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  1. Yeah nothing's cannon in most Fire Emblems. Even when some things should (looks at Eliwood and Ninian)
  2. Yep, I see Frederick as the closest option besides Robin IMO. I was all for Fred until he Fates convo between Rob and Inigo and at that point it sealed the deal rather hard (I was always tumbling between Olivia and Cordi until I played the amiibo DLC). But yeah, even though Robin is chill, I just think the one thing he'd break for is strategy, especially after Emm died on his watch and all. That is what I thought was implied though so there's room for interpretation. If Henry was a bit more human (wasn't going to sacrifice an injured dog to Grima of all things) or had a character that didn't rely 90% of the time on homicide for fun (or if the support didn't need Olivia to get cursed out of the blue to even make them work), I'd be super willing to pair them, but I can't find a shred of Henry in Inigo, personality wise at least, though most of Inigo's interactions arise from faking it, and he's rather shy, so it's harder to tell how he acts when it's a farce for most of the time. Back to Cordi though. Yeah I get it pretty well. Severa has the main issues with having to live up to the best pegasus knight around and the world's best tactician (and the equivalent of Prometheus in this case) so she's bound to feel a lot of pressure to deliver her best. I also do find the interactions she has with Lucina, namely her being annoyed with her, to make more sense since both her parents would be incredibly close to Chrom (only making that closeness, and the ignoring of her for Chrom all the more personal too her) It also makes sense with Robin being very close to Chrom, with both Cordi and her husband leaving to die and fight for Chrom as far as I remember.
  3. I don't think support growths have a lot to do. They sit beside the growths yes, but there's default hints to who the parent could be for any pairing. For example, Vaike and Lissa have high growths, but Owain mentions his father having taken an arrow, which is shown in Lon'Qu's supports with her supports. Cordelia and Gaius could make sense because Severa seems to bargain with Coredlia for sweets, Maribelle and Donnel makes sense because of the accent, which Ricken doesn't have, Virion makes sense with Panne because Yarne says he's afraid of his dad cheating on his mother of all things, and so on and so forth. Furthermore, assuming that we're talking about parents snapping on children, I doubt Henry of all people would barely care about Inigo's actions, but Robin slightly snapping at meeting could make slightly more sense even if it's not assured since Robin is shown to be relatively calm most of the time, but once more, I digress. The thing is, support growths here aren't as important as, let's say, Genealogy, where there's specific mentions of said pairings and the growths to further prove them, like the Johal bros and Larcei. Here however, there's supports that give hints to the father, via traits and other occurences, and then there's growths that do or don't contradict said arguments. So in both ways, you could see either one or the other as proof for what you see. You could link supports and find hints regarding future situations and things kids can inherit or traits their parents have, or you could just look at growths and go for them. That's up to the player. But, if you see it that way so be it. I know plenty of people who find the growths to be just that, growths, and they take the supports with far more importance, while others swear by growths and ignore supports entirely. One thing is certain, IS hasn't specified that support growths make anything cannon at all, nor supports, so unless IS itself specifies that one or the other makes a pairing cannon, well, until then we're both stuck in Limbo. Yeah I could see either. My issue with Henry is their support. Henry isn't one to lash out since he's so lax 90% of the time, not to mention I find Henry and Olivia's supports rather, lacking. And Lon'Qu, he makes a bit more sense to me in the overall. If I had to make a guess besides Rob, I'd say Fred boi. I can't think of anyone else who'd lash out at Inigo for simply missing a meeting of all things. And I really don't blame you for the Cordelia pairing. I had a hard time not marrying her due to personality alone in my early playthroughs. Probably one of my faves since she can solo most stuff and effectively has one of the most interesting kids in FE.
