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  1. It will get really hard for the children of those royal couples to find another royal to marry who isn't related to them : P Jokes aside, this does sound like a fun idea, I really hope pairing characters up is a thing in this game too.
  2. Okay! Thanks for answering me. Kinda relieved not everyone has supports with everyone cause I hope that means the writers will put a stronger focus on the supports each character has.
  3. Hi y'all, I'm trying to stay out of this thread to avoid spoilers, but can someone please tell me if they revealed how the supports work in this game? One of the things I'm most curious about. Thanks!
  4. Does IS even consider Azura a lord? Cause I don't think so, but of course they didn't have to make the rings lords only to begin with I guess.
  5. I don't mind the "corruption" lasting for a bit! Every love story needs a bit of a drama : P
  6. And when I end up shipping Alear and Marth, then what???
  7. Eh, honestly, after being stuck as Byleth, getting to play as someone who seems to be kind and down to earth is something I'm actually looking forward too. I'm so happy Alear is voiced.
  8. Honestly, I'm fine with them not revealing all the characters.
  9. I'd love this, we really never get any of those :/ Like I don't think many players would cry if they couldn't S support two units cause they are married, but sadly I don't think IS sees it that way.
  10. I assume Sigurd will be revealed next on the Japanese twitter account whenever they make a tweet. As for why they skipped them and did Alfred's younger sister and her retainers first...I assume as she's the less important person out of the two, they thought it would be more fitting to get her and her retainers/emblem out of the way first? Idk, but that is my guess!
  11. I kinda figured out that the order will be Important character > Emblem character paired up with that said character > the two characters that work under the important character.
  12. Rude healers. Rude healers are the best healers, but I fear most people in the community aren't ready for THAT conversation.
  13. I don't remember which support it was exactly, but I remember Shamir telling Byleth something along the lines of how they reminded her of a man she used to know, which sounds VERY strange to say to female Byleth.
  14. Yeah V_V </3 And like...Three houses had some here and there lines where they acknowledged Byleth's gender, but then THAT Shamir support happened and I couldn't keep pretending that they did a good job. So I really hope you are onto something regarding Alear!
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