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  1. Some new additions include Altina, Lekain, Levail, etc. from Radiant Dawn Abysskeeper is also up alongside Gatekeeper. Durban and Roland on FE7 is there too. Also Murdock in FE7 but unsure if he was there last year.
  2. It's okay I don't really care much about lead units (maybe VG if I'm on same colour team lol) - I don't even have merged units to put as leads Haven't built Astram properly myself so I can use yours
  3. ah yes, offensive mythics. I haven't looked at friends list in a while Swift Sparrow Astram right? Added that one 🙂
  4. Oh that's me as well. Doesn't help that a lot of my Mythics are fliers.
  5. Oh was it the one where Eldigan is in the middlle? That's a shame I only saw this now, the replay would be gone by then so I didn't get to see how you tackled the map. Also sorry for resorting to double dancer byut Mila is a thing in Light season
  6. @daisy jane @Landmaster I think this is my luckiest first circle ever. Just what I needed in the middle of a stressful week. Shame no Eliwood but I can't complain. Ephraim was first and is +Res/-HP (dupe), then Leila (+Atk/-Spd) and the final summon was my 3rd Keaton (+HP/-Spd). Also as an update since my last post, some 5 stars I got include: Main: (Including the above), +Atk/-Def Eleanora, 2 x +HP/-Res Bramimonds, +HP/-Res Mila, +Spd/-Res L!Corrin and the sparked B!Dimitri/Free B!Claude Alt: +HP/-Atk Bramimond, neutral Pirate Tibarn, a +Atk/-HP Duo Sigurd and +HP/-Def Dancing Lachesis (same circle and only 2nd one too!), +Spd/-Atk Larcei and finally a free +Atk/-Spd Leanne from the Phalanx banners.
  7. RIP I forgot to post some videos. @Landmaster Wow, Green Elise took quite a hit from Python but that just activated her trap card. A clean clear, I love Atk/Sopd Bond + Palm Staff overkill. @Diovani Bressan @SatsumaFSoysoy @Maaka @daisy jane @BoaFerox First is the return of Sleepy Emblem,. Team is +Spd +1 Python, +Atk/-Spd Adult Tiki, neutral Haar and +Def/-Atk Mirabilis Music is The Days When My Mother Was There from Persona 5 - Python enlists some sleepy friends to help make Forsyth back off from disturbing Python's naptime. - Tiki, the one who gets the most sleep, makes for a great opener with Lightning Breath to take on the left side. Mirabilis debuffs are fun, and Python's short bursts of Short Bow damage is fun to use. Haar's Guard came in useful to delay Forsyth's Bonfire while Python deals a finishing blow to his friend. --- Next is a Deliverance clear. A lot of blues that group has.. Team is +Spd/-Def Clair, neutral Clive, +Atk/-Def Mathilda and +Spd +1 Python Music is What Lies at the End from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia --- Lastly, after a timely free Alm on his BHB rerun, I could finally do a Ram Village clear! Team is +Spd/-Res Alm, +Atk +1 Gray, neutral Tobin and +Spd/-HP Kliff Music is Courage in Numbers from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - Time for the Ram Village boys to prove to the Deliverance that they are worth recruiting! - Gray's extra ball of stats comes in really handy initiating the left side. Spd/Res Solo just ensures more survivability as he stands away from the group. After a Kliff Draw Back he can immediately delete Python (wrong colour to be against Gray buddy!) - Tobin needed to survive the blue manakete, and taking a similar page from Gray's book, needed a Spd and Res buff although his was in the form of a bond. Kliff needed a Brazen Atk buff to deal with the red mage in one go. - Alm thankfully came at the perfect time, being free summoned in his BHB to make this clear happen! Besides Forsyth, the manakete was the biggest trouble for this sword-heavy team- good thing Alm has that brave-like refine! He teamed up with Kliff to deal with Forsyth's tankiness, but it's fun seeing Forsyth be unable to be countered by Windsweep. Tobin needed to be given a kill in the end just to reward him tanking the blue dragon (too bad his armorslaying weapon is still fairly weak against the sword knight)