  4. Yep, one of these chats. So, I've replayed Awakening, for what, the millionth time? And I had recently finished Fates once more on a friends whim (we had a small competition to collect supports since we got Amiibo booklets and whatnot). And upon playing the games, opposed to what I normally do, I decided to do pairings based on story merit, or at least the most hints that are humanly possible. There were obviously some that I couldn't finish deciding. But when I finished doing what I understood best I got to Olivia and it was just Robin and her. At first I was all for marrying some other non story character, but upon something a friend of mine told me, my PoV changed a bit and stuck em together (and it's stuck that way for some time now). So, as far as I can tell, to be Inigo seems like a very plausible candidate for Robin's son. Reasons? Well, Inigo's father must be close to Chrom for the support to make sense. Chrom himself I believe should be with Sumia. Plenty of early game hints and CG's point to their pairing rather heavily, not as heavy as say, Ninian x Eliwood, but still heavy enough that the opening CG has them holding baby Lucina together, so yeah, if it weren't for that I'd be more willing to debate the whole Chrom x Olivia thing. Furthermore, if I do recall from recently reading this, Inigo's father get's angry at him (or is at least annoyed/worried) due to him having missed the war meeting just to flirt with a girl. I find that of the few people to compare people, and or get angry at a tactical meeting to me would be Robin. It feels natural given that he makes these entire meetings just to make sure everything is as perfect as can be (given his ultimate tactician extraordinaire status). But, that doesn't mean much still, Frederick could fit either basis for said criteria right here and now, so what separates this pairing from the others you may ask, since that's the important point here. Well, let's go look at unique situations in Awakening. First off, it's the recruiting chapter for Inigo, where I got a weird vibe. You see, in most recruiting chapters, Robin is not to be seen, only the mother, and perhaps Chrom is to be seen, who may or may not speak to the mother (whereas Cynthia's is a unique mission since Chrom is part of the recruiting). In this mission, Robin and Olivia are the ones that interact, which is a unique situation, that I found rather cool, but that didn't sway me enough, I was still adamant in believing Robin was still not paired to anyone. And then I read the amiibo supports in Fates. While Owain an Selena either don't recognize Robin, or don't believe it to be him for real respectively, Inigo can instantly tell it's him, which to me was rather odd. This is further made strange as Inigo states that Robin could always see through him, and how they're old friends. This also struck me as strange, but I shrugged off the old friend remark and focused on the prior phrase, which focused on "seeing through him". I didn't really understand what he meant by that, but my friend kinda had an idea. Inigo's entire character is based off of hiding who he really is. Hiding his personality, his reason for being the way he is, and all the pain he feels. That's who he is. But the only people to truly know his pain, are the other children, Olivia, Soleil, his eventual wife in Fates, and his father. Now, I once more didn't believe jack, but after hearing the explanation it made more sense. Inigo was relating to his potential parental support. And this was rather strange since Robin, in their friend supports, make no mention to the effective way Inigo really is, only talking and watching him hit on girls 24/7. Seeing this, I had to go for it. I just made sense from there on out. And it felt like it just fit so well. Also he's super broken as Robin's kid so I can't really say that I wouldn't use him either way given how busted he is if you do a children only run! XD
  5. Hell yeah it's Futurama. I can't help but think of Chrom as Bender but less snarky since his way of life is "We'll show you our peaceful ways by force" before and after Emm dies. TLDR: Yes
  6. Hmm you're not wrong, it is hard to vote knowing your faves won't get alts unless they're either popular, known or Fates and Awakening. But yeah, I feel ya. I just hope we get Queen Elincia eventually. Honestly I hope Rob wins over Chrom. I've always disliked Chrom's character as a whole since he goes over Emm's entire moral system and goes all Bender on the world. And yeah, Lif and Thrasir have a huge chance to win.
  7. Ehh, the thing is, and I know you won't vote anyway, do keep in mind. Elincia could potentially hit Top 100 and get a alt. It's known that the top CYl units tend to get alts more often (looks at Camilla and then shakes head at Alm) so it's still a possibility. But you do you. I'll just vote in my futile attempt to get Olivia in a cool outift (though I find it hard to believe that anything can beat P!Olivia in looks)
  8. I'm going to vote for Olivia as usual. She was still Top 100 in CYL2, so here's hoping she can at least stay there thanks to being popularized by everyone using her at all times in FEH (I wanna see her in some badass clothes , so I'll try even if it's futile!) Why not vote for Elincia then? She was pretty high up. She has a pretty good chance of making it if enough fans of her vote for her.
  9. I beat FE5 once but didn't know the story (went with the patch that let me play, so I didn't know the story at all) and it was OK. The game itself was rather strange but I can understand the likes.
