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  1. I like how this thread went from the last to post wins to being a chat thread back to being the last to post wins. We've finally come full circle, guys.
  2. 154. You guys need to keep counting for that to happen.
  3. I personally love FE1! Being one of those people that has to play games in order (as R0xas aptly put it), it was the first FE game I completed, and I've got very fond memories of it. I like how different it is to the newer games - even its remakes. Weapon level, the way promotion works, the very limited number of classes that can even promote, Kaga's hatred of axes, even minor things like crossbows just make it feel like a completely different experience to me. Consequentially, I am of the opinion that the remakes aren't just better versions of the original. They're different games. They follow the same outline (both in gameplay and in story), but they're still very different games, and one isn't a substitute for the other. What I think is a problem that a lot of people going into FE1 have, is that they expect it to be like FE11, and then they feel disappointed with the gameplay and completely overlook the story differences when they get to it. I believe FE1 is best enjoyed as its own thing: its own game, its own story. It also obviously suffers from how old it is, with its awful UI... though in my opinion, the game is generally easy enough for that to not really be much of a problem.
  4. When you get so out of the loop with this thread that it becomes a different thread. Also, happy birthday! @Acacia Sgt
  5. Hello, and welcome to the forest! I hope you'll enjoy your time here! I have to say, Binding Blade is an unusual first FE game. How come it was your first?
  6. Happy birthday!

    1. Nym


      Thank you!

  7. You can start book 2 from the main menu, you don't have to carry on from book 1. If you really want to carry on into book 2 from your book 1 save though, then yes, you will have to reset when units die in book 1 (the Aum staff exists, but it's only got one use).
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