  8. Great Lord Chrom - Lance Infantry Luna Lance. Grants Luna-esque effect (Kind of like L!Alm but lance). For laughs he can get Sol as his special so he has both Sol and Luna in his kit, like how Aether combines the two. A faster, blue melee Chrom. Griffon Rider Male Robin (the forgotten mounted class....) - Axe Flier Either a choice of Volant Axe (such a nice-looking axe.. Effective against fliers), Helswath (or Awakening version if the FE4 boss with it will never come) or Vengeance Axe. High Spd axe flier with decent defenses. Yes I know Levin Sword...which leads me to.. Grandmaster Female Robin - Sword Infantry (so she can be in the regular pool) Male Robin overshadows her usually in overall media, so this will give her the spotlight with her signature weapon. Probably a semi-sword version of Crusher (adaptive damage but instead of Rally Mov, she gives a +4 in combat omni-boost to herself/target when using a Rally). Has DC and a Rally Atk/Res+ (so can give up to +10 Atk/Res on target). Leans to Atk/Res/Spd stats. Paladin Lucina - Sword Cavalry Sol Sword. Basically Forsyth's weapon but a sword (and her being more mobile). High Speed/Res Lucina on a horse with decent Def. OR Noble Rapier (anti-cav/armour but instead of Vantage it grants Desperation to go with her speed). Hector - Axe Infantry/Cavalry Comes with Wolf Beil which is anti-cav/armour. Pretty much Hector that you start with (or could be old man Hector using a nostalgic weapon). Or for something interesting, Hector on a horse (taught by Eliwood? Same energy as Horse Chrom lol) Celica - Colourless Tome Infantry Ragnarok Omega. Has in built Lull Spd/Res and ignores Guard. Have fun. Basically colourless LCelica with more Res/Spd for less of HP and slighlty less Atk.
  9. Been a while, hope everyone's CYL pulls went well Firstly just recounting past summons. Got a +HP/-Def Summer Dorothea on my alt in the middle of 3H summer. Got a free +Def/-Res Helbindi on the SS rerun banner. +Spd/-Atk Fallen Ike as a free summon on the Moonbow banner, and a ticket +Spd/-Res Lethe on the Kris banner. Free +Atk/-Def Linde on the (ironically) Summer Linde rerun, and a +Res/-Spd Fallen Berkut while I hunter and failed for Juicy Wave. On my main I got a free +Spd/-HP Summer Xander on his rerun. Free +Spd/-Res female Corrin on her new power banner, and hunted for a Gerik (+Spd/-Atk) on the SS rerun banner. Hunted for Azura on her rerun, was broken by a +Def/-Spd Elise instead. Got a free +Spd/-HP Leo on my main at least. Alt got a +Spd/-Atk Fellica on the new reruns at least. My alt also got a free +Res/-Atk Hel which was nice, although I failed to get L!Edelgard. On to the Hero Fest period, my main got a +Spd/-Res Luke (my 3rd?!?) on a ticket, which became a free neutral Sothis. Did I mention I was hunting for Duo Ephraim for both the rerun and HF? I didn't have orbs to spark so I failed, and the Hero Fest I failed again- getting everyone else (+Spd/-Def Nagi and +Res/-HP Bernadetta) instead. Salty, but Bernie was a real prize. Ironically on the pirate banner, I get another 3h archer on the same week, a free +HP/-Atk Claude! The anniversary daily summons gave me some nice freebies on my alt - a +Def/-HP Male Byleth on the Marth/Caeda banner, and then a back-to-back free +Spd/-Res Tibarn and +Spd/-Res Alm on their BHBs. ---- And now it was CYL time. Time to do my first spark ever, since I managed to miraculously get about 158 orbs after Hero Fest temptations. Results? First brave unit was a +Spd/-Atk B!Edlegard (ouch). Then later on.. +Spd/-Res B!Claude (WOOOO!!!) and +HP/-Atk B!Lysithea on the same circle! Nice of GD to come together but RIP Lysithea's bane. Then the final circle was +HP/-Atk B!Edelgard. Can merge the -Atk at least (funny how both girls are all -Atk.) This left me with Dimitri as the spark and a spare the freebie. Unsure who to get (Dimitri fodder? Lysithea merge? Might wait for IVmangoes..). But yeah, my luckiest CYL pull ever, getting all of them so fast! --- As for my main? Early green pitybreakers galore including a +HP/-Atk Annette (ironically after merging my -Atk to clear space), and a new unit- +HP/-Res Osian. Then in my final circle before the spark, +Def/-HP B!Edelgard and +HP/-Res Fallen Lyon! Awesome. Sadly, she is my lowest priority and I wanted at least another unit so I can use my sparks to complete the set, so now I have to choose between Claude/Dimitri or Claude/Lysithea (for GD bias). Smart move is probably to get the lords but I also want some form of Lysithea to complete GD emblem and don't really like pulling on red... still sitting on the decision until the legendary/new seasonal trailer... At least i can use Edie for arena! That said, funny how both accounts ended with an Edelgard before the spark (also a Nino as my final summon). Also got a new +Atk/-HP Lena demote on both accounts which made me chuckle. ---- After this was a free +Def/-Atk Leanne in the Hoshidan dancer banner (hey i wanted a colourless dancer lol). So yeah some good luck in the last month even after some questionable tempting pulls. Wasted a few orbs on the double seasonal..hard to wait for trailers when I have a summoning itch and would like Bramimond/Mila...
