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  1. Did a massive fishing spree to get Byleth about 2300 exp away from capping Professor Level, so it will be capped after the first week in Chapter 10. Got Byleth to D Riding and promoted to cav cause I need Move +1 eventually. Ignatz/Raphael Paralogue: Free/50 Turns Just trained dudes. Saved all the merchants. Another Quest Battle Whose Name I Forget: Free/50 Turns This was the one with the Fraldarius soldiers on the Chapter 1 map. Did a bunch of Impregnable Wall broken weapon nonsense to get Dimitri to A Authority for Chapter 9 and to boost his riding rank for Move +1 later. Between these two maps Byleth mastered cav, Dimitri mastered Paladin, Felix mastered Brawler, Ingrid mastered Pegasus Knight and cav, Lorenz mastered cav, Marianne mastered Mage, and Manuela mastered Soldier. Chapter 9: 2/52 Turns Had Felix as Dimitri's adjutant. Turn 1 Sniper!Leonie with the March Ring went left to block off the NPC and killed the beast's first health bar with a Killer Bow+ crit. Byleth and Ingrid kill the first health bar of the beast north of the spawn, and then Warlock!Lorenz ORKOs the second life with Fire. Dimitri moves up, then Manuela uses Retribution on him and he gets danced by Marianne. He then waits in range of all three beasts up north equipped with a Killer Lance+. On enemy phase he kills all of the first health bars with Battalion Vantage/Wrath crits. Turn 2 Leonie finishes off the beast down south and Dimitri kills the lance-weak one up north then cantos over so everyone else can trade around the Knowledge Gem while killing the remaining two. Fed the sword-weak one to Manuela because it was funny (and she actually gets decent exp from it unlike everyone else) and the other one to Lorenz. Manuela/Hanneman Paralouge: Free/52 Turns Flayn/Seteth Paralogue: Free/52 Turns Ashe/Catherine Paralogue: Free/52 Turns Wanted the Exp Gem and Boots so that's why these specific maps were chosen this month. Mostly just did wexp grinding for Dimitri and Ingrid since everyone it a bit overleveled due to how small the team is so they don't get much exp. Got C+ Bows on Byleth, B Axes and B Flying on Dimitri, A Brawling on Felix, B Riding on Ingrid, C Faith and C Authority on Lorenz, A Bows and mastered cav with Leonie, and Monk mastery on Manuela. Also grinded down the C Rank flying battalion to below 1/3rd endurance for later. Chapter 10: 1/53 Turns Gave Byleth the boots and a rocky burdock so she could exactly reach Kronya at 1 range and OHKO her with Smash with a Steel Axe+. Felix and Ingrid used Shove and Repo on Byleth respectively and then Manuela and Lorenz used Repo and Draw Back on Marianne. Byleth full-moved up and got danced. Leonie repo'd Dimitri to the left so he could full-move and OHKO the Magic Staff Dark Mage with Curved Shot. Byleth went up and killed Kronya. After the cutscene, Byleth is exactly 9 tiles away from Solon if someone kills the Armor Knight in the way, so Ingrid moves up next to Byleth and ORKOs it with a Steel Bow+. Since Byleth can reach Solon without a dance, Marianne dances Dimitri to get him some more axe wexp and to max out the Chichol Wyverns Battalion. Felix kills the Hammer guy and everyone else kills a random enemy for the exp beforeSolon gets OHKOed by the Steel Axe+. Sylvain Paralogue: Free/53 Turns Felix Paralogue: Free/53 Turns Shamir/Alois Paralogue: Free/53 Turns Got Hit +20 on Dimitri and Ingrid, Death Blow and Magic +2 on Byleth, Steal on Manuela, and a bunch of armor wexp on Alois by promoting him to Armor Knight and having him adjutant dudes. Chapter 11: 1/54 Turns Ingrid adjutant for Dimitri and Alois adjutant for Lorenz. Byleth and Manuela used Reposition on Marianne, and Leonie and Felix used Reposition/Shove on Dimitri. Since Lorenz was free, I had him kill an enemy with adjutant Alois for a little bit of armor wexp. Dimitri killed a priest, got danced, and