a cheese strategy... That's rather telling. Honestly,I find capture to be one of, maybe even THE, most poorly designed aspects of Fates by far. But than again, you probably knew that already, courtesy of that other thread. What the fuck, dude. This is a goddamn STRATEGY GAME. Xander isn't the team. You think I ain't gonna have others who can deal with the stuff that gives him trouble???
  15. Fog of War is only in Hector hard mode. And even then, mercifully, you still get an unimpeded look at the map and enemy layout during preparations. Still, having to pray Pent doesn't get killed (by wyvern riders in particular) can be problematic, as he starts well away from you, and is of a class that has unimpeded movement in the desert.
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