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  1. Oh...I'm the only one who use her as a golden kite?
  2. A quick question, Is vantage shared by the nohr skill? thanks
  3. I slept after making this thread. Thanks very much for the suggestions! I will look into Ophelia, Matoi and Velour and pick from them!
  4. Hi! Now that I have recruited all the first gen characters, it's time to pick the chosen one to use my seal on. The candidates at the moment: Flora (Her passive seems good for low HP build) Midoriko (With a Lodestar dad, mom not chosen yet so it can be anyone) Oboro!Sophie Elise!Ophelia (Just getting the skills and class change back to magic class?) Bought Crimson (So no support with anyone) I think thats all so far. Who would be the best one?
  5. I recall my days playing my "lesbian" Robin. Male with the most feminine look and voice possible, for the sake of a stronger Lucina.
  6. Aha, getting yourself more soldiers. I don't like the fact that the HP is shared between the fake and real, May be I will take the skill on a few of them. Thanks! About the boss, if she can be captured, we really need to look into her, her fake dragon skin skill is a passive (Top-left slot) and she has counter. If only I can get Vantage on her.... I will be very very happy.
  7. Hello guys, so I am currently trying to get LOTS OF killer swords (For my Odin) and some 3-range bows I'll grind the Duelist Museum a bit. But I need a good tactic to get as many chests as I can.... The boss parade (The boss, a few pegasus warriors and some archers) has a very big range, theres no way for my brain to come up with a safe way to get the chests. A side question, can I capture the boss? If so, what is her secondary class? Thanks!
  8. I thought she only dies in Hoshido?
  9. The screenshot of the "Invisible History" DLC has a hooded, blue-haired figure http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/miscellaneous/downloadable-content/maps/#royal This is probably just an enemy class for this specific guy/girl.
  10. So I just progressed IK until the point that everyone jumps down the bridge. "Hey, don't you think we are giving the player too much characters to use?" "You're right.... But what should we do now? I don't want to change the story." "Maybe we should randomly pick one and forcibly kill him or her!" "Great idea! Just like what we did to the dragon in Nohr/Hoshido!" "Hell yeah! Now that the problem is solved let's go grab some beer!" Her death makes no sense. Seriously. I got spoiled before that she would die, or else I would have wasted my Lord seal on her... (Her passive is great with Awakening)
  11. Would love to know if the skills are kept. About those skills you mentioned, I love substitute and rescue and I use them a lot. A Line-of-Death OHKOer and a mobile tank with Rescue is very useful. For substitute, it has similar use but more to the positioning side. (To me, this is useful and Shove is garbage, I don't know why) No idea how to use Cutthrough, but it has potential. Can't be used on most bosses so I didn't bother though.
  12. A pity that I cant get it from buddies, but its fine. Thanks guys!
  13. Title. Just a quick question, I use a 6-rally Lazward, I've been thinking of a way to give him even more utility, and that would be the Butler class. Debuffs and heals are always awesome. So, how would I be able to do so? -I'm on IK so everyone should be available -I just recruited him, he doesn't have any support with anyone now so I have to grind supports anyway -My Lazward is not married yet -I hate Soleil so I don't mind having a weird-haircolor or weak Soleil because she won't ever be used. My first priority would be Buddying Joker, but I don't know if he grants Butler or the Paladin line. (EDIT: Nvm, he doesn't seem to have support with Joker) Thanks in advance!
  14. Rhyme I think your castle got flagged again.
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