then OHKOed Flame Emperor with the Hammer+. With the exp gem he got an entire level out of it which was cool. Hilda/Cyril Paralogue: Free/54 Turns Got Reposition on Seteth and Strength +2 on Alois. The Last Quest Battle of Part 1: Free/54 Turns Got Deathblow on Seteth and Alois, Fierce Iron Fist on Felix, and Bowbreaker on Lorenz. Also got Seteth to A Lances exactly. Chapter 12: 2/56 Turns It's at this point I toss uniform exp distribution to the side in favor of get Dimitri to level 30 ASAP strats. Also gave all of the rocky burdocks and energy drops I had to Byleth to make Chapter 13 more reliable. Seteth adjutant for Dimitri to get him axe and flying wexp, Alois on Felix and Lorenz on Leonie because they weren't needed for clearing the map. Turn 1 Manuela uses Retribution on Dimitri, who is a Paladin cause I need a Battalion with Assault Troop and the Chichol Wyverns have too much durability to get into Battalion Vantage/Wrath range atm. Byleth moves down and kills a Pegasus Knight then cantos into the spot it was occupying. Dimitri then moves next to Byleth, equips the exp gem and kills the Pegasus Knight with Assault Troop. Dimitri gets danced and then re-equips the March Ring to full move down and use Assault Troop on the Warrior above Randolph so Dimitri doesn't have to dodge any gambits. Ingrid repos Byleth out of range so the Pegasus Knight by Dimitri attacks him instead of Byleth. Felix and Leonie just kill some dudes for exp. Dimitri murders a ton of dudes with Battalion Vantage/Wrath crits. Turn 2 Leonie and Felix self-improve some more, then Ingrid and Marianne repo/dance Byleth down to kill and enemy blocking Edelgard, then Dimitri moves next to Byleth and equips the exp gem again before ORKOing Edelgard with the Killer Bow+ to reach level 28. Chapter 13: 3/59 Turns Dimitri hands off the March Ring and Knowledge Gem to Byleth and uses Reposition on her. Byleth then moves 9 tiles onto a wall in range of only one enemy with a gambit, equips the Knowledge Gem and a forged Longbow and waits to activate Alert Stance. With the forged Longbow, Byleth can OHKO the thieves and Snipers. The thieves actually deal zero damage so Byleth can survive getting hit by both the Silver Bow and Venin Bow, but I'd prefer to dodge the Venin Bow at least otherwise the poison damage will leave her in kill range of the Assassins by the boss if she also gets hit by the Silver Bow. Turn 2 Byleth moves over, dismounts, and OHKOs the boss with a Longbow Curved Shot. If she couldn't OHKO she could just double and ORKO with an Iron Bow+, but this way she can kill some Snipers on enemy phase for the extra exp. Dimitri just gambits a dude. Turn 3 Dimitri kills an enemy with a droppable item using his gambit so he can send the exp gem to the convoy so Byleth can use it when killing the boss again. If Ingrid spawned earlier I could actually 2-turn the map cause she can reach the boss from her starting position if he spawns in the north. Oh well. I promise to make a stat block soon. Dealing With Deserters: Free/59 Turns Had Paladin!Dimitri with Paladin!Byleth adjutant on the right get applied with Retribution and Impregnable Wall so he could tank 6+ archers a turn for the first 5 turns to get a bunch of riding rank. Wyvern Rider!Alois (Seteth adjutant) and Armor Knight!Felix (Marianne adjutant) killed stuff on the right side. Felix was an Armor Knight in order to build armor rank to reach Smite faster. Manuela healed Felix and Alois. Annette/Gilbert Paralogue: Free/59 Turns Got everyone to level 30 except Manuela/Ingrid/Alois, although Seteth doesn't have the weapon ranks for Wyvern Lord anyway so it didn't really matter for him. Marianne reached A+ Riding and mastered Paladin by being Leonie's adjutant with a Knowledge Gem. Chapter 14: 2/61 Turns Felix and Byleth on the right, everyone else on the left. Manuela used Retribution on everyone and then Dimitri killed two archers