  10. I dunno I tried them but they just feel like FE without the Fire Emblem. I guess to me it feels like it's the older FE games redone, but in a weirder way. It's hard to explain how I feel about the TRS or Vestaria, but I guess I can say I really didn't like em much.
  11. There are people that don't comment on forums, people that don't bother with liking or disliking videos. Those are the people that just go about their day being chill and playing the game for fun and whatnot. You're basing your assumption on a fraction of the fanbase, which is the internet. Saying the FE Playerbase didn't enjoy it without having all the players actually sign off and say their opinion is rather bad, don't you think? Like, if you had a good poll with every known player of Fates rate it's features, I'd be down with your analysis, but you're basing your entire argument on forums (Reddit, Serenes, etc) without noting the players that don't actually converse or give their opinions, and those that don't even bother with likes or dislikes on youtube. Especially in Heroes, where, given the dislike ratio, they keep giving us Fates cause it keeps giving them money. It always does, that's why they do it. And to be fair, SoV was good, but it wasn't great. Music was spot on, story is mediocre (the very game contradicts it's own morals in Alm's tale early on, and Celica surrenders her morals and tells Alm that he's right pretty quick and without a fight, not to mention she sees the equivalent of the avatar of evil and says "I'll let you take my body" and trusts it with not killing Alm of all things) and the supports/characters were OK but bland because their characterization was minimal (only a few really got their message across)
  12. Yeah, and it's been why a lot of fans still like the idea of Ike and Sothe or Ike and Elincia, etc (at least what I've been told). Because the game itself had plenty of supports (kinda like the GBA games) but most were just flat out removed from what I recall. And to be honest, if that damned meme had been pushed further in a support I'd probably replay the game just to get one of the endings like that XD
  13. Well, to be completely honest. Radiant Dawn was pushed out with low income and whatnot (IE a lot was removed just to make the due date) and they removed a bunch of ending supports. Including Ike and Micaiah, Ike and Elincia, Ike and Sothe, and the same was done for a lot of characters. So, this could actually be a thing.
  14. Well games fun, story seems to be picking up the pace, events are getting better, we're getting some variation in alts (though the Onsen banner isn't a great example, just ignore this one for now), arena and aether raids can be fun if taken lightly, etc. Overall, I enjoy the game. I can see characters from all games, I can see older and or younger version of characters that I love (Yay por P!Olivia being a less shy version!), and I can see other small story details unfold further here (Grima being interestingly explained, Hector's internal dilemma being pushed forward, etc)
  15. Hmm, found this and read through it, but I gotta say I'm actually of the mind that they're not really that well paired. To be fair, Fates doesn't sink the Inigo ship instantly (though he does hit on Lucina knowing it's her and she knows it's him, and there's no real panick there) Truth be told there isn't enough evidence that he'd marry her in the first place. First off, the game starts off by hinting at Sumia being heavily in love with Chrom (Maribelle mentions her literally staring off into the sunset waiting for him to return) and then it shoves Sumia in a bunch of missions to talk to Chrom, something no other female gets (the only other interaction with characters outside of their initial recruiting chapters is Robin helping Olivia in the Inigo recruiting mission (yes this does happen), and I forget what the other one was (outside of DLC of course, Scrambles mess this up). Second of all, Inigo's supports require the parent to be close to Lucina. Which is quite an interesting choice. That leaves very few options, and it means it's someone close to Chrom, or Chrom himself. Considering how FE:A pushes Sumia down your gullet early game, and since it makes the best Lucina with minimal effort, I'd say she's a better shoe in for the mom. This leaves Inigo with very few parental options. Frederick, Chrom's Wary guardian. Robin, Chrom's right hand man (note I originally had no feeling for Olivia x Robin's ship at all since I actually based all my pairings on children convos, so I'm being as unbiased as humanly possible). Perhaps Gaius? (He seems close to Chrom if I recall), and I don't know who else. The bigger picture is how Inigo perceives his father as rather cold at times, not to mention his father cares for tactics (father's tactical meeting is interrupted by Inigo not being there), and his father