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  1. Man, I.S. really is shilling for Edelgard, huh? I am going to save the Black Eagle routes for last. I am going do a full Blue Lions run, followed by a full Golden Deer run and then do both Black Eagle routes.
  2. I'm currently on the beginning of Chapter 6 (Blue Lions) of my first run-through of the game. I'm on normal because I usually like to get a feel for the game first before I progress to harder difficulties. My professor level is at C+ and I've recruited Shamir, Catherine, Cyril, Linhardt, Dorothea, and Ignatz. I'm currently at a B support with Lorenz. As soon as I get my magic stat, lance, and riding levels up, I'll be recruiting, Marianne, Lysithea, and Leonie. I think Lorenz will ask to join my class either this month or the next, which I'm hopeful of since I heard his paralogue gives amazing items. I don't think I'll be able to recruit Raphael, Hilda, or Caspar. Ferdinand and Bernadetta are likely to spontaneously join up if I get their supports up enough, but I don't have much hope for that since I did not invest in bows or heavy armor at all. So far, my Byleth has at least C supported every recruitable student (no house leaders and retainers obviously), except Caspar, Hilda, and Raphael. I have B supports with Annette, Linhardt and Lorenz. I don't have any supports with any of the faculty yet, though I am sure I am close to a C support level with some of them due to all the lost items I found. I've done all available missions except for one battle mission, which I think was a quest given by Seteth. Without revealing any spoilers, what should I be on the lookout for? I heard that some supports are locked permanently if you don't get them up to a certain level before the time skip. I am aware that... ...so I think I have enough time to correct any issues. Again, refrain from story spoilers as much as possible.
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AwXWA-bflpv8aN85OgSV7EIsjudtaadz-CrAQf9HnIs/htmlview?sle=true# Go to the recruitment tab.
  4. Apparently Linhardt's requirements are Magic and Reason.
  5. It was deleted due to misinformation. Essentially...
  6. Based on my research, here are some more confirmations:
  7. Link is in the spoiler. There shouldn't be any story spoilers, but enter at your own risk. This data is all from text strings in the game's files.
  8. See the spoiler for details regarding Alois's and Gilbert's respective S supports with male Byleth.
  9. Bit off-topic and I don't mean to throw more oil on this trash fire, but.. I saw some leaked screenshots and apparently ... Should that be the case, that was rather lazy on Intelligent Systems's part. =/
  10. For those of you reading the story spoilers: without spoiling anything, how is the writing quality in this game?
  11. Could you provide screenshots showing some of the changes you made to the character palettes?
  12. Definitely making my Byleth a Dark Knight. Given that mounted units can dismount, I can have my Thracia 776 Mage Knight back in action unlike the horridly out-of-place Mortal Savant.
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