with Marianne's help, and Seteth/Alois each killed an enemy before all cantoing into formation for Ingrid to use Dance of the Goddess on them. Alois and Seteth each kill one more enemy and then canto down, while Dimitri kills the ballista archer, gets danced, then moves down and kills a Dark Bishop in range of all of Randolph's dudes. Leonie uses Assault Troop on the left-hand group of enemies. Felix kills the armor knight on the right while Byleth kills the Pegasus Knight then cantos down in range of the armor knight and archer. Dimitri needs to dodge the gambits so he can move next turn but he has 0 chance of death even if he did get hit by one because Batallion Vantage/Wrath kills everything even when rattled. Byleth also has Battalion Vantage so even if she gets hit by the archer she's safe. Turn 2 there are so few enemies left that most of the units on the left have nothing to do. Leonie and Ingrid kill the enemies that were stunned by the gambit last turn, then Alois moves down a bit and gets danced just for the extra hit from Special Dance before killing a Fortress Knight with the Hammer+ and cantoing out of range of every other enemy except one last Fortress Knight. Dimitri kills Randolph while standing in range of everything else. Felix kills the archer that attacked Byleth and she full-moves down and kills the Oneger!Archer while standing in range of the Pegasus Knights. Mauela and Seteth break some fences for the wexp cause they have nothing else to do. Everything left dies to Dimitri and Alois on enemy phase. Petra/Bernadetta Paralogue: Free/61 Turns Building riding rank on dudes for Move +1. Pirates in the North: Free/61 Turns Same thing here, except desert tiles make moving a bit annoying for cavalry but thankfully Alois can SMITE them through the sand. Got Move +1 on Dimitri. Chapter 15: 1/62 Turns Had most of my units use movement arts on Ingrid/Dimitri/Marianne to get them in range for a Dance of the Goddess formation. Used it on Dimitri/Marianne/Seteth/Leonie. One of Seteth/Leonie needs to repo Marianne after this but the other can kills something for the exp. Dimitri moves up and gets danced again after killing a Fortress Knight so he can exactly reach Gwendel from 2-range and ORKO him with a Tomahawk, also reaching B+ Axes at the same time. Mercedes/Caspar Paralogue: Free/62 Turns Caspar killed the Death Knight so I could get the scythe and dudes got exp, mostly Byleth. Marianne Paralogue: Free/62 Turns Just did it in 2 turns cause I was lazy and didn't want to deal with fog of war. Taking Care of Business: Free/62 Turns Got Dimitri to A Lances for the next map. Chapter 16: 2/64 Turns Dimitri killed the Ferdinand replacement with Retribution!Spear of Assal, then OHKOed Lorenz on Turn 2. Felix killed Acheron and Seteth ORKOed Ladislava with Swift Strikes!Luin. Ferdinand/Lysithea Paralogue: Free/64 Turns Dimitri, Byleth, and Felix each went to an area of the map and killed most of the enemies while other dudes picked up scraps. Forgot to deploy Lorenz cause he got put at the bottom of the unit list oops. Rhea Paralogue: Free/64 Turns Lorenz was adjutant to Leonie to build riding rank. Aux Battle: Free/64 Turns Got Reposition on Lorenz finally. Chapter 17: 2/66 Turns Yeah no 1 turn for me sadly. 2 turn is super simple at least. Byleth OHKOed Calude with Helm Splitter!Silver Axe and Dimitri OHKOed Edelgard with Atrocity. Aux Battle: Free/66 Turns More wexp grinding. Chapter 18: 1/67 Turns Dimitri ORKOed Cornelia with a Spear. Lorenz reached A+ Riding. Dimitri's Paralogue: Free/67 Turns Got Dimitri to S Lances and a bunch of riding wexp on Manuela. Manuela also stole the stat boosters. Aux Battle: Free/67 Turns Wexp grinding. Chapter 19: 1/68 Turns Byleth ORKOed Aurendel with a Silver Bow and Battalion Desperation so I wouldn't have to deal with Pavise (although I think Battalion Desperation!Brave Axe would kill him regardless of