even compares him to Lucina (be this innocently or out of bad habbit is left to the readers imagination). This also shows that Inigo seems to hide his emotions and wants to make people smile just like his parents can, and that he feels that living up to their legacy, be it making people smile, or just helping them is far too important to him, as such he hides his pain behind his smile, the same smile Olivia seemingly showed him throughout his life. This puts Chrom into question in a way, but this only means that it's down to Fred boi or Rob since I don't know anyone who would hang out enough with Chrom to compare Inigo to Lucina, or even be angry at a tactical meeting of all things. Now in Fates, this is a bit harder to decide. Inigo mentions the Brand, but he's shown to like Lucina a lot (or at least, he admires her a lot) and he seems to be very curious of the Brand, whether he has one or not is yet to be seen, since in the DLC it is shown that their appearances had changed once Anankos arrived, not after, so we can't sink any ships here yet. After this we have Amiibo's. Inigo and Lucina's connection begins with Inigo recognizing her, and opposed to panicking outright, he asks her that if he wins, if she'll go out on a date with him Laslow: Hm? Why, behold a fair maiden standing near! Care to chat? How about we slip off for a lovely stroll—just you and I. Lucina: Inigo?! Laslow: Huh? Lucina?! Lucina: Right! Yes! It's me! But why are you in this world? Laslow: Why? I could ask the same of you! By the by, could you do me the favor of not calling me by...that name? Lucina: Ever the man of intrigue, aren't you? Oh, you haven't changed a bit. And to be asked off for a dalliance with you—how flattering. Tell you what. If you win, I'll gladly go off with you. Laslow: Hmm. Really, Lucina? You're not just toying with me? All right then, I'll win that stroll fair and square. I do have a few questions I'd like to put to you in private. Are you truly the Lucina I know? You're as beautiful as she... Lucina: I didn't quite catch that. Laslow: Never mind. Brace yourself, fair maiden of mystery! The perceived panic is only when he notices it's her, but he quickly remains steadfast in his mission to date her. And dating your sister is pretty wrong, even for Fire Emblem standards. This remains something I still find curious, but once more, they could simply be vague with this. After this, we get more info from the Inigo and Chrom convo in the beginning of the Free DLC. Laslow: I know it isn't the same time as when I left, but it still feels so good to be back. So good in fact, it makes me want to dance one of my mother's dances! La la la... Chrom: You're quite an excellent dancer. Laslow: What the---?! Ah, hello, Chr--- Err, I mean... You're Chrom, right? Chrom: Indeed I am. Who are you? Laslow: My names's... Laslow. Chrom: Laslow, huh? It's not often we see such a skilled dancer around here. Laslow: It's a hobby, really. I wouldn't call myself a professional by any means. Chrom: Really? But you're so graceful. Laslow: Thank you very much! I get embarrassed easily, and I don't want to be remembered... by you... Chrom: That's... a bit strange. But I can respect it if you want me to leave. I apologize for bothering you. Laslow: Oh, wait! Can I ask you one thing before you go? Chrom: What's that? Laslow: If you meet a woman one day... One who dances like me, maybe... If you meet her, could you tell her that she's an inspiration to me? Please? And that I wish all the happiness in the world for her and her family? Chrom: I... suppose I can do that, as strange as such a request is. You actually think I'll meet such a woman? Laslow: I'd bet my life savings that you will. Chrom: That's some confidence. All right, I promise. But in return, promise me you won't give up on your dancing and that someday... you'll come back here to entertain us all. Laslow: I promise. This in turn shows Laslow asking Chrom to speak to his mother, seemingly to tell her that she's an inspiration to Laslow himself, not to hit on her (if we're looking at it plainly that is). This is however pointless since it's shown that Chrom completely forgets any of this due to the happenings of the coming days with Robin, so I see this as him simply venting about his love for his mother (though he does return after Fates ends to see her alongside Soleil so I'm pretty sure he got to say it in person). This leads us to the final bits of DLC regarding Inigo, which is the Robin Amiibo, which returns to my 2 possible options for marriages regarding Olivia. Now, I don't tend to stick Robin with anyone story related (duh, he's the MU, and those barely get official pairings, and the only one to come to mind is Kris(Katarina), Corrin(heavily hinted with Azura), and maybe Mark (if Lyn doesn't marry she follows him around, pretty much). Robin in his three chats with the children