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  1. I'll have you know Void's a highly sophisticated work of art, a social commentary, AND a coffee machine. All at once. Oh and yeah, we're planning to implement supports between the non MU characters, along with base convos.
  2. yeah but that's no fun
  3. "Blog post" #1: Gee, FE1, at effie's e3? if you haven't watched it yet, this video came out a few hours ago: and, first off, I have to get the bad stuff out of the way: -There were A LOT of graphical(and non graphical) glitches, and I do mean A LOT, because the FEE3 Build was rushed. I was sick during most of the month before E3; and by such, I couldn't get any work in for that.I apologize for the current build looking quite unprofessional. -Mel didn't show off how the MU Maker fully worked, but you can see gifs of it on this thread from a while back(and in the op.). But overall, I quite like what's been shown, even though it's obviously incomplete, and I had to go back to an old build to rush it. Now, for the pretty obvious question to ask: MY DUDE ITS BEEN 4 MONTHS WHAT WERE YOU EVEN DOING and, well, not much, in the term of actuallyshowable progress. since a while back, I've been slowly but surely formatting the GFE1R Source to a new build system, but it takes a lot of time, and effort, and it bores me to hell. you know what also bores me to hell? A while back I developped this system, that allows me to change the current map sprite shown depending on equipped weapon, because it looks neat. problem is, it's a pain in the ass. firstly, I had to rearrange the entire class data, which, sure, was easier than raw hex or FEBuilder because it was using spreadsheets, but was still a major pain in the ass. I also took that time to try to add placeholders for 3rd tiers, which I did do, but ended up being a pretty major pain in the arse and pretty long. Then, there was actually inserting the sprites, and, well, it's still not done. it's so tedious to do, I just start on it and give up two or three sprite indices later.(and even then, I don't even have most alternate weapon map sprites, so I have to use placeholders) so, I haven't worked much on actual new features a lot, and that's why I haven't posted anything in 4 months. However, I still wish to post progress. after all, this is an update post. We've had some pretty damn good progress on maps, in fact, most of them are done, and some of them even have custom palettes! Here's some of maps: Keranos has also been working on remixing the OST for this hack: And lastly, it isn't done yet, but I can tell 'ya, i'm working on something big. very big, huge, kind of like a castle. Look forward to that. Anyways, don't have much to say for this first blog post, I hope I'll at least get to do one every 1-2 months to keep you up to date with what's been done and what's been procrastinated on. With love, your favourite procrastinator extraordinaire, Kirb.
  4. if you already have a thread for your project, I don't really see the point of posting it here.
  5. My opinion on the subject is that if you want to sell your game, obviously don't use the FE name, but otherwise, there's a 99.9% chance IS or Ninty won't care about your fangame, so you're safe if you use the FE name.
  6. Have you used the in rom free space? There's quite a bit of free space at $8E80000(remove the first 8 for the file offset.), and some other locations.(more info at http://feuniverse.us/t/free-space-ranges/112) As for expanding the rom size, the rom is mapped in ram from $8000000 to $9FFFFFF, which is 32 mbs of rom space.(what is stored after that is copies of the rom.) Essentially, that means you have up to offset $1FFFFFF in a rom file to work with. You're very unlikely to hit that limit(unless you do stuff like inserting music as uncompressed wav), so I'd say you're safe with appending all your new data to the end of the rom.(in fact, that's what most tools(FEBuilder, FEditor, Emblem Magic) do when repointing data.)
  7. Reposted from FEU but might as well: Project Name: GFE1R Platform: FE8 Showing: Book 1 Endgame
  8. Heyo! You may have been wondering if this died. Well; truth is, I haven't really done much in the past month; Summer has been pretty calm(as is every summer, the period of activity is mostly during winter) and not much has been done. Now, of course, you may be wondering two things: 1: What happened to the trailer? 2: When's the game coming out? Or a demo? Well, to answer the first question, I take the blame for the trailer not advancing. I was being lazy on actually doing the thing, and while the sudden halfbody size messarooni bought me some excuse time, even after that was done, I continued procrastinating on it. So, the trailer is technically still happening, albeit probably not anytime soon. As for the second question, I have to clarify some things. I want GFE1R to be as polished as possible on release. I don't want it to end up as a rushed product, where by the end, when all bugs are fixed, everyone has already moved past it. on another hand, I don't want to do a demo with say, only 6 chapters on it. The reason for that is, that it wouldnt make the hack feel special. It'd just be another demo along a million others. However, there will still be a demo. but before I say what the "demo" will consist off, I have to officialize something that has been going on on the dev discord, but that hasn't been officially announced yet: The hack will feature both book 1 and 2, which book 1 transferring to book 2, or book 2 being accessible by a new game, if you prefer not doing book 1. Now that that's said, The "demo" will consist of the entirety of book 1, whereas the full hack will include book 2 along with it. Right now, you must be telling yourself "he's being wayyyy too overambitious", to which I answer you: That's the point. GFE1R was born from wanting to create something huge, that would make anyone laugh if it was something out of a serenes concept from a new member nobody knows. It was made to prove to people that anything was possible with hacking. halfbodies? possible. My Unit? doable. ~50 chapters in one game? feasible. Simply remaking all of FE1's chapters without anything new would be boring, which is why I decided to add the wizardry that it has today. Anyways, to get back on track, the demo will have all of Book 1's chapter fully done(Units/Writing/Graphics/Animations), and then we'll start working on book 2, which will be a much, much bigger project assets-wise, due to one feature: Third tiers. Book 2 will be a direct continuation of book 1, and therefore, you will be able to directly go from book 1 to book 2 at the end of book 1, keeping your units' stats, and level, meaning that the enemies and your units in book 2 will both start at tier 2, and evolve to tier 3 by the end of the game. As for current progress, almost all book 1 player characters' halfbodies are done, All book 1 chapters are either complete or have a rough event draft, but writing is still a bit behind, due to some drama I would like to not talk about. I won't disclose a release date for Book 1, as I said that I want it to be as polished as possible. I hope that cleared up some confusion as of the current state of GFE1R. Now, I would want to do a call for artists. Specifically, Animators. As of now, we are missing a lot of animations for Book 1, and we don't have much animators, besides blaze, who did t1 marth and is doing his t2, lodestar. So, if you feel like you'd be able to animate for: T1/2 Lord Caeda/T1/2 Lord Hardin/Possibly more animations, Please join the discord(Link in first post of thread, or if you're lazy: https://discord.gg/Z8EwVyp) and ping me saying you want to be an animator(If possible, also post some of your past work so we can judge your animating skills.). I think that's about it, so, see ya!
  9. Pretty sure arden was already being memed pretty hard before heroes(in midori, in fe4 itself, and in the old translations("POWER OF PURSUIT!").
  10. Is the stacking technique just layering 2 sprites on top of each other? If so that would make sense(3 colors + 1 transparent = 6 usable colors)(it'd also explain the flickering with the sprites) but unfortunately, i'm fairly certain NESFE uses the background layer for mugs, not the sprites layers(hence why we can see the background color.). FE1, Not FF1.
  11. that devdanved has a very weird nose. otherwise, I know this is gonna sound like i'm a whiny bitch, but that danved does not respect NES technical palette limitations.(which you probably weren't aiming to respect anyways, but shrug) by using usenti to split up that danved into 8x8 tiles, you'll see that the tile I highlighted has 5 colors in it. however, the NES palette limitations force you to only have 4 colors per tile, with a max of 16 colors(4 palettes of 4 colors). so, you'd have to remove some shading on that devdan. working on my FE1 hack all night is slowly locking me out from noticing anything that isn't technically correct aaaaa anyways, rant over.
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