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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Bumpings for comradely interest Furreeetttt
  3. After Gregor be apart for much long time, no? You there, who you be?
  4. I figure I might as well pop in for a my tri-monthly post. Yo.
  5. The posting of the shit variety still occurs here, no?
  6. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  7. Allow me to interrupt the circlejerk to pop in after another few months and say hi. hi
  8. Best reply decides my name, display picture and gender.
  9. Obligatory Dialectical Materialism & Leftist Source.
  10. Thus the fun in politicizing folk. >I hate politks!1!! >>Why >(American) Democratic and Repub are shit! >Doesn't matter to me! As long as I get to have muh freedoms! >>But X,Y and Z! >Oh shit! Random SF user is now a card carrying member of the Crimea's People Army. Yes, this is how things play out in my head. With greentext
  11. A bit unrelated, but an interesting topic for serious discussion maybe just asking people where they stand politically, socially and ergonomically. If they don't know, we can tell them what they are help them find out where they stand. I'm not a Tearing Saga Shill bent on destroying this community by injecting politics into a generally apolitical forum
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