Pavise Procs so whatever). Aux Battle: Free/68 Turns Wexp grinding. Chapter 20: 1/69 Turns Byleth ORKOed Death Knight with Failnaught and Battalion Desperation. Actually had enough movement to attack at 1 range instead with Spear of Assal but I want to use Failnaught. Aux Battle: Free/69 Turns Dimitri reached S+ Lances and Manuela reached A+ Riding. Chapter 21: 1/70 Turns Rescue outdated, Rally Move activated. Byleth, Manuela, Alois, Felix, Marianne, and Ingrid on the left, everyone else on the right although the right side units don't do anything. Alois moves down and kills the War Master above the forest tile with a Brave Axe+ then cantos onto the tile the War Master was occupying. Manuela repos Marianne over the wall then full-moves down. Byleth repos Ingrid over the wall then moves adjacent to the forest tile. Marianne full moves onto the forest tile, trades the Move Ring to Byleth, then dances Byleth. Byleth then moves up, trades the Move Ring to Ingrid and then uses RALLY MOVE on Ingrid before cantoing next to the right of Marianne. Felix moves down and Smites Manuela into the Dance of the Goddess formation next to Marianne. Ingrid then full moves to the tile below Marianne, trades the Move Ring back to Marianne, then uses Dance of the Goddess. Alois then Smites Marianne down. Byleth moves next to Marianne, takes the Move Ring, then uses Draw Back to gain an extra tile of movement for both her and Marianne before full-moving down exactly 14 spaces away from Hubert. Manuela then repos Marianne down in range to dance Byleth and then waits near the Opera House to get the Opera Company Volunteers. Marianne then dances Byleth who full moves down in range to kill Hubert with Curved Shot!Literally any bow. I used Failnaught for style points. Chapter 22: 2/72 Turns Lorenz uses Impregnable Wall on Marianne, Leonie, and Ingrid (who have the two Dance of the Goddess battalions), and Manuela uses Retribution on Dimitri and Byleth. Everyone does a bunch of repoing and smiting to get Dimitri/Byleth/Leonie/Marianne into a DotG formation on the left side (although going right is the same so it doesn't really matter). After getting refreshed by Ingrid, Dimitri and Byleth kill the enemies blocking the entrance to the throne room and canto back by Marianne to get refreshed by Leonie. They then move up in range to attack Edelgard next turn. There's 0 chance of death since Marianne/Leonie/Ingrid have Impregnable Wall and Dimitri/Byleth OHKO all the throne room enemies with Battalion Vantage. Turn 2 Byleth kills the first health bar with the Brave Axe+, then cantos a tile over. Dimitri trades Byleth to the Killer Axe+ then ORKOs the second health bar with the Brave Lance+. On enemy phase the third health bar gets OHKOed by a Battalion Wrath crit from Dimitri at ~50 crit and the last one dies to a hit + crit from Byleth at ~70 crit. Everyone else is free to attack random dudes to burn RNs if needed
  2. Chapter 8: 2/50 Turns Yeah literally can't do this any faster. Marianne used Retribution on Felix (with Brigand!Leonie as an adjutant) and he got repo'd by a bunch of people into range of all the dudes near Tomas. Turn 2 Felix uses Rushing Blow to move past the gambit armor knight that didn't suicide into Solon's range. Byleth moves next to him so he'll get more exp from the boss kill. Ingrid gets the Giant Shell. Solon gets ORKOed by Felix using Iron Gauntlets on enemy phase.
  3. Sothis Paralogue: Free/48 Turns Took forever because of trading around the Knowledge Gem to every person each turn. Mastered Brigand with Dimitri and Felix. One of the Quest Battles I Forget the Name: Free/48 Turns Cavalier!Marianne spammed Impregnable Wall on Dimitri/Leonie/Byleth every turn and they tanked stuff with broken weapons. Lorenz and and Manuela healed people. Dimitri and Marianne mastered Cavalier, Byleth mastered Pegasus Knight, Ingrid mastered Brigand, and Lorenz mastered Mage.
