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  1. Hello there! I'm sure if you've seen my signature, examined my member title/location or noticed my sudden change in my entire profile then you're probably wondering why I'm doing this. The full farewell speech is in the "About Me" section here on my profile page. You can click on that and read through everything there if you're interested. If you don't feel like reading through my big wall of text though, the short version pretty much just boils down to: I lose too much time of my life browsing forums and I feel that Serenes Forest just isn't the place for me to be anymore.

    And yes, I truly will be leaving the Forest for good. I'm not gonna come back in a week/month/year and say: "Surprise!". I'm not the kind of guy to do something like that. 

    So yeah, thanks for letting me stay here (Even though I totally went on a long hiatus a few times) and chatting with me. I hope I can find happiness & success out in this crazy world of ours, and I hope you guys can find happiness and success in your lives, too. 🙂


    - CyberZord

  2. Banned because I unironically do in fact have a Twitter Account (Or should I call it X now? Eh, whateves). Also Banned for having the honor of being the final person on Serenes Forest that I "ban" as well as being the last person I last I post to. Double Whammy! Triple Banned because I can't believe the final post I ever make on this site (Assuming we're not counting the obligatory profile post I'm gonna do after submitting this reply) was in the "Ban the User Above You" thread of all things. For that, @King Marth 64, you have earned yourself a Triple Ban-ny Whammy Button of Shame. Be sure to put it on your wall or something. Quadruple Banned because I felt like it. Go make yourself a sandwich or something as a reward for your good deeds.
  3. Oh crap, I've been forgetting to ban people for arbitrary reasons again. So uh... Here ya go, one more ban sticker to add to your portfolio! *Banned Sticker of Approval by none other than yours truly, CyberZord! :)*
  4. Heya, DondeSommie! Welcome to the Forest of all things Serene-ity! New Mystery, eh? Why that game in particular? I have a self-imposed rule against emulation so I've never played that game. Can't say I personally hold Fire Emblem as near and dear to my heart as you and most other people on this site do (Ironic, I know, since this IS a Fire Emblem fansite first and foremost) because I got into the series with Three Houses about 3 years ago. Mario is the series that holds a special place in my heart (Along with living in my head rent-free. Though I really should start charging to be honest). I still do quite like myself some Fire Emblem as it's in my top 3 Nintendo Franchises, only being beaten by The Legend of Zelda in 2nd place and the aforementioned Mario series in 1st. Damn, I'd love to share my own stuff with the internets but I've been struggling with actually going through with it for a while now. Like, I've got a multitude of characters and ideas in my head but drawing it out and sharing it is the hard part for me. I'm also worried about what people will think of my potential artwork. Ah, but I'm going off-topic now. Forgive me if my struggles bored you, I know this isn't the best place for this but I feel like I need to vent somewhere or else I'll risk bottling up my emotions. Anyways, that drawing looks very good, I take it you drew that yourself? What software was used to make it?
  5. I've got nothing so I'm just gonna say the absolute classic line that has dominated this thread since its inception many years ago... "Banned"
  6. I'd say the most likely game to receive a remake would be Genealogy of the Holy War considering that it seems to be very popular in Japan and it's the oldest FE game that hasn't received a remake, so that would be my guess. Thracia 776 could be paired with Genealogy as a DLC or combined into a bigger package which would kill two birds with one stone. Binding Blade and Fire Emblem (I still can't get over the fact it's straight up just called "Fire Emblem" over here in the States)-AKA Blazing Blade or FE7- would be the next most likely considering they're older games from the GBA era. A remake combining both games would be pretty interesting to see considering both games are connected like FE4 & FE5 and FE9 & FE10 are. As for Sacred Stones... potentially. Not as likely as the ones I mentioned above but more likely than the ones below. Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn don't really need remakes (A simple remaster or port would suffice, tbh) but if they DID get remakes, I'd like to see them both combined into one big Fire Emblem remake game (Though that may be too ambitious a task to undertake). Any Fire Emblem before Genealogy or after Radiant Dawn doesn't really have a chance of getting the remake treatment right now. But hey, maybe one day there could be a remake of Awakening and/or Fates (Which seems pretty wild to me, but I wouldn't complain if they ever happened).
  7. Scrambled Eggs with a side of Canadian Bacon™
  8. Banned for not banning me when you had the chance for your revenge. Also banned for calling me CyberZOID
  9. (*Insert Villainous Laugh Here*) You Fool, I have 70 Alternative Accounts! You'll never ban my main!
  10. Fallen Edelgard gave me Canadian Bacon instead of Bacon on my Pizza.
  11. Did I just watch Fluffy D' Luffy beat the ever-living holy hell out of a dragon? Yes, yes I did. Did I enjoy the ass-whooping provided for my entertainment. Yes, yes I did.
  12. Little did you know, you triggered my trap card! Get Ban-ked on!
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