  10. @Landmaster Poor Jorge, his weapons outshone by green swords of doom. Surprised the bow knight didn't double Mirabilis, such a tanky girl. Flying dancer and guidance shenanigans are nice to see. @Maaka I see someone was flexing with a Wo Dao despite it not working with Galeforce. I like how Jorge who has a twin has to face a Twin Azura/Bartre team @Diovani Bressan Flame Emperor conquers a village. That guy has so much HP... the map didn't stand a chance. @SatsumaFSoysoy @daisy jane @Alexmender @BoaFerox @DLNarshen First Brave Claude steals upstages the OG Parthia, now a similar-sounding merchant comes in as stat-stacked archer? Someone's not happy... Team is +Atk +1 Jeorge, neutral Peony, +Atk +2 Legendary Azura and +Spd +1 Eliwood. Music is Belief from the King of Fighters XIV - ...and so Jeorge rampages. He had enough of being overshadowed by not only the Wind Parthia, but also a similar-named merchant outdoing his status as an archer by asking some help from dancers and a Bonus Doubler bot. - Bonus Doubler is so much fun. With dancer buffs he was able to outspeed some of the enemies. He needed Distant Guard support to survive the red dagger but once he was in Desperation range, he pretty much started sweeping! Brazen seal for more damage while he was low health. A well-timed Glimmer dealt with the boss (which was why Desperation was important, because he would leave the healer with 1 HP and his Glimmer would be wasted on her). - Oh, also I wanted to show off that glorious damaged art, no offense Jorge. You have a really great art set that needed to be shown. --- A new merchant comes in town? Well here is Merchant Emblem! Team is neutral Jorge, neutral Anna, +Atk/-HP Awakening!Anna and +Res/-Spd Oboro Music is Ne! from the King of Fighters 1994 - A new merchant has come to town, and the Annas aren't having it. So they recruit our version of Jorge and Oboro to help out. Oboro kind of works because she is the daughter f parents who run a tailoring business, and can reclass to Merchant (and has the Apothecary hat which promotes to Merchant) RIP couldn't get NY!Anna/Midori/Geese.. - Jorge being an archer easily deletes the green flier. With the help of Anna's Ruse and Distant Guard Oboro barely tanks the Spendthrift archer and gets a special charge. Enemy Jorge is then left open to a barrage of Anna's attacks. Shoutout to Brazen Atk/Res on Heroes Anna, which causes the healer to ignore her after in Brazen range. ---- Lastly since Daniel shows up to help his twin Jorge in his special..here is a Twin Emblem! Team is +Spd/-Res Saizo, +Spd +1 Kaze, +Atk/-HP Eirika and +Atk +1 Ephraim Music is Too Honest from Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Since Jorge has a twin, it's time to battle them with the Fates ninja twins and Magvel's twin lords. - Saizo need all the Atk he could get to one shot the flier, including Atk+3, Death Blow and waiting until Turn 3 for his brother's Chill Atk to activate so Saizo's Star can use the debuff to snipe the blade flier. Then it was a matter of splitting the enemies up, which consisted of Eirika moving far left to bait Jorge. - Spendthrift Bow Cav was the scariest enemy, and he had to move away from Jorge as much as possible. Thanks to Lunge, Ephraim managed to trap the bow cav between him and Kaze. - The last turn involved a lot of chipping after debuffing Jorge. Eirika needed Flashing Blade to fire off a quick Moonbow before dragging Jorge back in range of her brother. Once the melee attacks softened Jorge, Saizo could finish things off.