  4. Ingrid Paralogue: Free/43 Turns Through sheer tactical brilliance dumb luck, both Byleth and Felix were 50 class exp away from mastering archer, so I had Felix be Byleth's adjutant so they would both master it at the same time. Had Cavalier!Marianne as Dimitri's adjutant to boost riding rank. Lorenz Paralogue: Free/43 Turns Just training. Nobody mastered any classes here but Dimitri reached C+ Lances and B Authority and Leonie reached B Bows both of which matter for the next map. Had Felix grind down an Iron Gauntlet by spamming combat arts so he could break it for class exp cheese later. Chapter 7: 5/48 Turns This is always a fun one. Byleth and Ingrid were Pegasus Knights, Dimitri a Cavalier, Felix a Brigand, Marianne a Mage, and Leonie an Archer. Lorenz was Leonie's adjutant as a Monk to learn Magic +2 finally. Turn 1 Ingrid repos March Ring Leonie down two tiles then cantos down. Leonie full moves and kills the Ignatz replacement with a Silver Bow Break Shot. On the left side Marianne draws back Felix down a tile, Byleth repos him down two tiles then cantos a tile to the left so Dimitri can then repo Marianne two tiles down. Felix moves down and uses Rushing Blow on a cavalier. A bunch of cavs suicide on Leonie and Felix on enemy phase. Turn 2 Dimitri chips Bernadetta with Curved Shot and then Felix kills her with Rushing Blow to move two tiles down. Byleth moves in range of one Pegasus Knight and the Ferdinand replacement. Leonie moves down in range of the Lorenz replacement and a generic enemy. Ingrid just moves down out staying out of range of enemies. Marianne healed Felix with physic. Turn 3 Marianne finishes off the Ferdinand replacement. Byleth moves in range of the other Pegasus Knight. Leonie full moves again and ORKOs Hilda with the Silver Bow. Dimitri moves below Felix and repos him down. Felix moves towards Edelgard's group in range of the brigands but not any of the enemies with battalions. He kills them with Iron Gauntlets on enemy phase. Petra and the Dorothea replacement move towards Byleth. Turn 4 Byleth full-moves down and OHKOs the Dorothea replacement with Curved Shot. Felix OHKOs Hubert with a Mini Bow+. This messes with Caspar's AI and makes him attack Felix with an axe instead of a gambit on enemy phase, which also causes Linhardt to move next to Edelgard and use physic on Caspar. Marianne and Dimitri move to intercept Petra next turn. Ingrid finally does something and OHKOs the Leonie replacement with Knightkneeler!Luin and then cantos out of range of the archers. Leonie full moves down in range of all of the archers, Claude, and Lysithea. Claude's gambit is only 1-range so he dies on enemy phase, but Leonie needs to dodge Lysithea's gambit. Turn 5 Byleth moves down equipped with a Steel Bow and Repos Felix towards Edelgard. He equips the Blue Lion Bracelet to boost his charm a bit then OHKOs Linhardt with Fusillade. This also stuns Edelgard so she can't use a gambit on enemy phase. Marianne equips Thyrsus and goes in range of Petra to provide a link bonus to Dimitri, who OHKOs her with the Duscar Heavy Soldiers gambit since Petra's Alert Stance doesn't affect gambit hit rates. Ingrid moves over and ORKOs Lysithea with an Iron Bow+. Leonie then moves in range of the Marianne replacement and kills Raphael. Edelgard, Caspar, and the Marianne replacement die on enemy phase. Caspar's gambit hit rate on Byleth is so low that he decides to attack Felix with an axe instead which is why this actually works. Thanks benevolent AI!
