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  1. I've been cataloging every piece from the OST since downloads have been there since the JPN release. I don't believe the official OST is out yet, but can anyone give me a direct list of everything numbered? I have every song translated to it's english title complete with Composer and Cover Art info, I will release it for Convenience Sake once I have Track numbers and names for DLC Tracks. The Album Artwork is this: I need to Know: Official Track Numbers DLC Track Names Also was there any other composer/singer behind this game other than Hiroki Morishita, RENKA, Rena Strober, and Yoshimasa Hisoya
  2. After playing through a few times, I still can't really grasp the concept of it more then likely due to my limited knowledge of Japanese. So if anyone can explain the Secluded Ream to me, like how it exists and why they'd put children there, then that'd be great.
  3. When she wears the most revealing outfit and is heavily implied to Sexually torture prisoners. That doesn't raise a red flag to anyone while Odin, Ophelia, and Camilla do?
  4. Still don't understand why all of you are saying she has no character development whem she gets a lot more then amy of the non-royals. I mean her, Joker, and Suzukaze who really get any development in the main story. Even then, Joker's just a Yes-man like Frederick, he really doesn't have anything to regret or lose if he follows Kamui to Hoshido. While Felicia has practically everything to lose if she leaves Nohr such as her family and position. Same goes for Suzukaze if he goes to Nohr. I'm pretty sure Flora's death in a way strengthened Felicia as a character or even defeating her sister in battle allows her to grow at least. In supports, you got me there honestly but it really doesn't matter to me. Felicia is still my favorite female unit, and she'll always be my Wife in any playthrough. I don't usually get suckered in to the Weeaboo-Waifu culture, so Felica 's probably the exception.
  5. So people are asking where Shigure fits into all of this. I have a theory on that . But I must see Shigure's ending to really piece it together. He doesn't exist either None of Aqua's ending state anything about having a child if she is even married at all . So it's quite possible he's made up as well. This is even assuming if any of the children cam even be considered, since they play like no role in the story. But then looking at it now... Can you even consider the children to be real as well? Think about it, they are all from another dimension where time goes faster. They may very well not exist or were part of the war either. I mean they are never acknowleged in any way, shape, or form in the story almost like they're just there with no real purpose. I think I figured it out. This is not the actual story, but this is actually a retelling of Fates' story. As in most Fire Emblems, they're usually structured as historical novels or folktales. So perhaps the story we're playing through, is not an accurate representation of the Hoshido/Nohrian War, we're instead playing through a story version that people have written after the actual war. And it's not entirely true either, what with Aqua and the seemingly out of nowhere children. Wait, what if the Version split actually represents a historical debate on what actually happenef? I mean it was stated that Kamui's tale varied from multiple accounts. What if every single version is a different historian's perspective of the Hoshido/Nohrian War?
  6. Before you read the title and raise an eyebrow, at least try to hear me out. First, we have Aqua. She's a main character and what not. That's all good, until we take a look at her endings, most will always say there were no records of her. Her single ending is what prompted me to think of this. This part in particular: "Some say she was a Personification of the events that transpired, many debate if she was even a person at all" So that brings the question, is Aqua even an actual person? Notice how she has very little development as a character, also notice how she seems to come up with ridiculously stupid plans, like getting Garon to the Hoshidan throne to prove a point to everyone. And everyone else seems to just roll with because she's Aqua. Also notice how she seemingly dissapears and fades away like an abstract thought in the Hoshido and Nohr campaigns. It's almost like now that everything was said and done, she dissapears like she's of no use anymore. So my theory is that is simply a representation of the emotions and confusion that occured throughout the war, she's also the scapegoat for people's ignorance at the time such as making really stupid and convuluted plans.
  7. I commend IS for stepping their game up in terms of character for the Beast Units in this game. Yarne and Panne had so little of it in Awakening.
  8. All of the main characters are guaranteed to be popular, so I think that's why the royals were given their own fanservice dlc to make room for the other units. In terms of First Gen: Joker, Felicia, Orochi, Charlotte, Kaze, Luna, Odin, Lazward, and Cyrus are the ones I see that get the most attention and I see them often on Castle teams. Second Gen: Midoriko, Kanna, Ophelia, Matoi, Grey, Kisaragi, Foleo, and Sophie are the more common children I see on a lot of Castle teams. Midoriko being the one I see the most out of all of them. Not really sure why she's used that much.
  9. A New set of DLC Maps is set to release on August 20th: I'm gonna throw a few out there predictions: Also,
  10. Does anybody else wish you could support with them? Or atleast have the Capturable Units support amongst themselves? Also is it ever explained why Marx, or any other Nohrian royal never walked up to Nacht in Sophie's Paralogue and I dunno tell him to knock it the fuck off with attacking since he is of Nohrian faction?
  11. What really bothers me, is that all of the Nohrians aren't inheretly evil. They're just all ignorant. Harold's Character completely contradicts the Nohr route when a Hero of Justice is commiting horrible war atrocities. Why the hell are the Awakening kids siding with these guys? I understand Camilla, Marx, and Leon are indeed good people who spared them, but they don't question anything or change anything, which is the exact reason they came into the past in Awakening. To defy order and change the future. They don't question at all how the king is a jerk and he makes his children and in turn their subordinates, kill innocent people for the hell of it.
  12. Here's hoping you get what you're looking for. I would love to get some of the promo stuff and T-Shirts they have at the concert. Lord knows you deserve it, you've done a ton for the community. I hope whoever you're giving it too really likes it.
  13. Tsukuyomi got the bench in my playthrough. I thought Orochi is far better stats-wise And he would have been kid-less anyway. I needed to marry Felicia because reasons so he now has to do the bench.
  14. Hoshido: Actually make Kamui's Siblings his actual siblings. It's called "Birthright" for a reason. Part of me wanted Hoshido to have their own Awakening children (Before Yukimura's character was revealed, I legit thought he was Laurent in disguise, I dunno why though...). More emphasis on the more darker aspect of Hoshido. Nohr: Don't even have it take place in Hoshido. An interesting story to me, would be Garon planning to attack Hoshido in "Insert Amount of Time Here" and Kamui must unite the kingdom and overthrow Garon before the inevitable attack on Hoshido
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