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  1. I’m not an awakening baby!

  2. Some of these are kinda a stretch from my perspective, but that said this would posit that Inigo is Roy and now I really want Harminozed Roy/Inigo because it would be so funny.
  3. Funny! Tiki says Chrom reminds her of Sigurd. and Olivia says she was in love with Chrom since they first met but didn’t act on it as she assumed a prince would never choose her.
  4. My very first post directly stated that it isn’t canon, and there won’t ever be a canon.
  5. She’s marketable.easily marketable which is even better. plus they already had the pre rendered model for a cutscene for her, which had to be her because it’s FE. Pegasus knights have been a staple of the series. It would be silly not to show the main character on a Pegasus; or at least a Pegasus in flight. Fates had a cutscene like that too. Pegasus and FE are hand in hand to some, so yeah it was going to happen. Sumia isn’t really pining after Chrom. But Olivia admits to having been in love with him since their first meeting, so if that makes something canon... (it doesn’t) as for Olivia, youre reallt writing a lot off. they place her in Chrom’s life just before he has to make the choice. Then the narration says “he knew in his heart who it would be”. Olivia and Chrom have a whole conversation about “this is fast but I know in my heart it’s right” the wording of the narration implies it’s a fast romance (not chroms fiance, like the other 4 can be), but more importantly uses similar terminology to his Olivia support but moreso, inigo is and always was the son of Olivia Inigo’s concept would have blue and blonde hair, like Chrom and Enmeryn/Lissa. The royal family. This is true despite Olivia still having had pink hair. inigos concept wore shorts and a cape like Marth did. inigos birthday is, like Lucina’s, a direct reference to Marth. His birthday is the day the remakes released. 3 children have Marth related birthdays. The third is owain (so chroms family +Inigo?) inigo is coded as the third child unit (Lucina, Owain, Inigo) in FEA, and in FEH (Feh doesn’t use the same list order as FEA, so the fact that the three are together both times is a bit strange. More importantly though, it’s only because of connection to Marth/Chrom. Inigo is the only child to have a brand (except Lucina and owain, obviously). And it’s on the same side of his body as chroms at that. Inigo’s canonical characteristics are the same as Lucina’s sibling (Fear of bugs, Self doubt, compares themselves to Chrom/Lucina, good with swords) fates and heroes now both reference Chrom!Inigo inigo, Lucina, and Chrom are unique in sharing a Blue/Silver primary color scheme. Inigo’s shield on his shoulder is even more silver than the rest of his costume, and mirrors chroms silver Pauldron. inigo is one of the leaders of chroms new shepherds, in a position where others actually look to him (future past dlc) Inigo’s father compares him to Lucina in a scene that only really fits Chrom. inigo looks like Chrom which may or may not have been intentional. inigo is being watched by everyone to act invincible and keep up spirits since his parents + Chrom died. Why him? Makes most sense for the crown prince to bear the burden, but it’s inigo regardless of that. it’s a LOT of little things and a lot of big things but at the end of the day, to me, it seems incredibly likely that IS wrote Chrom/Olivia as canon before finalizing marriage candidates.
  6. Opening is all about marketing and what not, doesn’t mean a thing when the writing direction takes a complete 180. Nobody looks at openings for canon it’s purely artsy and used to sell the game to anyone on the fence. Nothing in the intro actually happens and Sumia is the most marketable bride for Chrom. She’s like a normal girl heck She looks like me! (She is Cuter not trying to talk myself up, but like me still) intro really doesn’t mean anything especially for FE games that have a history of making it intentionally hard to get all the info. Remember RD how you had to do some elaborate things to see all the true cutscenes and reveal stuff. So yeah, I don’t think it’s very noteworthy; especially if you stack it up to all the reasons they imply inigo is the kid of Chrom, even from before the game was finalized, it feels like Inigo was always meant to be Chrom’s kid
  7. Chrom doesn’t see Inigo as incompetent. Only person he ever treats that way is Henry and that’s just because he hates puns. Lon’qu doesn’t show up at the same time as Olivia at all. that scene is a nod to Marth and Caeda but not indicative of Chrom’s entire fate Olivia has the most ties to Chrom’s personality and story itself, with both of them also being close to Basilio which is a recurring element (Chrom and Basilio’s strange relationship) also, because Inigo is almost undeniably the template for Chrom’s 2nd child.
  8. I didn’t say definitely I am saying probably because it’s just what I think based on what I’ve seen
  9. This happens for anyone; but only inigo is canonically scared of bugs outside of this! (and the self doubt, comparing himself to Chrom and Lucina, that stuff is all inigo) The multiverse thing was always the answer but if FE ever gave Chrom a real ship it would be Olivia, probably.
  10. Hopefully more people are in your camp but I am just in a bad mood. Sorry like I said I was just ranting and whining!
  11. If we keep saying this do you think we can trick IS into believing us and simply canonizing it? I dream of a day Chrom and Olivia is as obvious as Marth and Caeda
  12. Wow this is my favorite app but..I’m still recovering. isk when I can play this game without feeling a little sad every year I wait a year thinking Chrom can seriously win...and now I feel empty knowing he probably can’t. I mean, now we’re just going to get a remake announced and the remake lords will surpass him. There’s someone on Twitter who is starting anti Chrom rallies that are bigger than any pro Chrom rally I’ve ever done (they’re gonna vote whoever is best at beating Chrom) and they pointed out...Chrom’s voters came from “let’s beat gatekeeper” meaning now that that failed, he is losing those voters. Meanwhile Marth voters go to older lords than Chrom, and Gatekeeper voters go to newer lords than Chrom. So Chrom is losing, but Byleth is gaining. And of course as always, remake announcement will dethrone Chrom. I had so much hope he could finally win but now..it doesn’t seem possible at all. just a rant on my personal feelings sorry if too annoying but I figured I’d use general thread as not to clutter with a stupid topic most don’t want to see!
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