  5. Chapter 6: 7/43 Turns Archer Byleth and Felix, Cav Lorenz and Leonie, Pegasus Knight Ingrid and Mage Marianne. Turn 1 Byleth moves over and uses Blaze on the group of enemies near the start. Marianne then Draws Back Leonie so she can reach a Soldier and ORKO it. Ingrid Repos Felix then full moves ahead. Felix full-moves and OHKOs the archer furthest to the left with a Steel Bow curved shot. Lorenz full moves and stands next to Byleth and kills an archer that got hit by Blaze. Ingrid tanks the one remaining archer on enemy phase (he 4HKOs lmao. Armor Knight base defense too strong). Turn 2 Lorenz chips the archer that attacked Ingrid then moves up just out of range of the mages. Marianne finishes off the archer. Ingrid moves up a few tiles and uses a vulnerary, then Byleth full-moves and uses Repo on Ingrid to get her two tiles ahead. Felix moves up blocking off Lorenz so a soldier remaining in the first room suicides on Marianne instead. Leonies full-moves and uses a Gambit on the armor knight so he won't use a gambit on her or Lorenz. Leonie had to equip an Iron Shield to weigh herself down enough to not ORKO the mages in this room for a very specific reason. Turn 3 Marianne heals Leonie with Physic. Byleth full moves up and finishes off the armor knight. Felix then full-moves up and uses Rushing Blow on a mage Leonie chipped so that get an extra two tiles of movement forward. Ingrid finishes off a merc with Curved Shot, which had 100% accuracy since Rushing Blow put Felix in linked attack range. Lorenz full-moved and opened the door, equipped with an Iron Bow so the armor knight with a gambit in this room would attack with an axe instead of using the gambit. Leonie warps into the room with lever and uses it. Leonie kills the cavaliers in there on enemy phase. Turn 4 Felix full-moves and kills the archer across the wall with a Steel Bow Curved Shot. Ingrid then Repos Felix across the broken section of wall and cantos in range of two mages while equipped with a forged Iron Bow. Byleth ORKOs the armor knight with a mace and Lorenz opens the next door. Leonie just moves toward the March Ring chest. Turn 5 a merc blocks the path forward since he got aggroed with the mages that Ingrid killed, so Byleth chips him with Curved Shot from across the wall so Lorenz can finish him off with Frozen Lance. Felix then moves 4 tiles ahead and OHKOs another archer with Curved Shot. Ingrid repos him ahead then cantos down. Marianne kills the other mage that Leonie chipped on Turn 2. Leonie gets the March Ring. Turn 6 Ingrid chips a mage with Curved Shot so Lorenz can kill it and the canto next to the wall to bait the mage in front of Death Knight to move out of the way. Felix moves down. Byleth and Marianne fight the mages that were in the far left room. Leonie kills the archer in the lever room for exp. Turn 7 Felix kills a mage from across the wall that's blocking the way, then Lorenz opens the door. Leonie, Byleth, and Marianne each chip some remaining enemies for exp and then Ingrid full-moves down and OHKOs Death Knight with Knightkneeler!Lance of Ruin.
  6. Maintaining Your Training: Free/36 Turns Got B Professor Rank this month so I can field two adjutants during maps. Had Archer!Byleth as adjutant to Brigand!Ingrid and Monk!Marianne as adjutant to Soldier!Leonie. Broke an Iron Bow and Iron Axe to grind out class exp with later. Mastered Monk and Soldier with Marianne and Leonie and got them to C Reason and C+ Bows too. Dedue Paralogue: Free/36 Turns Had Archer!Felix as Dimitri's adjutant and Monk!Lorenz as Leonie's adjutant. Nobody mastered anything here just got some exp, mostly on Dimitri and Leonie since they were the ones with adjutants.
  7. Ok finally back from work. Recruit Catherine for Thunderbrand and Marianne so that she'd join with D Reason instead of E Reason if she was recruited next chapter. Had Lorenz as mission assist to build support rank with him. Promoted Ingrid to Cavalier (Pegasus Knight would have worked too but since there's only one flying battalion atm I put her in cav so she could use a battalion) and everyone to Armor Knight for the defense boost. Clearing the Way: Free/31 Turns All the Blue Lions units mastered their beginner classes. Also got all of them to D Bows if they weren't at D Bows already. Caught two Goddess Messengers the last week of the month to cook in Chapter 7. Chapter 5: 5/36 Turns Forged a Killer Bow+ for Felix and Training Axe+ for Ingrid. Turn 1 Byleth repo'd Felix and then full-moved up. Felix killed the enemy across the wall while