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  1. You know, that’s wild because I too am trying to distract myself from the fact that trump is this country’s president and in order to escape the growing sense of impending doom I too am spending hundreds of hours playing Three Houses I started with Black Eagles, but I ended up liking Golden Deer a lot more, and I think you can tell who my favorite character is
  2. Ah you know, stuff n things I’m pretty sure the last time we talked I but a mere child but now I’m old, I’m graduating uni this year, I can buy alcohol, existence is pain, the usual how are you though??
  3. Daniel i should’ve known you would come to haunt me someday
  4. Seems like things changed a lot then, I remember when this shit would have hundreds of posts per day there’s a discord now though yeah?
  5. Have I missed anything? Are we at war with that other giant chat thread yet?
  6. I would say all around me are familiar faces but honestly I recognize like...two people? Maybe?
  7. also I need a recommendation for what to watch next, I'm thinking either Steins;Gate, Akame a Kill, Fairy Tale, or Fullmetal Alchemist
  8. So a question for people who have watched Tokyo Ghoul What exactly happened in the very end of season two? It was really emotional but I'm not actually sure what happened in the very last couple of scenes (spoiler tags would be helpful for people who haven't seen it)
  9. Let's go! I'm gonna split this up into favorite male and female from each cast of characters. I also have not played Thracia or the original Gaiden. A second note, I haven't played the Archanea games enough for me to really pick solid favorites Jugdral Gen 1 Male- Levin: Holsety!!! Probably the best unit in the game and not even mounted. Jugdral Gen 1 Female- Tiltyu: She's a sort of Est archetype, but she's super fun to use and a super fun character. Jugdral Gen 2 Male- Ares: A badass, and he has his own sword to make it even more so. Judgral Gen 2 Female- Teeny: Pretty much the same as her mother, and I always have her as Levin's daughter and she's awesome. Elibe (FE6) Male- MAN OF STEEL/Dieck: A God among men. Possibly my favorite in any FE game. Elibe (FE6) Female- Shanna: The early pegasus knight is always good, and Shanna is not only good, but just a really fun character to get to know. Elibe (FE7) Male- Heath: Just take a look at his hair and disagree with me. You can't. Elibe (FE7) Female- Fiora: don't really have a great reason, I've always liked her and she's always been really good. Magvel Male- Joshua: Not only a 10/10 unit, but one of the deepest characters in SS and FE in general. There's so much there and it's really cool. Magvel Female- L'Arachel: She's hilarious! Tellius Male- Gatrie: I've always loved the flirty characters, and Gatrie is the funniest of all. He's a really cool guy, a great unit, and an awesome character. Tellius Female- Astrid: I like her a lot because of how different she is from Gatrie. It makes their interactions so real, and their supports are some of my favorite in the game. Ylisse Male- Inigo: Pretty much what I said about Gatrie, but I also have a special connection to Inigo because he's always my son in game. Ylisse Female- Olivia: I kinda hate saying this, but she is really cute. She's also really nice, and can be quite a force to reckon with if you train her right. Hoshido Male- Saizo: He's a badass ninja! And he's shouty! Seriously, Saizo is pretty badass, and he's a fun character as well. Hoshido Female- Orochi: I actually like how eccentric she is, and she's a great mage as well. Nohr Male- Niles: He's a more anti-hero type character, and that's a cool thing in a game where the story leaves much to be desired. Nohr Female- Flora: A tragic character for sure, but with hidden depths. I'm not a huge fan of the avatar in this game, but their supports with Flora are actually pretty nice. Valentia Male- Saber: He's absolutely outstanding, he's ridiculously strong, has an amazing character arc, and he actually takes a role in the story! Also, he looks cool. Valentia Female- Delthea: I originally didn't care about her, then I started training her and loved her. She's my best unit, and a delightful character to boot.
  10. she's not that much above base, i've mostly just used her for fortify (I couldn't do the final level without her)
  11. okay I'll to try that next time I always forget to do that
  12. you guys,,, when you get all the way to duma and take out his little minions only for clair to die,,,and then you forget the turnwheel and now have to start the whole shitty level over again
  13. So I just finished season 1 of tokyo Ghoul and that ending battle scene had me so #shook it was goddamn amazing
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