has differing tones. With Owain. He says that he feels that he knows Robin, and that his aura seems familiar (one of Owain's apparent power is to scan aura's? Maybe a mage thing), and Robin dismisses it as a false positive of sorts, to which Owain continues to ponder. Severa calls him a fake by all means, asking how he'd dare to impersonate somebody she knew. Inigo however, well his seems a bit more heartfelt to me than the other two. Laslow: "..." Robin: "What's wrong? Have you lost your interest in this battle?" Laslow: "No, not at all. Merely taking a moment to...observe my opponent. Let us continue. Though I'm not sure I can fight my best against...you." Robin: "Ha! What a line! But I'm not fooled. This is just some sort of ruse." Laslow: "It's true! You saw right through it, as if...you've known me forever. ... (I can do this... Old friend or not... I must battle my best!)" This one seems much deeper than the others. Inigo stares at him for a moment, and begins to talk as honest as he ever has in most of his convos to Robin of all people, who he very clearly only spoke about his philandering too in Awakening (you can look up their non parental supports if you so wish). This one however, seems much deeper. Stating that he saw through him, and how he's known him for forever, a sentiment not shared by the others. The bigger tell (at least for me) is why Inigo wholeheartedly believes that Robin's "known him forever". And that trait, or at least, the only person from the 1st Gen to know his actual reasoning for his false personality and his real ambitions are his father. PS; This began as a "Why I dislike Chrom x Olivia" post, but ended up as me posting what I thought made sense for Olivia. So oopsie, my bad. Also one helluva word wall.
  16. Well, this is hella old but, found it so, Olivia for females (Olivia x Robin is adorable, and Inigo's INteractions with Rob in Fates is great), and for Males, went Inigo. But only because I didn't spot Gerome there.
  17. Yeah same. I like building them. Oifey I used a fair bit in Genealogy. Though it had to do with Oifey being super useful in the game since cavalry pretty much ruled the game (and surviving onslaughts was rather hard when I removed a mobile monster like Oifey.
  18. First to ever bench was Frederick followed by Stahl. I used Sully, and Fred boi sucked up exp (I recognized this rather early when I saw the difference in XP gain). After that, I played all the older ones, and aside from lunatic runs I tended to bench all the Jagen archetypes early on, and I always benched 1 of the 2 Cain-Abel archetype cavalry units (I still do. I can never balance XP gain between the two)
  19. Yep, and who better. We need a demote after all this time so I'd be ecstatic about this one. Hmm, maybe. If they can learn it he'll be really good though.
  20. I actually think Reyson may be demoted. He has 2 skills only, so he seems pretty easy for a demote (and we need one after all this time) Also, anybody else like the idea of Galeforce Tibarn. Sounds disgusting.
  21. Well, they did have lines in Fates. Robin has a moment with Severa (can't believe it's him and says she's going to take him down for faking being her friend), and Owain(you can guess what he does here), and Inigo borderline breaks down telling him he's the only person to ever see through him (reference to how Inigo is actually quite broken inside like all child units). Marth, Ike and the others had less though, probably since they had less of a connection (though Ike talking to Priam in Awakening through Amiibo's would have been badass)
  22. Yeah I was thinking of that as well. The same was done with Amiibo's for the 3DS games, so I don't see they couldn't give us something for linking out games.
  23. Yeah I read the entire board myself. It's still a lot to infer if you want Ike to marry Soren and for Priam to make sense, but once more, outta topic.
  24. This is honestly my PoV in a nutshell. So long as the person isn't screaming "this is cannon!" I'm okay with it. Hell, a dumb example to compare, but I adore Robin and Olivia, and there's unique sequences between the two, and Inigo even makes some sense as his kid, but I don't go around saying they're cannon. That's just dumb, and since nothing is cannon (not even Eliwood and Ninian which is super heavily pushed) any assumption on evidence can be made, but can be completely wrong. Back on topic. I thought I was the only one to notice those earrings. They really made me love the attention to detail they gave Marth. And he deserves it too, the Hero King of Archanaea deserves as much.
  25. Yeah I can agree with both ideas XD I'll also say that I prefer NY Hrid's VA to his OG VA. Original feels nerdier. . Same way I like Olivia's PA Voice Acting than the others (she sounds happy not to mention she stutters less).
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