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    Hi, my name is Chloe. Anyway I like to play Many Fire Emblem games and any RPG one's for that manner. I like drawing too, mainly anime I've also taken an interest in drawing the Female Fire Emblem characters from FE6-10.
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    England and off playing Trusty Bell~ Chopin's Dream

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    Radiant Dawn

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  1. So I was Playing Fire Emblem Mystery of The Emblem Book 2, and then this happened.........
  2. Happy Holidays Everyone

    1. ___


      Happy Holidays, Chloe!

      Hope you have a great time c:

    2. Chloe Neo

      Chloe Neo

      thank you :3 hope you do to !

  3. Lost but Not Forgotten

  4. Neo is back from the shadows

    1. ___


      Aren't you again in the shadows now though???

  5. Might as well : 3ds Friend Code : 2165-5283-5444 My Region is Europe Nohr Castle Code: 03688-44386-99129-74084 Birthright Castle Code : 03688-44386-99129-74084 Revelations Castle Code (I've only completed up to Chapter 18 on Revelations so my team is easy to beat) : 03688-44386-99129-74084 I realise they're all the same code as that's what the card said so it will be a surprise at which one you end up at, If you add me as a friend on 3ds PM me or quote this nessage and say so .
  6. Do you have the power? Are you the one?

    1. Chloe Neo

      Chloe Neo

      the bravely default reference, I am the one, the only one to rid the world of you Airy

  7. there wont be a next game fire emblem will be dead, theyre already making a mobile game of it were doomed
  8. Revelations Castle Code : 03688-44386-99129-74084 I have a lot of skills that are rather good for sale for the following characters : Avatar, Kaze, Selena, Hana, Oboro, Takumi, Felicia, Azura, Sakura Region : Europe
  9. Nohr Castle Code: 03668-44386-99129-74084 Region : UK-EU Hoshido Castle Code : 03688-44386-99129-74084 Region : UK-EU 3DS FC Code for Easier Access to the Castle : 2165-5283-5444 (PM yours if you add me)
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