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  1. What method of playing are you using? If you're using an emulator that creates .sav files for example, it's pretty simple. 1. Save after getting Saleh. Exit the emulator. 2. Backup your .sav file just in case by creating a copy and naming it something else. Depending on the emulator, this file may be in the same folder as the rom, or in a separate folder like one called BATTERY. 3. Rename your randomizer .sav file to match the filename of a vanilla FE8 rom. For example, let's say your randomized rom is called "FE8 Randomized.GBA" and your vanilla rom is called "FE8.GBA", you'd rename the file named "FE8 Randomized.sav" to "FE8.sav". 4. Boot the vanilla rom, and it will load the randomized save. Defeat all enemies except for one or two without recruiting Ewan. Save. 5. Rename the "FE8.sav" back to "FE8 Randomized.sav" 6. Boot the randomized rom, recruit Ewan and defeat the last few enemies. Chapter done.
  2. It's been a while but yes you're correct it's caused by the bael above the houses. If I recall correctly, you can either kill it fast enough if you make a beeline with a flying unit, or you can save anytime after getting Saleh and the glitch happening, use that save in a vanilla FE8 rom to kill the bael, then go back to using that same save in the randomized rom before finishing the chapter. Just make sure to recruit Ewan when you're not using the save in a vanilla FE8 rom if you want him randomized. I'm honestly not quite sure that's how his randomization works, but it doesn't hurt to be careful. Hopefully that helps you. It's been a long time since I've circumvented this glitch so I may have gotten some of the details wrong but it's something like that. Let me know if it works. Edit: I just realized I already answered this earlier in this page, but oh well.
  3. Due to a few things, I would say it's not entirely out of the question for FE16 to have some sort of campaign creator. I wonder what the fate of FEXNA would be if it turned out to be fairly capable once the game is released.
  4. We'll all be shocked when Nintendo's E3 direct gets hacked in the middle of the stream, and a fexna trailer starts playing with the release date.
  5. They are, but the secret shop also sold high-tier weaponry as well if I remember correctly. Maybe the patch adds them to later shops instead though, I've yet to make it past the route split in my testing so far.
  6. Seeing as 0.9 was released, I may as well post any issues I ran into on 0.8 before moving on. Starting a new file on v0.8, I made it to chapter 8. - Somewhat minor, but warding blow granting +20 res seems a little excessive. - A few dummy skills seem to still be floating around in the randomization pools, such as Nice Personality. - Unfortunately in chapter 5x I once again started with no healing items and there were no enemies that dropped any, but luckily I managed to get through it with Ephriam being a mage with Breath of Life, and Orson being a Wyvern Lord with Rally Spectrum. - Moulder randomized into a dancer, but as I leveled them up they seemed to have missed out on the Amaterasu skill that enemy dancers and my bard!joshua have. - In Victims of War, it's very possible for the enemies near the villagers to spawn as ranged units and start taking them out on the first turn, making it impossible to acquire the Orion's bolt they would give. Not a huge issue on its own, but seeing as how the promotion items bosses drop disappear in randomization, the player needs every promotion item they can get. Though perhaps having cheaper master seals available for purchase in 0.9 will make up for this. - I like randomizing enemies as groups rather than individually in the new update, however it can trivialize some chapters seeing as how dancers/bards/clerics etc are in the randomization pool. It can also make for very interesting chapters though, having a bunch of wyverns coming out of the fog from across the map was pretty scary, especially when one has a horseslayer. Also it may be worth looking into the idea of making it so bosses always drop something. - Having encountered more kinds of monster units in this run, the only monster weapons with visible stats so far have been the "Eye" weapons. However this being a relatively minor issue and one I'm sure you're aware of at this point, I'll refrain from mentioning it again in the future. Making shove a common skill has worked out well, and seeing as how my Vanessa retained their class as a Pegasus Knight, it seems likely that this is a change you made to combat there being enemies in the mountains in chapter 2, that or I just got really lucky. Either way it's not ideal, but keeping Vanessa as a Pegasus Knight is a decent workaround. ---EDIT--- Tried 0.9 for a bit, and it seems there are still some dummy skills. Also to my earlier mention of warding blow granting 20 res seeming a bit excessive, some other skills are pretty strong as well, like Rightful God or Dazzle. What do you think about randomizing what skills classes learn as well? For example, it could randomize to cavaliers learning Luna at level 15, so enemy cavaliers lvl15 and up would also have the skill. I think it could balance things a little as well as make things more interesting. Every wyvern rider has swordbreaker? Well when you see one you know you really have to make sure you get your sword units out of there, or Great Knights became the bane of your playthrough, because they have both Aether AND Rightful God, etc. If you do decide to go that route however, the amount of skills that monster units learn might need to be upped to the amount regular units learn, or perhaps you could give them a separate pool of exclusive skills, otherwise they could easily become outclassed.
