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  1. I just had an epiphany but it requires me to go through a player's ISO and I have a migraine so bad I went home from work early so it will have to wait. hopefully I wake up in time
  2. I guess I could ask, could anyone explain to me why we think bluedoom is town? I don't really have context which is why I'm asking
  3. I'm going heavy off vibes/my gut because I burnt myself out trying to catch up but until I can read some more I want to at least attempt to contribute.
  4. I'm gonna be mad if makaze is scum because I've been hardcore reading him town all game out of duskfall/bbm/boron I think bbm is the most likely to flip scum but that's just the vibe I get I could try to explain but I don't feel like it right now I have work in 2 hours of those three players I like duskfall's content the least and actually think I like bbm's content the most. seems like a contradiction but it's how I feel I have a conspiracy theory that duskfall is playing the culture shock/out-of-community playstyle card as scum but I don't think it's super likely I think elimming duskfall is the play today unless something insane happens. I hit a blunt and thought about how I noticed my aversion to voting until it's end of day because I have this idk OCD thing that makes me paranoid about accidentally hammering and ending day early which is illogical because the player could be at actually L-7 and my head will still feel like I'm gonna be the hammer vote it freaks me out. this is NAI don't consider this part of the game but it's an interesting thing I noticed and I figured I should mention it to explain why I've been so shy about voting this game
  5. but I do think my behavior towards refa at end of D1 and the explanation I have to give for when I claim would be really weird to fake as scum
  6. I don't mind dying if it helps town win especially cuz I'm kinda burnt out and not contributing much anymore
  7. this is a bad defense but I am insecure regardless of my alignment and anxious when I try to be assertive cuz I don't like being yelled at lol
  8. I dont mind spam posts personally that used to be my main way of catching up back in my maf days lol. as long as you aren't like, filling 3 pages of 2-sentence posts and they're good on content then that's fine. @Duskfall98 personally just catch up the way you want because people hate wallposts too so if you don't prefer to wallpost just play the way you want
  9. I won't speculate more beyond this cuz it's gone on for a while lmao but if consigliere works exactly the way it worked on em that means town probably does have alignment cop that didn't counterclaim refa. but that's only if the role was directly copypasted from em I used to play so much em it was a cesspool but it was my cesspool 💔 RIP
  10. heres the description of consigliere from the epicmafia wiki Consigliere Appears as everyone to villager. Can convert self to mafia once per game. Does not attend mafia meetings.
  11. maybe this goes without saying but consigliere was a role on epicmafia (epicmafia being in the flavor of the role pm) and it worked just like that so I think we can assume that's what it was and work off that sorry my recent content has been empty I'm kinda coasting because it feels like we're just going down the PoE now
  12. if there is a hostile third party present I wonder if we'll get a notification when all mafuaa are elimmed. is that hypothetical something the host could answer. I don't want to speculate too hard on that I'm just curious
  13. it feels like baiting scum team to kill you would make them less likely to kill you
  14. okay that's fine I won't press any further than that I just got bitten by the curiosity bug
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