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  1. Can I tell you about the magic that is Xerosic with an Entei that has Blizzard, Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt?

    1. Squidmark Iggy

      Squidmark Iggy

      Oh, and the third battle with Lysandre that has a Tyranitar with Reflect, Iron Defense and an ASSAULT VEST.

  2. Happy birthday! You know you deserve it.

  3. Hello there, and a happy birthday for you!

  4. Heya X-Naut! It's me, Iggy Koopa from the Nuzlocke Forums!

    1. X-Naut


      Oh hey, I figured that from the name. Nice to see a familiar face around here.

  5. Holy shit it's your birthday.

    1. Squidmark Iggy

      Squidmark Iggy

      Happy birthday man (assuming you remember me)

    2. Terrador


      I... think we did a draft together something like nine months ago? Hung out in IP chat for a bit? And thanks, man!

  6. I'm back guys! Back in Serenes!

  7. I'm back guys! Back in Serenes!

  8. I'm gone for about 2 months, so don't you dare say that I'm a lazy butt, because I NEED MY VACATION!

  9. Oh shit that icon is amazing. Where'd you get that? Also, happy birthday, buddy.

  10. With a username like yours, I keep wonder if someone has ever made an integrity pun about you.

    1. Squidmark Iggy

      Squidmark Iggy

      *wondering. Dang, my grammar is good.

    2. Integrity


      probably a million people have, yep

  11. Yo! It's your birthday, huh? Happy birthday, then!

  12. YOU COMMIE SCUM! something, something, hate comment and stuff. Eh, whatever.

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