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  1. The issue is when you can meet them. Throughout the main story, the Ashen Wolves never mention the side story in any form. Also, in the main story, you can recruit them as early as Chapter 2 even though the side story can't happen until at least after Chapter 4. Then, there's the Ashen Wolves leaving the monastery at the end of the side story.
  2. Not arguing against that, especially since I just mentioned it before your post. Just saying that Cindered Shadows (the side story) isn't canon to the main story. The Ashen Wolves (a different version of them), are canon to the main story.
  3. Cindered Shadows is a side story that is separate from the four main paths of the game.
  4. Except Hapi was literally introduced to show that the Agarthans are taken care of in all routes. Dimitri would likely know who they are due to that. Pretty much Three Houses in a nutshell. Also, who knows. This might happen with the CYL versions of them in Fire Emblem Heroes, assuming that they get a Forging Bonds together and whatnot.
  5. Sure, but still, thinking the bandit plan was all so she could get Jeritza a teaching position (though he already has a one there) seems to be jumping into way too many things whereas the easier idea is she meant to get them killed, and was hoping to do that by following them (seeing that she is stronger than them as you say), especially with her view that she will spill as much blood as possible to get what she wants. And the teacher was judged for their actions (by not helping the students). Edelgard would be judged by not helping them and if she didn't tell the Knights where they ran off to. None of the endings outright state that Shambhala is tracked down. This is assumed, and even was in the CF endings until it was shown with Jeritza's ending picture. There's only so much of Fodlan that they could cover, especially since they know that Jeritza is linked to them (Hrym is where the base is), they are bound to find their base and it's clear the none of the remaining members could even do things such as use the nukes (likely linked to Thales). No, it isn't, because you have to specifically pair off Byleth with Jeritza for the "forever vanquished" part. You can't transplant that to his solo ending, or his other pairings (such as Mercedes where they are "finally defeated", which is the same as Hapi's endings). This is exactly my point. None of the endings point out that all Agarthans have been wiped out other than Jeritza x Byleth, but that pairing is only a possibility because the same term isn't used for his other endings. If you wish to move that to his other endings, you have to do this for all endings that mention TWSitD getting taken out. So he says this only in SS, and not in VW? Then I guess that would make her outright stronger than him, and the Crest of Flame is supposed to be the Fire Emblem as well.
  6. Seeing that she is working with them, she has to trust them for the time being. How else would she have done everything she did in the pre-timeskip era? Seeing that they had to stick around Sure, but there's a reason they introduced Hapi with her endings, and that is to close the book with TWSitD, also, seeing that you want to point to one ending being indicative of a whole, Hapi's ending with Dimitri explicitly states that they "relentlessly pursue TWSitD", so it's very possible that they did, indeed, find their base, and this would extend to Hapi's other endings Even though this was never explicitly stated? Even in Edelgard x Byleth's ending, they say "lasting peace" after they mention TWSitD, which is the same term used in previous titles. That's exactly what I am saying. If he died the same way as in VW, then you really can't use that as saying "she's stronger" when it was her soldiers who managed to kill an unconscious Dimitri. I'm pretty sure it was easier for them to experiment on Edelgard due to how the Empire was separated from the Church at the time (to the point where the Church didn't question what happened to Edelgard's siblings), as opposed to the Kingdom still being in close contact with it. As for the Crest of Flames, Edelgard still never showed its use in any capacity in a one on one battle with Dimitri, which is the issue with you making it out to seem she is stronger than him.
