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  1. I didn't really have a hard time with it on Normal, I just played it like I did the older games only removing item management. I would like to play it on Hard or Lunatic but I just can't get past how bad the plot to Conquest is.
  2. I have a feeling Japan isn't done with their DLC considering there's still stuff in the files that are legitimate but with no ways to get them (Shields, Bold Stance, Infinite Paragon, ect) Maybe they're waiting for more to come out in Japan so they can throw it in another bundle? Or maybe they're waiting for Halloween. I kinda hope we're not finished here. I don't even think we have a DLC that hit max difficulty yet. (Not entirely sure on that though)
  3. Wasn't the point of her to look somewhat like Azura but not quite? Actually a little upset we barely see her, I'd be interested in knowing more about her.
  4. The fact that they used Odin's "No hand! Stay back!" voice clip made me break out laughing.
  5. Because Midori got the whole "technical adult" thing to allow Corrin to S rank her. Kana doesn't have that going for them.
  6. You only ever really see them in the bathhouse or if your character gets knocked around by a raider weapon (Or anything else that takes their armor off)
  7. That's very true. But if you're going to add it in you might as well try and make it work.
  8. Alright guess I'll take a swing at this. -Fix up the plot. This one's obvious but holy crap they need to get their shit together with this. -If they have to have kids, actually work them into the plot like in 4 and Awakening. Not saying that Awakening had a good plot (It was alright at best) but at the very least the kids actually have a decent reason to be around. -Balance the high end weapons if they keep the no durability, as it stands there isn't really that much of a point to using silver weapons when Iron/Steel work better for much longer, even more so if you forge them. This also applies for a lot of the named weapons (Fuga/Ryoma's Clubs, Camilla's Axe, ect) -I'm not one to get offended by video games, but if you have to have a sexy class, go all in like the Fighters/Dark Mages. Paladins/Generals/Dark Knights just look silly with their ass hanging out. -MUsexuals need to stop being a thing, especially since some of them are actually pretty interesting characters -If they have to keep the avatar concept, please add more options to them. (Also think that maybe they should make the next one have less of an impact on the story) -If they're going to bring in OP DLC classes (Witch). Might as well go balls to the wall and give us some really busted shit (Baron, Master Knight, ect) -Balance PvP (This one's really going to be hard) -Add a co-op mode of some kind. It was fun in Awakening. Think I might of gone a bit off there. Sorry about that.
  9. I'm a fan of "Any regrets?" mainly because he has a habit of saying it when something like Aether kicks off, and the enemies has literally no chance to survive "Prepare for oblivion." is also a good one though.
  10. Oh. Oh! I think I get it now. But even then most characters don't even get to keep their design once they upgrade. Camilla's the only one I can really think of off the top of my head. Really I think this kind of circles back around to the wasted potential Fates has as a whole.
  11. Huh. Well alright then. Guess I just didn't notice with those ones. And am I? I don't really think I'm missing the point there, you mentioned character specific models like Camilla's and I just mentioned Odin's is in a similar boat... Whatever I don't think we should continue this mess considering it's obvious we don't agree with each other. Also, if I pissed you off during this then sorry, that wasn't really my intention.
  12. "Basically every Nohr class having visable thongs" Only ones I can think of are Fighter (Both) and Paladin/General (Female). Unless I'm forgetting a few classes that really isn't a whole lot. And if you really want to get anal about Camilla's outfit then Odin's pretty feaking skimpy as well. Sorry if I don't really see what's there to get worked up over? I've seen those two before. I thought it was more funny than anything else.
  13. I don't think I came off as saying men don't feel emotions? But I'm very much aware that they do, saying otherwise is pretty stupid. (And I've met some very emotional people -both genders-) "Sexist attitude towards women are responsible for some of the artistic decisions" I dunno man, considering the unit models and the in-game portraits. I'd say the fanservice goes both ways. Fighters, Dark Mages, FemPaladins & Generals, literally all the Ninjas in the game. Also the DLC pictures. It's a pretty even split if you ask me.
  14. Mostly during the various death scenes. The dialogue is the same but I think the voice clip's slightly different.
  15. Eh. Corrin's still a moronic pushover anyway. Especially in Conquest. Good god. Also I guess if you're looking for a "reason" and aren't just crying sexism at everything you don't like. Women tend to have stronger reactions than men, generally speaking anyway. Still a little weird but nothing that's really a big deal.
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