  11. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice to see some lesser seen units! Mae is great for her support but also high offense. Very fitting accessory for Kana lol. Felica shows her new refine well, her HP sure does fluctuate a bit. Silvia refine when? @Landmaster Wow, Elise with all those bonds and tanking that dagger comfortably! Between Temari and Mirabilis there's a lot of sabotaging in this map! Witchy Wand with cav move range is fun! @Diovani Bressan Silly Nagi not bringing a damaging special! Bu wow, 0 damage is impressive! Azura/Eliwood sure buff those stats up! @Maaka @daisy jane @Alexmender @DLNarshen @BoaFerox Team is +Atk/-Spd Adult Tiki, +Atk/-Res Sothis, +Spd +1 Python and neutral Haar Music is The Spirit Dias from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Adult Tiki teams up with Sothis to Divine Pulse back all the way to her younger days. With some sleepy companions in Haar and Python, perhaps the experience feels like a mystic dream? RIP no Mirabilis here though - What to do when your younger self and a reincarnation are effective against you? Bring a dragon that's not weak to anti-dragons! Sothis needed a small Def boost from Haar to survive the Dragonslasher though. - Python was perfect in starting the map, sniping the blue Fafnir. The merge just gave him the exact HP to facetank young Tiki, leaving her in range for her adult self to discipline (after a Short Bow special). Speaking of Adult Tiki, colour advantage really helped her brush off Nagi. - Haar was too busy being a sleepy chokepoint to the right while Tiki faced herself. The trickiest unit was probably the firesweep swordie, Sothis needed to be alone to double him. Haar's Guard also helped keep the lance armour's specials to a minimum.
  12. @Landmaster @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @DLNarshen @Diovani Bressan @BoaFerox @Maaka @mampfoid @Zeo @daisy jane So I managed to unexpectedly get a Bernie in Hero Fest. Now I can do a full Black Eagles clear! Team is +HP/-Spd Edelgard, +Res/-HP Bernadetta, +HP/-Atk Summer Dorothea and +Atk/-HP Ferdinand Music is The Long Road from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Academy Edelgard somehow takes her classmates into the future! Poor Dorothea didn't get the time to dress appropriately though facing an empress. - First of all, SO glad I got Bernie even if she wasn't my original target. Her offensive capability and ranged dominated in this map. She needed Dorothea's Drive Atk and Death Blow to deal with the blue manakete (plus Ferdinand keeping the Fury manakete busy to get some Fury recoil). Persecution Bow is such a great weapon. - Ferdinand also deserves some recognition, with Brazen Atk/Res he had just enough Res to keep the healer busy (or get the healer to heal the swordie instead of attacking) while my team was slowly being cornered by L!Edelgard's two move. Reposition being in his kit was super handy, keeping my own Edelgard in the corner so Bernie can have room to move to quickly delete Edelgard. In fact, both cavs had great teamwork, since L!Edelgard found herself next to the healer, allowing Bernie to double and defeat her future house leader in one match! - While my Edelgard herself sadly couldn't defeat her future self (that Bonfire packs a punch...) her doubling and high Atk was super useful deleting the thief and blue mage asap. She got to shine a bit in the end as well.
