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  1. Banned because I don’t know the character in your avatar lol.
  2. The voices in this are so well done. Some even sound close to the actual voices. The incorrect quotes are spot on! I laughed at quite a few of them. What do you think?
  3. How has everyone been enjoying the game? I have finished my first run and loved it a lot. I am starting my second save file now. The English voice acting is the best out of all the Fire Emblem games I have played and the localisation is spot on. I love how supports have full voice acting! The soundtrack is lovely. I hope they keep it up for the next game and any other remakes if any.
  4. Amazon UK says the limited edition will be back in stock on the 22nd for any European or fellow Brits out there!
  5. I got mine in the morning yesterday about nine or ten with Amazon Prime. Hooray for release day delivery! I'm loving the soundtrack and art book in particular. They are what drew me along with the amiibos. Of course, I got the UK limited edition.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I had been wondering what the truth was when it came to how the supports affected Faye and Alm stat-wise. Now I know, I will definitely not be leaving Faye behind in Ram Village seeing as her stats are not that affected by her support with Alm and she is needed as a mage or healer on his team. I have never played Gaiden so that is important advice I will take on board for when I play the remake on Friday. I will also keep in mind what you said about Kilff. Thanks for telling me about official pairings too, Konnor.
  7. What are the canon, implied or hinted pairings in Shadows of Valentia? Also, I heard that Faye has a negative impact on Alm's stats if you put her near him on the battlefield - perhaps reflected by her conversations with him in the suppport log - so is it better to put her on Celica's team instead? Are there any other characters on Alm's team who support people in battle better on Celica's team and vice versa?
  8. Thanks for the response, VincentASM. It is good to know none of the graphics are blatantly upscaled or stretched or have evident aliasing on bigger screens. I will have to remember to trade items for coins should I need to. Coins are for forging as I understand it. How much Extra Data blocks wise is stored? Can any of alcoholic beverages you pick up in the game be used at all?
  9. I have some questions. Are there any paralogues or xenologues? Is there anywhere or a chance to buy and sell food, potions, weapons and spells in the game? How many blocks does the physical version of Shadows of Valentia take up? What do the graphics look like on a bigger screen - is there any aliasing, pixelation, jagginess or softness to the visuals when compared to how they look on a normal 3DS or a New 3DS?
  10. I have cancelled my preorders for the Limited Edition on Game UK and Nintendo UK for those still looking to get it. With just over two weeks to go before launch day, I am getting even more hyped for the game. The new English footage coming out is only adding to my excitement. The voices are sounding great so far.
  11. Actually, it may not right now but the Echoes label will be related to a line of remakes if Nintendo decide to create more remakes of earlier games in the future, according an interview Kirokan translated. Here is the part from the interview which refers to this: Somewhere in that conversation, the word “echoes” surfaced. We imagined it was fitting as older games could now “echo” to the modern players. We were very pleased with the choice, and, if there were to be more remakes in the future, we figured we could use the Echoes title again. Link to the full translated interview (source): https://kantopia.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/fire-emblem-echoes-dengeki-developer-interview-april-2017/ I want to see more remakes from the games set in the same world as Awakening, seeing as that was my first Fire Emblem game. Shadows of Valentia is obviously one such remake. Now that I will get a chance to find out about what Valm was like around Marth's time, I would like to experience what was happening in Archanea at that point before it became Regna Ferox, Plegia and Ylisse thousands of years later and also what came before Alm and Marth's adventures. That would of course mean remakes of Marth's two games, Thracia and Geneology of the Holy War, unless I am missing other games set in this universe. Basically, I am very interested in discovering the history of this particular world and getting to more of the lore. Awakening was what got me wanting to know more. Playing further games remade from older titles with graphics and added mechanics like Fates' and Awakening's sounds really awesome to me.
  12. I found this posted in the Valentia Complete Edition Unboxing thread by Xanek here:
  13. I too am glad that we are getting the game the same day as America. About time! What is more, it will be only a month after Japan and that is even better. I hope all future releases are like this for Fire Emblem handheld games. The year wait for Fates was bad enough but having to wait months after the US release to get the European edition was absolute murder, especially since Nintendo of Europe had promised that Fates would come out during the first quarter of 2016 after being reticent on the whole issue of a street date for so long. I felt betrayed and outraged that Nintendo of Europe had brought the release date back that far after making a promise to release the game earlier in the year. Hopefully that will never happen again. It is also a real relief that 8-4 are localising Shadows of Valentia just like Awakening. I hope Nintendo of Europe produce their English release properly this time and not just put the American English version in there like they did with Fates, which made me really annoyed as it smacked of pure laziness, particularly after making us wait so long for release. They could have released the European English version along with the US one for all the good it did! I am keeping my fingers crossed for a great European English release for Shadows of Valentia. I have preordered my Limited Edition and cannot wait to get it. I also preordered more than one because I was paranoid about having problems with orders or getting some cancelled on me. I do have a Nintendo UK order of the Limited Edition that I will cancel soon so please let me know if you want to have it.
  14. Seeing as no one has set up a thread for this yet that I know of, I thought I would. After all, it would be good to have a place where people from the PAL regions can unite and discuss their thoughts, feelings, hype and hopes for Shadows of Valentia. Who has preordered their copy and who is going to either pick their copy up from a shop or buy it day one? What do you all plan to do on release day? I have preordered mine already and I plan to use my evening on release day to play the game. I am really looking forward to it.
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