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  1. Just saying that my interest is still there, if you still want to work on it.
  2. Very happy with what I saw for Monster Hunter Wilds. Can't wait to play it. There'll probably be some Elden Ring content showcase before the dlc releases. Also enjoying Sparking Zero. I can already see this being 80 dollars and taking half of my wage away.
  3. I'm sorry, but I was correct since the beginning I'm VT May my sacrifice bring the village victory (I got tired of thinking)
  4. I love how this is pointless since the order doesn't matter but you insist on me lmao what have I done to you
  5. Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind Snike is scum, although obviously from my pov it's easier since I know I'm town and Radicate's yet another VT who was cleared by j00. I also don't know how I can defend myself since it seems I'm being voted due to PoE as one of the guys who were left out. I don't mind dying since the next shot goes for the other guy who's 99% scum, so I don't care to defend myself. gg wp boys
  6. From the way I see it, if me or Snike doesn't flip scum on a lynch, the other will be shot anyway. Others have a solid alibi confirmed by people who interacted with them. imo D3 doesn't get more conclusive than this, so the lynch choice (whether me or Snike) doesn't seem to matter much.
  7. Agree ##Vote @Snike since this doesn't change much of what I thought on D2 about them and the game got much more conclusive on D3. I'm fine with this lynch.
  8. I agree with D3 mass claim also here's unnecessary voting for the sake of wasting 20 seconds of Iris' time ##Vote @Duskfall98
  9. It would be ironic in hindsight if a scum universal backup simply gets Refa's role and continues rolling with it anyway, making Weapons the most important guy to keep away from being lynched. I want to see this endgame.
  10. I think it'd have made more sense for BBM to switch to Weapons, who was his second scumread, than Refa when my wagon wasn't rolling. I don't remember BBM having a stronger scumread on Refa back then, and it was still possible to lynch Weapons since he was the second biggest wagon. Unless I'm wrong about votals and end D1 details, I think this is sus, although it'd imply BBM and Weapons being scum and I doubt BBM would let things get that messy for scum, being an experienced player. He'd have prodded Weapons on switching to me imo. Weapons not switching to me and instead parking his vote on Prims, then switching to Refa, seems weird for scum. He had a scumread on me so it wouldn't feel like an unorganic vote or a leap of logic. I think that if I were to flip scum, Refa would definitely have died on D2 anyway. It seems like a poor gamble from scum and it's more likely to backfire. Plus I don't want to be the sole surviving scum ever again (only time this happened was in a game with Randa and someone else as scum, iirc Refa, and Prims carried me despite being town). I also think it's less likely for Elie to have had zero opinions on D1 as scum, since his buddies would tell him about the state of the game or at least help him come up with a stance. His stances felt like town trying to read, being vague enough. His lategame vote doesn't tell me much since it's possible he didn't have internet access and had to do a last minute vote due to circumstances beyond his control. He did look for a sub so this struggle to access the game seems genuine (sorry Iris, please don't thunderstrike my slot for this). I find Boron's content towny enough. A small part of me finds it strange she isn't as inquisitive and hard pressing as she used to back in the day, but this is a minor meta issue at best and my memory sucks. ANYWAYS. Weapons could have voted for me but didn't. BBM could've voted for Weapons but didn't. Their previous interactions where BBM read him as scum could've been mid D1 distancing, since his reasons for voting Weapons over me were justified from gut feels over anything. I find it odd that Weapons didn't switch to me or someone else (could've been self conscious scum trying to avoid being seen voting the guy who was voting them) before, but I can see both their votes being an inevitable coordinated bussing when people decided to go for Makaze instead of me and Refa's wagon got bigger and his lynch also inevitable. So I see your point.
  11. Sorry, your post cut mine (otherwise I'd have replied differently) I don't mind it being opinionated because at the end of the day, despite heavily subjective, it gives us associative reads and a better understanding of your thought processes. I think it's fine. Nothing else seems to be happening on D2 and in the off chance you die on N2, I'd rather have your thoughts toDay.
  12. Yeah they have been listed but I don't remember reading a reason for this. It's more like those last two slots are meant for whoever you're unsure about and would risk lynching despite not having much reason or evidence against. For me so far it has been SB>Shinori (I confess I swapped you both on the order) >Snike>probably Percy
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