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  1. As always, Dread Fighter. It has been my favorite class since Awakening and always my final class in each game.
  2. Why can't we be the evil for a change? I love Conquest, but I got tired of *Insert character here* doing the dirty work for Corrin so he didn't actually have to do anything morally questionable.
  3. I like it for some characters, but on the whole I'm not sold on it yet.
  4. Black Eagles. Edelgard doesn't tickle my fancy but they seem like the evil empire group. Plus Black's my favorite color.
  5. On my radar, but I'll have to see what else they have to offer. Doubt there will be new legendaries or anything. Perhaps one or two ultra beasts. Maybe we'll get an explanation as to why the Totem pokemon and Ultra beasts get buffs, and also why Solgaleo/Lunala is an Ultra beast. Though if Lily comes back this is an instabuy in my book.
  6. I've played a lot of Warriors games. For me I love history and it's fun to fight alongside Oda Nobunaga crushing ppl as well as Cao Cao and killing that Weakling Lu Bu ;) You really feel like a badass in the games as you can single handedly turn the tide of battles, or a powerless loser as the enemy crushes you bc they took too many bases. However I will say that it does get repetitive where I prefer the Empires expansions more bc of their variety. Zelda's warriors had a lot of interesting nuances to it like getting equipment through treasure chests but it did essentially boil down to fight large waves of enemies, capture bases, defeat boss captains etc. FE Warriors will have a lot more RPG elements and character customization. I bet supports will also be in the game in some form as in SW4 Chronicle mode had it's own support ranks with certain perks and cutscenes much like FE. There also will be a weapon triangle imo, DW8 had a rock paper scissors with Heaven, Earth, and Man type weapons. If you like Fire Emblem Characters, Avatars, Supports, Beat em ups, Large Scale battles, and fighting for friends this is the game for you. Just don't expect a heck of a lot of strategy here, there is a little here and there but it basically is just destroy the other teams officers and you win. A FE Empires has always been a dream game of mine however
  7. I don't the 3ds has seen its last mainstream FE Title yet. The fact that it is getting Gaiden does hint at that being a possibility, but the problem is that the Switch is in a worse selling position right now than the Wii U. It lacks launch titles and other titles on the Horizon. On launch it has Zelda Breath of the Wild and ...... that's it. In the future it has Fire Emblem warriors, the new FE game being announced, Mario genesis, Dragon Quest, Bomberman, etc. It finally is getting some third party support but honestly is there any reason to own the switch? It's portable? So is the 3ds which has a strong games library. .... and that's it, sure it has better hardware but the battery life isnt that great. I'll ask again, why would I buy a switch? Imo what will probably happen is you will for a year get the remakes being 3ds exclusives and the new mainseries line being on the switch. But if the Switch performs poorly in sales they'll bring the mainstream games to the 3ds. After seeing the abysmal effort put forth for the Wii U after its initial push and the fact that Nintendo is clearly rushing the Switch out I just don't see them really winning ppl over with the Switch here. In fact it's like they said F it and chose to go full portable.
  8. I hated Shadow Dragon tbh, the first Fire Emblem was a good game and I think SD was a poor remake. It was okay but bland. Nintendo considering axing FE was more of a combination of steadily declining sales, like many have stated Tellius sold worse. I doubt it will be like SD, that was barebones and boring. The trailers have already shown more features in them then Shadow Dragon ever had. Just keep children out of the game and avoid making Avatars the focus. This is Alm and Celica's story and it can stand on it's own.
  9. Lol I wouldn't feel too bad about that, Final boss is final boss for a reason, though I never lost to him :P Honestly Pair ups is one of my favorite parts of Fire Emblem. When I play some of the older games it just feels like a chunk of the game is missing. I dont miss children for example when I play path of radiance or 7, but I do miss pair up bc of how it lends itself to Fire Emblem's soul: Working together with your comrades in battle to defeat large armies. It fulfills everything about fire emblem, Strategy, Teamwork, combat, Bonds, etc. It just adds another layer that helps make me feel like I'm actually fighting for my friends. I loved it in Awakening even though it was really broken, and Fates had the best combat system imo save for dropping the weapon use limits. I think Fate's version would fit in fine with Gaiden and I think it is the most likely feature that could be carried over into this Gaiden remake. We definitely wont be seeing an avatar or children this time around which are good things. Gaiden is Alm and Celica's story, no reason to throw a MU wrench in there. And Children work in 4 and 13 but they didnt really belong in Fates
  10. I love the avatar concept but no, this is Alm and Celicas story so leave it as is. Also no children either, they worked in Genealology and Awakening, there was really no reason to have them in fates
  11. I'd go back to a straight sales tax if possible. Simply put even a straight 10% tax requires a government body to enforce it. And as soon as that happens then those that have more money will take advantage of that centralization of power. With a straight sales tax those that have more money and are more likely to spend it will pay more and those who have less money will be forced to save and will pay less. That and there is no avoiding a sales tax unless you want to leave.
  12. Morgan because of her larger class repertoire
  13. I've done it. It stops the water from disappearing as he is the only one with dragon vein power. It felt really good actually. I think I'll go do it again right now.
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