  7. Spent a few hours with V0.6. Pretty fun, but has its issues. I'll address them in the order that I encountered them. Played on hard in case it's relevant. -On the first map, one of the enemy grunts spawned as a shaman with no spd stat. Wasn't an issue, but may point to something that could be a bigger issue, so thought I'd mention it. -On Ross' chapter, having the enemies in the mountains randomized can cause some issues when trying to clear the chapter if you don't have any flying units or units with pass, or have units with the right amount of con/aid to be able to rescue chain deep enough into the mountains. Luckily my Seth was a Rogue with pass, so I had no issues there. Rogue Seth palette is awesome btw. -This one may be intentional, but if a unit has 2 rally skills as is shown with my Vanessa, they both proc with one command, leading to some pretty crazy stat boosts. +6 to str/mag and +2 to everything else is no joke, especially early on. -Not all monster weapons show their stats, fiery fang at least displays nothing. More of a minor annoyance than anything. -Orson randomized into a summoner, and though he had the summon skill there was no command to use it. If I remember correctly from some post a long time ago, I believe this is because there is no phantom assigned to the character? Could be talking out of my ass. I left off early on in chapter 5x, but I think I'll have great difficulty with it seeing as how enemy keys were overwritten, and my characers came with no methods of healing, as well as there being no method of healing attainable from enemies. Moving on to more general notes, it's nice to see that you've added in some classes from the other gba titles, and some class gender alts. Finally having randomized palettes in FE8 is really great even when it turns funky. Adding monster weapons to some shops would be nice but not necessarily needed, disregard this if they already appear in later shops I have not made it to. Support conversations (at least during chapters) lead to skill text, but I imagine this is because you used their space on the ROM in order to achieve your randomization, so it's no big deal. I doubt many people are playing a randomizer to focus on the supports after all. Having so many different enemies makes the chapter feel really fresh even if you're familiar with it, so that's nice. Randomized chests/houses might be nice if it's something you can do, but it's not like it's a huge deal if it can't be done or you'd like to spend your focus elsewhere. Looking forward to continuing on in my file or re-randomizing if needed once the patch is updated a bit. Once some kinks are worked out, I imagine this will likely be the go-to for randomized runs of FE8.
  8. That's a shame about dracozombies, but it's understandable. They are the strongest units in the game after all. That and I've never seen their animation show up properly on the player side anyway, though from screenshots I imagine their palettes would look pretty interesting. Necromancer also makes sense, but I could see manaketes working if there was a way to guarantee you couldn't get more than one per run in the randomizer, but I honestly have no idea how you do what you do. Glad we don't have to worry about funky trainee bananas though.
  9. Ooooh, will definitely have to check it out, especially since you added your skill system to the randomization. Will report any bugs I find. Are there any classes that are not in the randomization table out of curiosity? Aside from the demon king of course.
  10. Looking forward to trying it once most of the bugs have been squashed in v2.02!
  11. This is mentioned in some of the earlier pages I believe if you want to dig for specifics, but what I remember is that it's due to the spiders in the upper middle left near the house where you recruit Ewan that cause this. I think it's because some enemy got misplaced and so one of the spider's scripted move can't be completed and thus crashes the game. From what I remember on how I got through this, is you can either make a beeline for the spiders using a strong flying unit if you have one that can kill them quickly enough (you could use an unlimited move/turn AR code and then turn it off once completed), or try saving at different points to where you still get the randomized units, and then use that save in a vanilla rom to complete most of the level, then use that save back in the randomized rom to complete the level. Something along those lines. For this specific reason a lot of people just go Ephraim's route when using the randomizer. Hopefully this helps!
  12. Does anyone know how to fix the animation for player controlled Draco Zombies? Also thanks a bunch for the work everyone put in, my friends and I are going to enjoy the hell out of playing a joint account and yelling at each other due to the increased difficulty.
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