  13. @Maaka Nice video, Soleil needs a moustache to really become part of the family! Love that Brave Axebreaker action! @Diovani Bressan Oooo, Claude and Yune! Nice to see some fresh faces for a change, kid Marth continues to be a monster though! Cl aude's range and Yune's column debuff work for this map. Reyson of course is great being a dancer/semi-healer at the same time. @SatsumaFSoysoy Oooh Aquarion music! Great clear as always, for some reason I loved that turn where all the enemies were in a single file lol. Celica sure had a fancy PP sword. Bet you're excited for Celica and Veronica refines soon! @Landmaster Wow Elises sure cleared this quicker than I thought. Sleepy Mira vs Death was a great showdown, I just love her tankiness! @daisy jane Yeah better to record it as soon as you finish because recreating turns that you forgot can be very time-consuming from my experience. Great work though, this map is no problem for your fliers! Love the Micaiah overkilll on the tin can, and the amount of fliers meant Norne was happy using her bow. Myrrh shows off her amazing refine very well! Awesome music choice too! @DLNarshen @BoaFerox @Zeo @mampfoid @Alexmender So Hel is here huh.. well Hel, meet Death Emblem! Team is +Spd/-Def Eir, neutral Death Knight, +Def/-HP Jaffar and neutral Fallen Delthea Music is Fate from the King of Fighters XIII - So death comes. Time for the Death Knight, the Angel of Death, the Merciful Death and Deathlea's Death tome to go against Hel. - Straight away MVP is shared between Jaffar and double Death Blow Deathlea. With the amount of green units in the map, Deathlea needed the splash damage support (armour annoyingly would live by 7 HP for example, and Hel's 1 cooldown Luna was annoying). I was stuck a bit when the blue dragon and gronnblade flier started approaching but the key solution was Jaffar surprisingly tanking 1 hit from the green flier. Too many greens in this map for my 2 blue, 2 colourless team! - Eir also did her role pretty well, sniping the bow flier with a charged Iceberg and then just being able to tank the manakete thanks to Mystic Boost (she needed Res Tactic support on Turn 1 so she can have just enough HP for the facetank). It was also funny to see her Repo Jaffar on the bridges on the right side as the team ran way from Hel/the red dagger. She needed double Swift Sparrow to one shot the second green mage flier (in fact, most of the team had a seal that doubled up one of their skills: Death Blow Deathlea, Savage Blow Jaffar and Swift Sparrow Eir). - Death Knight was a mobile Draw Back/Res Tactic support unit but also managed to step up with a charged Bonfire to delete the Caltrop Dagger asap. (Funnily enough would've been exact KO if he didn't have Death Blow). His Scythe was also helpful in denying the blue mage's follow-up for a bit during the crowded Turn 2, and Res Tactic protected Jaffar from being one-shot by the blue mage.
  14. @Diovani Bressan Nice use of Ruse! That's one way to bypass Miracle. @SatsumaFSoysoy Oooo nice use of the meme out of combat damage weapons. Kronya's JP laughs are addictingly crazy. Would have loved if Gharnef fittingly finished things off though, Gharnef solo when @Landmaster Elise shows who the superior healer is. Can never get enough of tanky Mirabilis keeping Eremiya busy. DC Annette sure is a monster, it was a Miracle that Eremiya survived. Dimitri looks like a fun GF unit, too. I want an Ingrid, making me thing 'oh no' against the archer but then showing how numbers lie in FEH... very efficient clear! Dancer Emblem returns! Tanky Mirabilis is a great addition to the team. Showing off some blue-star Ninian I see, those skills are nice! Something funny about a flying Ice Dragon using Blue Flame. @daisy jane @mampfoid @Alexmender @DLNarshen @BoaFerox @Maaka @Zeo Had to wait to train the new healer but here's the clears. Firstly is a New Mystery theme. Team is +Spd/-Res Katarina, +HP +1 Luke, +Atk/-Def Roderick and neutral Clarisse Music is Those Who Dare to Change History from Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem - Not every day I can use Luke and Roderick in a clear so here they are with Katarina and Clarisse (RIP no Kris). Cav movement is great for a tight map where I just need to KO (or retrea) as much as I can. Clarisse's Savage Blow helped keep Eremiya busy while also softening enemies up for the cavs. - Yes you saw that right, Katarina was the best unit to start the map by facetanking both the axe infantry and Eremiya (hooray owl tomes?). Being -Res she did need a seal to fix that so she can use Atk Ploy against Eremiya. Kind of amusing she was besides the two cavs, using the power of bonds to defeat Eremiya. ---- Now that we have a healer assassin, it's time for Assassin Emblem to strike! Team is neutral Clarisse, neutral Kronya, +Def/-HP Jaffar and +Def +1 Beruka Music is Undercover from the