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  1. This is the same practice that happened with Hyrule Warriors. It's not a probability but a VERY SURE thing that DLC is gonna come with this game. From a business standpoint most of the Awakening and Fates fans are satisfied. With DLC, there has to be content to appeal to the older fans, since i seriously doubt Lyn was enough and Celica is moreso advertisement for her game. Both of them feel like bait for blazing sword content and MAYBE echoes. Then there's also the trump cards themselves, Ike and Roy. Hyrule warriors had 5 games being represented on the DLC packages. That's more than the base roster! Which was 3. Just like Fire Emblem Warriors. History might just repeat itself.
  2. That's a shame. There goes Kellam's chances. Donnel i expect to see him on dlc with most of the missing populars from awakening. Tharja, Nowi, Henry... and himself. Lack of knives deconfirms Gaius hard and... would really want Lonqu with all the swords? to add he's another myrmidon class. Anyone surprised as of yet we got absolutlely no mercs? and fighters? in fact... are there even enemy mercs and fighters?
  3. I'm... a little confused about how it was worded. Non-mounted AND armored... Is this mostly referring to in general? like enemy units? or some possible soft confirmation for Kellam AND Donnel. Wouldn't surprise me if it went like that.
  4. That would be one of the funniest marketing schemes for this game. I would praise it for that. While shadow dragon needs more reps, Awakening isn't doing too hot with its lack of Shepherds. Kellam repping them as the ultimate joke... would pretty cool, especially after all the controversy. I mean thats his character trait. Like it or not... might as well embrace it at this point.
  5. Draug, Kellam or Effie. Wasn't Azura softly deconfirmed on the Nintendo magazine because they said they had ''too many fates characters''? that just makes Effie the least likely one.
  6. Thanks, you're a good mate, I don't enjoy getting into heated discussions on the internet. Nobody wins, but I was just ticked off a bit the way I was dismissed by you. @Armagon didn't help by being condescending with the ''party comment'' and @Jedi calling me a troll just made me legit angry. I would have apologized earlier if not for that
  7. All right All right. *deep breaths* I'm sorry. For the way I came out on the first post and for coming at you like that. All right? I can make mistakes, I'm human. I can also be impulsive when I'm emotional. I'm not gonna drag this longer than it should be. Is that better?
  8. I read your post about Celica a while ago. Tell you what. Since you admited to acting on your emotions as well, I'll apologize for name calling you ''princess''. Don't take my opinions seriously dude. If I'm unhappy, let me be. If you're happy that Celica is in. Thats fine, its not like I said ''shes a waste of space get her out of the roster''. A am dissapointed she was handled as a clone though. Anyway, shake hands? let bygones be bygones?
  9. If Navarre is a secret character thats not gonna get an announcement. maybe Draug or Azura are in. Though I'd believe Draug, or maybe Cain or Abel. Considering Azura would have recieved more marketing. Probably a low key character. Unless they aren't done with the reveals for sure. But because of the leak. its most likely 100% that they're just gonna show in TGS the final character missing from the Box Leak and Character Card thing. Anna. Anyhting else that ain't TOO hype for publiciy... in-game unlockables my guess.
  10. Watch it. Namecalling means you want to fight. I didn't say I didn't like them. I say DIDN'T know they were that popular. I haven't been keeping up with the shadow dragon fanbase. It was under my impression that OTHER characters were more important on the roster. And i did get mad because the dude that quoted me sounded sarcastic. You dont have to agree with my opinion, im not trying to get attention. But. DON'T. call me a troll. All right? Have the decency to respect my opinion like I respect yours. Whatever that may be. Don't make it personal.
  11. I didn't want other shadow dragon characters. I wanted Ogma SPECIFICALLY. That... doesn't make me a hypocrite right? Not worth complaining though. It goes on deaf ears in the end.
  12. I haven't even remotely talked about the roster. I just said im looking forward to the dlc. Because its in my personal preference that I do NOT care for the roster. And those trailers were embarrassing. How you gonna hype a character reveal as a clone? And once again. Shiida and Tiki? all right all right, I didn;'t know they were THAT popular enough to warrant white knighting their announcement. Whats that to you? you taking this personal with your sarcastic tone on me? I didn't know you worked at Koei and Nintedo. EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME Princess. I'm never badmouthing a company ever again. God forbid I know anyhting, I'm just a lowly peasant. *shrugs*
  13. Put your dukes down, Gajeel. is that what you really expected for a TGS trailer? Last time TGS had Chrom, Lucina and Fiora being announced for Px Zone 2. NOW THAT was an announcement. Here's clone Celica and 2 waifus from Shadow Dragon, Are Shiida and Tiki really worth the hype? when you played the game you played ONLY these characters? Yeah. ok. So screw Hardin, Minerva and other imporant ''story mode'' characters. I actually forgot Tiki even mattered in the original or book 2. Cause all she is is a McGuffin so you get Falchion.
  14. When I'm more excited for the Dlc than that ACTUAL game itself. What a world we live in... Also Shadow dragon roster: Caeda, Tiki and they didn't even announce Navarre. No Camus, No Hardin.
  15. Can't believe I'm saying this...So what are the chances we get some ''season pass'' announcement ont the last day of this.
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