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  1. Day 20 Team SALVAGED Showcase 2021 (Team SALVAGED) Call of the Armor (Team Distant Roads) The Lonely Mirror (Caladrius) Deity Device (Permafrost)
  2. Day 19 Community Blitz 5: Redemption (Teraspark) Frozen Throes (N246) Codename: Mystery Babylon (Copywright) The Chthonic Curse (Kanto Emblem)
  3. Day 18 Iron Emblem (MournfulRelic) Dark Dragon Reborn (Merpin) Heart of Hothr (Zemosa) Twitch Crowd Controls: Radiant Dawn (Vicious Sal)
  4. Day 17 Terror of the Forest (Zeldacrafter64) Fallen Flame (Zaim/Zmr) Chalphy Castle (Darrman) Curse of the Edge (Goldblitzx)
  5. Day 16 Myrm Emblem (Renoud) Twilight Sword (Squill) A Mercenary's Tale (Oofjay) Nations of Conquest (Selk)
  6. Day 15 Sun God's Wrath: Kaizo Edition (April) Prophecy of Flames (XPGamesNL) Grug's Primitive Disadventure (Rye_on_Speed) Stargazer (Wasspix)
  7. Day 14 Paradigm Shift (JustLu) Unification (Dancer_A) Illuminated (Sokaballa) Blessed Heart (Shark3143)
  8. Day 13 Mark of the Dragon (Zebbmann) A Vestrian Tale (Roze) Legacy of Sorry (bpat) Guard of Avelon (Kyrads)
  9. Day 12 The Last Dragon (dlang518) Horizons (GodsPetTurtle) Hero Tactics (ehgoodenough) Stratagem (Smithy)
  10. Day 11 Criminal's Justice (flasuban) Divine Inheritance (LeifOClaude) Flier Emblem: Return of the Circle (circleseverywhere) Radiant Dawn: Link Arena (Vicious Sal)
  11. Day 10 FE10 Reverse Recruitment (Vicious Sal) Pair Up: Lex Talionis Feature Showcase (kdports) Emulation Theory (svaya1029) Cult of Yarudr (ScubaLuigi)
  12. Day 9 Heroes Remake (MisakaMikoto) Isekai Emblem: The Tales Two (BigMood) Shackled Power (Sphealnuke) Code of the Burger King (Retina)
  13. Day 8 Weapon Relations Randomizer (Teraspark) Fall of Thabes (Jotari) Parallel Emblem (BladerDj & Retrogamer) The Eligor's Spear (Zarg)
  14. Day 7 Lullaby of Lust (Monado Chronicles) The Seven Siblings (Warpath) Hiraeth: Legacies (Zoisite) Pokémblem (Vesly)
  15. Day 6 Doubled or Nothing (ArcherBias) Book of Eden (Rickochet) Legends of Avenir (Snakey1 & 1st_lieutenant_noguchi) Absolution (ZessDynamite)
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