King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match - Healer assassin gets a visit from Clarisse who brought other assassins from different games - a Black Fang, an axe assassin and an Assassin class clown-looking woman with a peculiar dagger. - The best thing about a healer GHB? You can cheese the healer AI and make Eremiya heal enemies as a priority with chip damage. Clarisse, Kronya and the expert on chip damage - the Angel of 'Death', spread splash damage around (too bad Kempf isn't an assassin). Meanwhile Beruka just slowly moves to the front lines to tank enemies while they are weakened. I did have to give Jaffar a Brazen Atk/Def seal so the archer would avoid him. ----- Speaking of assassins, now that I promoted all of them I just had to do a Black Fang clear! Team is neutral Lloyd, neutral Linus, +Def/-HP Jaffar and neutral Ursula Music is Black Fang from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade - Obligatory Black Fang vs a New Mystery assassin. Funny how both girls involved are very purple. - Lloyd opens the way, with Brazen Spectrum to deal with both the axe and Eremiya. Kind of sad Brazens give him more stats than Regal Blade buffs, but it is what it is. The Spd part was important to ORKO the axe infantry. - Jaffar does what he does best, spreading Savage Blow damage to keep the healer assassin busy. Gotta love how Ground Orders made her retreat so far back to heal. His refine proved useful, preventing the red mage from attacking (a bit unfortunate Ursula was off by 1 damage) - Speaking of Ursula, anti-cav tome helps for quick sword assassination. Love her weapon animation. She needed Spd Smoke so that the archer wouldn't double her. - Linus dishes out big damage, deleting the lance flier in a flash, thanks to the archer charging his special up. Drive Def also helped his brother bait the axe guy in the first turn. ---- And lastly an Altean Assassins clear (unsure if they have a proper name) Team is neutral Eremiya, +Atk/-Def Katarina, neutral Clarisse and neutral Legion Music is Runaway from Katekyo Hitman Reborn Since we no have another assassin squad completed in FEH, here is the obligatory themed clear with the newest member. - As annoying as Eremiya getting the meh Distant Guard as a C skill...it was kind of an MVP skill here. It discouraged the enemy Eremiya from attacking Legion, and Clarisse wouldn't have survived the red mage cav without it. It also helped Katarina take a hit from the archer. - Katarina needed her owl tome stats, Swift Sparrow and Atk/Spd Bond to double the axe back infantry. Clarisse's chip damage is great team support and Legion's Fury and Brazen stat stacking helped in tanking for a bit. Lancebreaker also helped in quickly deleting the lance flier
  15. @DLNarshen Ooooo... what a fabulous clear! The amount of sustain on Narcian is amazing, love that back and forth HP exchange with Hector! Fork Narcian was fabulous himself, I love how speedy he can be, and GF proc too! Well done, it's like this map was made for a Narcian duo clear! @Landmaster Phew you were right, the lance tin can did take a while to go down. Wow, a Thea in action! Don't see that a lot. I see your Sophia sure does a lot of work these days, and Brave Roy does his fun GF things (and fated battle with Lilina's dad). Also i think this is the first I ever heard Fae's "Stompy, stompy" line lol. @Maaka This LHB sure was made for you! I love the exact kill on that S!Fir vs Hector. The beard/moustache accessories though! @Alexmender Oooh Broadleaf Cecilia! Such a dangerous weapon. Special Fighter also really helped, nice clear! @mampfoid @daisy jane @Zeo @SatsumaFSoysoy @BoaFerox @DarkAlf @Diovani Bressan So as usual I'm a bit late with a busy week- I was dreading Fe6 but I did have some great red units from the game at least. Then I just though, why not just throw some more archers, and here we are.. Team is +Spd/-Res Igene, +Atk/-Spd Idunn, +Atk/-Res Klein and +Atk/-Def Summer Wolt Music is Direct Confrontation from Haikyuu - A dragon boss and three archers take on the Armads wielder. - Ostia's Pulse? Meet Igrene's Pulse Smoke. Thank goodness for Igrene's kit, being red physical Ophelia made sure she kept up with the enemies. The turn where she took damage was actually a misclick that finally let me beat the map (before she needed a Hone Atk boost to defeat the Brave Sword). She did have trouble with the lance knight, but Wolt's Luna and green colour helped finishing things off. - Idunn is such a tank. Slap a healing special and Brazen and she survives a lot. Great Hector counter, although it feels weird to see Hector double Idunn on initiation. - While Klein doesn't quite have Igrene's firepower, Chill Def and Draw Back support was really appreciated- and more importantly, being colourless. Also Swordbreaker quads are satisfying to see.
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