  7. The thing is, there is still nothing that can really point to her wanting to insert Jeritza as a professor because you are making assumptions as to why she would, especially since he is already a part of the faculty there (along with Solon). Yes, I meant her staying put would be the issue, as people would judge her for not helping them out. My point was Hapi was able to solo them on her own, which makes it obvious that the "resurgence" is a joke, which makes it clear that true/lasting peace would be obtained with this method. This is once again you really trying to look into semantics. It's like saying the Grimleal lived on in Awakening because "true peace" isn't mentioned in the endings (which was my original point). With all Fire Emblem games, a lasting peace is assumed unless a direct sequel comes about going against that. Even in the case of a direct sequel not happening, anything can happen down the road (Archanean games into Awakening, for example), but we only look into the near future. Was he explicitly mentioned to have been killed by Edelgard, or could it have possibly been what happened in VW (killed by her soldiers as he fell unconscious). Edelgard isn't comparable to Nemesis and Byleth because they had a Crest Stone to use the Sword of the Creator, while Edelgard does not. That means that we still have no clue what Edelgard's strength is other than assumptions. It's pretty clear that it's a generic ending that IS made to make it so TWSitD are taken care of in all routes, because many people were saying that they weren't taken care of in BL It's unknown/doubtful that there are other cells after Hapi takes care of them.
  8. Yes, we know that this is how it would work, but Edelgard and Jeritza do not. Jeritza was simply a training instructor, not a full fledged professor, so there's nothing to show that he would know how the process works. Not really, since some people would question Edelgard running away instead of helping her two fellow lords and allowing them to get killed. As mentioned above, Edelgard now Jeritza wouldn't know how the process for choosing houses works. By that logic for Jeritza, the fact that Hapi has a solo ending where she can solo TWSitD makes it obvious that they are a pushover due to her, which means that they are That's a pretty big assumption to make, seeing that, from what I recall, no Fire Emblem game uses that term, which means the villains could make a return, though peace has been achieved. It's still a pretty big assumption to make that she is stronger than Dimitri. Dimitri, we have footage of him being ridiculously strong (along with other statements), whereas for Edelgard, the most we have is her taking out demonic beasts on her own.
  9. I'm not arguing against this. However, it's clear that the purpose is him being in Garreg Mach, so he is close to Edelgard already. Also, the game shows that the third professor was meant to be the Golden Deer's teacher (without Byleth's interference, Manuela is with Black Eagles and Hanneman is with Blue Lions), so there is no way Edelgard would have known that the professors would let Jeritza pick a specific house to teach anyway. I never said he would identify Edelgard....I said that the Church would know that there was a mole with them earlier in the game. That doesn't make sense. Before you pick a house, none of the students (save the house leaders) know that you are the new professor. I am assuming you are referring to this quote by Caspar (assuming you pulled it from the Wikia, since there is a typo at the beginning): He says that to you only after you have picked a house in Chapter 1. Also, just because he can't beat Jeritza doesn't mean he doesn't want to keep on fighting him. He was hoping for Jeritza as a teacher so he could learn from someone who is strong, and he is the only one who even brings up this possibility. I agree, not even his solo ending makes it that clear. This goes on to show that there are too many I know what being instrumental means...I was agreeing with you on that idea... Also, you seem to have ignored the point where Hapi's solo ending makes it seem that she takes out TWSitD on her own without any help (outside of her power), which is unlikely. This is why I am saying some endings are left to interpretation, because you don't know what actually happened, and there are way too many discrepancies between them (such as solo Jeritza and his ending with Byleth).
  10. It is when, once again, even Jeritza doesn't even supplement this idea (through his supports) even though the writers of the game could have easily done so. Edelgard not telling the bandits about the Knights of Seiros could be easily covering herself in case the bandits told people who hired them. Saying that someone told them about the Knights of Seiros being there makes it more likely there was a mole instead of a bunch of bandits just happening upon them. As for Caspar's statement, that was solely on his idea of him wanting to have a chance at fighting Jeritza more, which is simple speculation. Also, he says that quote no matter which house you pick, so it's clear that he wasn't talking about Jeritiza becoming his house's leader. This is still under the assumption that they literally did nothing for five years, which is pretty unrealistic. I do admit that she at least didn't persecute church followers and whatnot, and it seems that the public was more on her side in this route, so there probably truly were fewer deaths among the citizens and whatnot. Sure, but there's a reason that multiple versions of Hapi's ending has her taking out TWSitD. The developers simply wanted to show that they are taken care of in all routes no matter what. This is different from Jeritza since we already knew that they were taken care through the CF ending, especially since his solo ending doesn't mention them being "forever vanquished", it's pretty clear that these different terms used are supposed to be synonymous. Suggesting that the struggles in the other paths (outside of the VW one which is only mentioned in the Byleth x Claude ending) aren't behind the scenes is an assumption as well. We have no way of saying how it worked in BL and SS. As for Hapi being instrumental, one can argue that her solo non-CF ending makes it seem that she took them out on her own (with her power), which can easily show that the reemerged TWSITD were not able to even take her out.
