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  1. Follow me on Tumblr: tactician-sascha : >

  2. Hello! I saw a post on Tumblr that brought up the idea of Tsubaki being a reverse-Libra for the game. Appears and sounds male, but is actually female. Basically like Kashima from Nozaki-kun. Any thoughts? I personally hope Tsubaki is female and there is a female Fighter like many are speculating because that'd mean less gender-troping.
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Rohesia


      Thank you so much! : D

  4. Working on a streetpass file for possible convention attendances.

  5. I'm still alive. I couldn't log into SF for a month. xP

  6. My insomnia game is strong tonight.

  7. Artist block is a pain T_T

  8. Late reply, sorry! I had classes and was doing a little research. On a side note in case anyone's wondering, I know I could always make two separate male files but I kinda want this file to be my last one. I've played the game so many times, so I kinda just want to be able to put it down for a while. If not for that (and the fact I like both Shadowgift and the Manakete class -aside from those clothes...), then I wouldn't be asking. x'P So far though, it's looking like I'll be marrying Tiki. Shadowgift is very tempting, but I love Tiki's personality more overall. Though I suppose Naga wouldn't be too happy their granddaughter is related to Grima x'D (Unless you guys wanna talk to me more on that in PM, which you're always free to do btw.) Also I did marry Nowi once with a young teen (or something) MU, but I like her best with Ricken so I won't be marrying her again. Thanks anyways for suggesting her.
  9. With Tiki and Aversa, I'm not really concerned with how the game turns out. It's just more of a matter I can't decide if I want Manakete Morgan (even if I hate the clothes…), or Morgan with Shadowgift, which would really come in handy and give me an excuse to make her a Dark Flier. If I didn't love Tiki so much, this probably would've been settled a long time ago.
  10. Hello! I need some opinions for my newest male unit file. I'm torn on whether I want to marry Tiki (marry for love & manakete Morgan) or Aversa (marry for genes -Shadowgift & white hair). Who do you guys think is better?
  11. As much as I love Owain for how sweet he can be, he is a pretty typical reference-loving character. Honestly I feel most of his popularity comes from his, well, "sword hand" jokes. Only reason I didn't vote for him was he hasn't harmed anyone like Tharja has. -Maybe annoyed, but never harmed. -Also I love how Gaius has no votes, not that he deserves any in my opinion.
  12. If I may insert my two cents, Sumia and Olivia are both arguably Chrom's better wives because of the stats they can give to Lucina -and Chrom gives benefits to both Cynthia and Inigo. Really though, I think it's a matter of preference on what you want to do. After my first playthroughs and I got used to the game, if I ever wanted Lucina to have Galeforce in a file, I chose Sumia. This way I can take my time with leveling up Olivia instead of rush grinding -and she has plenty of husband options who are great fathers for Inigo. (My personal favourite is Libra btw.) As for your MU, I don't understand Dark Flier as an end class either (even though I love the class), but who am I to judge how people play the game? Just choose whichever you think is best game play wise. I usually go for Galeforce first so I can get it done and over with, and then do a bunch of different classes so I can get more skills either for future plays or permanent assistance -i.e. Dual Support+ It's all up to you though in the end. : )
  13. I'm going to say Tharja because all of the other characters had at least one redeemable factor about them in my book. -Yes, even Severa. I didn't vote for her because I mostly play the Japanese version of the game and in that one she's WAY more civil towards people. (It honestly erks me how she was localised but another story.) Anyways I choose Tharja because over all she's not very pleasant and abusive to her daughter and husband. I also don't appreciate knowing she stalks Robin. -I'd like my poor MU's to be able to sleep at night, thanks. It's a pity really because I'm rather fond of her design -especially the circlet, which I'd definitely steal if I could. T_T Edit: True she does love her husband and daughter (-s if you marry her) but that doesn't excuse what she does. -Edited grammar errors and I forgot to point something out. Can you tell how tired I am lately? :'>
  14. Ok if Morgan wasn't my son then maaybe… But still, nice artwork!
  15. But one's a mark and the other's a skill… (Though I wonder if Grima Blood + Grima Blood = Manakete?? Idk x'D Possibilities are endless with MU & Morgan) Also I'd like to believe Lissa got her mark either on the back of her head or later in her life since it pops up at random. If not…then thank you Owain for meeting your mom in the past. You made her life.
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