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  1. Yeah, I think it's just above average gameplay-wise as well, but the story and character development along side it make it all the more interesting
  2. So I think very highly of Chapter 11, my full point is the video below: But I was wondering if others feel the same way or If I'm giving it too much credit.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. So I made this video detailing Fire Emblem's Art and connections to Anime. I put alot of research into it, so feedback or corrections would be appreciated as well :)
  5. For Trade/Sale SR+ - Robin(Male) [signed] SR - Leo SR - Xander (x2) SR - Jakob Looking For SR/SR + - Lucina, Iris of Destiny HN - Lucina, Fortuna Swordsman R - Say'ri (x3) SR - Cordelia, Pegasus Knight Paragon R - Morgan(Female) R - Cynthia
  6. Damn, so sad I hadn't logged in for a while and missed signing up for this :( Hopefully I'll be able to do this next time since I've been playing smash 4 lately
  7. Wish I could travel to Cali, but I'm up here in Canada
  8. Hello everyone, card game newbie here but looking to trade some cards with other folks For Sale/Trade SR Xander SR Ryouma SR+ Tharja SR Chrom R Lazward Looking For SR or SR + Lucina HN Severa R Soliel x2 Please tell me if I'm missing any listing conventions that are needed, new to this stuff
  9. So I did it again, I made another Fire Emblem Analysis. Once again I'm always looking for feedback on my theories, video quality, etc. But most of all I hope you guys really enjoy the video. I put a lot of time into it :)
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoCc_MAI87M So after my first video, I decided to make a follow up to address new information discovered! Again, I'm looking for critique as well thoughts on the video, as well as starting discussion :) Enjoy.
  12. I though I got them mixed up >_<. And yeah i saw that translation after i posted the vid, but my assumption is kinda close
  13. Yeah, I knew those scenes, but there wasn't alot there :/ I guess a male Pegasus is kinda a big deal but I was too tired to add that :P
  14. I made sure the music was subtle and I'm not really that much of an upbeat guy anyway, so thanks!
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