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  1. send them quick or i'll resurrect mikey back
  2. oy vey it's been far too long too busy with college and stuffs lol here u go sprite dump(?) just realized that he's quite like shigure lol
  3. I just realized that I'm improved(?) maybe
  4. i'm trying to be productive i'm trying IMTRYING
  5. feels kinda good to force myself to be productive at times even if you are making just one i'm proud of myself *no
  6. Gah I have no restrain Only different colors so what to expect The original is the single one. Too lazy to fix previous posts so I'll repost the latest. BEING LESS PRODUCTIVE IS ANNOYING AF
  7. It seems the photo-hosting website is the one to blame-- :((( Any recommendation for photo-hosting websites? I've been using Photobucket for a long time and looks like now it's going... bad?
  8. ... Damn it. It's been a long time since Idontknowwhen Mug dump mug dump Still sticks to splices. I don't have any knacks on custom so-- sigh. And my project-- OMG
  9. So... Hi! It's rare to see me in this section-- So, what's this? This is a concept of my it-will-be-here-someday hack! Fire Emblem - Crescent Dreams It's going to be a FE7 hack, as many people said that FE7 is the easiest FE game to hack (but it's still hard for me tho so yeah). New events, new characters and mugs, new music(hopefully), are going to be included here (someday). NOTE : I still don't know how many chapters this hack will be, but I'm trying to make this hack as short as I can without reducing or removing some of the story. (Less than 20 chapter approximately.) [spoiler=Plot] Grandiosa. A continent divided into 4 regions with different traits and condition. North-west is Veralte, a grand country proud of their cavalries and their infantries. The legendary rider, Agnis, founded this country by fighting almost a thousands barbarians with his legendary spear and sword, Flamavia and Styria. South-west is Tierre, a country with its trade-mark sandy land and dry climate. It is the magic’s most favoured place, as Verloude, its capital city has the building which has a tremendous knowledge in magic named the Grand Sorcery Tower. The archsage, Mithrandr, and his companion, Altimia, founded an oasis and started a tribe which ended being a country. To the right is Auctra, the merchant’s country. Aside from its oligarchy system, the people there is well-loved by the merchants as the merchants do care about them. Audona, its founder, sacrificed his love and wealth for the security of a female wanderer and her family. The last one is Esthericia, the largest and first region ever established in Grandiosa. The paladin and the bishop, Falamar and Vandecio, established the country with a gentle soul mixed with strict regulations, yet people never rebeled nor protested in any way ever. This story begins on Flynn, a wandering mage who stayed a day in Timoea, a village in outskirts of Tierre accompanied with Dianedae the swordswoman; a friend of Flynn, suddenly ambushed by an unknown force. Without hesitation, they engaged them, but when they did that, they don’t know the occurance after that just yet… [spoiler=Characters] 1st Row : Flynn (Lord class), Camilia(Special), Dianedae(Myrm), Khris(Archer), Arthrus (Cav) 2nd Row : Guiniviera(Cav), Leivan(Priest), Valera(Mage), Albus(Knight), Xavier(Fighter) 3rd Row : Ffamran(Wyvern Rider), Eilraume(Paladin), Feyr(Myrm), Liesellia(Soldier), Edwind(Thief) [spoiler=Credits] NICKT - For providing a free sprite collection. And others STILL unexplained... Because I'm still new to hacking, criticism, advices, or even guidances are greatly appreciated! And don't really expect for rapid progresses-- [spoiler=Soon to come] World Map, Prologue screenshot
  10. Rydia from Final Fantasy! Forgot to mention that~
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