  11. The thing is, there's a difference between looking deeper into things to the point where you start to develop your own headcanon on why she did that as opposed to what the game presented. Because it would look suspicious as hell that she didn't follow to help her fellow students, putting an extra amount of scrutiny on her. As said above, there's a difference between finding more info that is presented by the game and inserting your own headcanon into why she did such a thing. If you are talking about how many civilians are kill, no one truly knows if CF has less people killed than AM. If you are talking about Dimitri going rogue, from what I hear, Yuri outright confirms that Dimitri only went after Adrestian soldiers, and never went against civilians. The thing is, you need a specific pairing in a specific route for that to happen. At least with Hapi, she doesn't even need to be paired off with anyone to take out TWSitD and she is easily available in any route. Also, you are splitting hairs seeing that Hapi's ending outright says that "they were defeated" which is more or less the same as "forever vanquished" in this sense.
  12. Yeah, that part was clear. Them getting emotions afterward, however, isn't. I explicitly mentioned Hapi's solo ending though, not her pairing with Dimitri. Then there's her paired ending with Dimitri and Balthus where she also takes them out. In the end, many people who had an issue with the Blue Lions ending were mainly those who noticed that they never took care of TWSitD, and Hapi simply fixes that. Sure, but it's still a pretty big assumption to make, seeing that nothing in the game even pointed to such a thing happening. Pretty sure she wanted Sothis to rule Fodlan to "fix everything", not so she could try to rule over it herself. Just because the motivations are seemingly different doesn't make her any better than people like Walhart. He was essentially trying to do the same thing (stop the revival of Grima, though he apparently never revealed it outside of a private conversation), but he completely went about it the wrong way because a majority of people don't like conquerors and will always try to fight back.
  13. Nah, Verdant Winds was probably the best ending, until Cindered Shadows came along where Hapi takes out TWSitD no matter what in her solo ending, which makes Blue Lions the best ending imo (due to the least amount of main character deaths). That is a huge assumption to make, especially since Byleth didn't change their personalities in their S supports in CF. Same with the Slitherers getting "a more thorough trouncing". Except it is. Things like trying to kill enemies before they can even oppose and trying to conquer other countries as the aggressor more often than not put you in the darker light, especially in Fire Emblem games. No matter how many flaws you try to look into it (which this game is full of unfortunately), you can't deny it was presented to us in the game as the sole reason for the assassination. Anything else you try to come up with really can't be fact until it's shown in the game. And yet, nothing in the game points this to actually being the reason, even when they brought Jeritza on as a character.
  14. I never said it was for the sake of conquest solely. Her wanting to conquer other countries is the problem no matter what. As for fixing the Empire, we have gone over this before. She could easily raise her own army or get help to truly take over the Empire from the nobles who has taken control from the Emperor. Find it interesting that you refer to MCU. Another big problem with the villains was their plan in The Winter Soldier, where they want to kill anyone who could potentially go against them (Project Insight). Of course, Edelgard tried to do the same thing by getting Dimitri and Claude murdered before they could even voice their opinions against her, which is another huge issue I have with her. If that is the case, then there really isn't any need for her to conquer Fodlan just to liberate it. She should have been fine with her own country.
  15. That might be her reasoning, but this goes back to why she decides to conquer Fodlan when she could have tried to fix her country first. Also, she says that to Flayn, who she should know that, of all people, doesn't have power over anyone. The way I see it, the conquering part is the issue. The way we are raised today, that isn't acceptable. If she was able to fix her own country instead, then I would be more inclined to be on her side (especially if Rhea/the Church chose to attack her).
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