standing in range of the archer in the throne room. Ingrid used Curved Shot on the thief by the chest to aggro him then stood next to Byleth. Dimitri full-moved and ORKOed a fighter with an Iron Bow. Lorenz and Marrianne moved up. Turn 2 Ingrid killed a fighter she face-tanked last turn then moved up 6 tiles. Byleth repo'd Felix again then stood under Ingrid. Felix full-moved up 5 tiles and then Dimitri moved above Ingrid and repo'd her onto the stairs under Felix into range of the mage. Marianne physic'd Felix for exp. Turn 3 Marianne stood next to Byleth and killed the thief that Ingrid chipped earlier. Dimitri then repo'd Byleth and full-moved up. Ingrid repo'd Dimitri up out of range of the mage she chipped last turn then cantoed out of range herself. Felix full moved up while standing next to the throne room wall to kill the other archer in there on enemy phase. Byleth full moved and stood next to Felix so he'd get more exp. The mage suicided on Marianne on enemy phase since everyone else was out of range. Turn 4 Ingrid repo'd Felix. Byleth then full moved again. Felix stood next to Byleth and OHKO'd Miklan with a Killer Bow Curved Shot crit from across the wall at 85 hit 48 crit. After everyone got warped, Byleth moved up and used Lure on Beast Miklan to move him closer to the rest of the group. Dimitri moved next to Byleth and chipped Miklan with an Iron Bow so the first health bar would be depleted on enemy phase by suiciding into Byleth. Everyone else cleared out the enemies near where they spawned. Gilbert chipped an archer on NPC phase which set up a kill for Marianne, but if he missed Lorenz could have chipped the archer with Tempest Lance to achieve the same result. Turn 5 Marianne kills that archer to reach level 11. Felix and Dimitri break the barrier to get the forging material, then Ingrid kills the second health bar with the Training Axe+ before Byleth ORKOs the last HP bar with Thunderbrand.
  8. Aux Battle: Free/27 Turns Did major cheese with Broken Lance!Byleth to get her to C Lances so I would have a 100% chance of passing the Pegasus Knight exam. Couldn't get anyone to reposition though RIP. Chapter 4: 4/31 Turns Too lazy to rig Dimitri crest procs so 4 turns it is. Had Ingrid as Dimitri's adjutant so she could finally reach level 10 after he killed the Death Knight and the boss. Byleth stood next to Dimitri every turn to give him more exp. Felix self-improved by killing everything on the right side. He could ORKO everything with Iron Gauntlets on enemy phase lol.
  9. Chapter 3: 8/27 Turns Got Byleth to D Lances/E+ Bows, Dimitri to C Lances/D Axes/E+ Bows/C Authority, Felix to D Axes/C Bows/D Brawling, and Ingrid to C Lances/E+ Bows. Had Marianne for mission assist Promoted Felix to Fighter and Byleth and Dimitri to Soldier. Cooked +4 speed from meals. Byleth and Felix rushed to the boss with Marianne healing every turn. Dimitri killed the Dark Mage while Ingrid just self-improved mostly. Gave Byleth the boss kill. Also got the Seiros Mercenaries battalion down to below 1/3rd endurance so Dimitri can use it to kill the Death Knight with a Battalion Wrath crit next chapter.
  10. Prologue: 4/4 Turns Mostly just involves full-moving Byleth/Dimitri/Claude every turn so that they can get in range of the boss on Turn 4. Took all of Edelgard and Claude's stuff. Chapter 1: 7/11 Turns The movement works out for 6 turns but that would only work if I had someone who could ORKO Hilda, which I don't. The closest thing would be Iron Axe!Byleth with two strength and two speed procs but Byleth doesn't reach level 3 until after beating Hilda so it doesn't work. Speaking of Iron Axes, this map took two fucking hours because Felix needs to hit Edelgard with an Iron Axe so that Ingrid can finish her off with Tempest Lance since any other weapon would be too weak, and despite having 70 displayed hit, he would miss every single fucking time. True hit my ass. Forced Aux Battle: Free?/11 Turns I thought this one counted for turns since it was forced so I did it in 3 turns. If not oh well I'm not doing it over. Chapter 2: 8/19 Turns Felix needs D Bows for Curved Shot. Dimitri and Felix need to full-move every turn to get in range of the boss on turn 8 where he dies to Curved Shot Steel Bow + an Iron Bow from Dimitri. Should have gotten E+ Bows on Dimitri in retrospect cause the hit rates on thieves and the boss were a bit shaky. Ingrid got the bullion. Everyone except Ingrid reached level 6 and mastered Noble for HP +5.
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