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  1. Hello, and welcome to the forest! I hope you'll enjoy your time here! I have to say, Binding Blade is an unusual first FE game. How come it was your first?
  2. Happy birthday!

    1. Nym


      Thank you!

  3. You can start book 2 from the main menu, you don't have to carry on from book 1. If you really want to carry on into book 2 from your book 1 save though, then yes, you will have to reset when units die in book 1 (the Aum staff exists, but it's only got one use).
  4. Yep, you can only proceed to book 2 from your book 1 save if you've had no playable character deaths in book 1.
  5. Happy birthday, Kim!!! (I don't know if you'll ever see this, but it's worth a shot)

  6. It is rare for people joining this forum to actually admit that they're joining because they're looking for friends. Anyway, hello, and welcome to the forest! Enjoy it around here~ If I may ask, what makes New Mystery your favorite game and why is Kris your favorite character? Your tastes are a bit... unusual.
  7. Also, I can't believe they added Kempf to Heroes. But I'm glad we're finally getting Thracia appreciation. In America!
  8. You guys didn't know vegan cheese existed? I've been eating this stuff for months.
  9. [Sharena voice] My turn! The battle begins....... waifu is here it's ok Yes, you are very ready since you became lucky. ouch You are so not ready; you've still got your eyes closed! "A training mission where we could all die." [1989 cartoon Link voice] Pay attention, Natalie! You could learn something! "And if they don't, we'll make them welcome our presence." Ike. I have questions. What happened to your trainer? And why, why, do you have four iron swords? Do you have a hoarding problem? Have the Greil Mercenaries got a therapist on their team? Because you should go see them. Oh man, the bandit boss is hot. I hope we can recruit him and S-support him. Very nice. Well, no, but that's kind of you to say. Oh man, now this guy is hot! Sorry, Zawana, I've got a new crush. uwu magical~ This bandit thought he could destroy this house before I could reach it. This bandit thought wrong. Oh, hey, I didn't know Attractive Villager was in this game! Nice to see you! And nice to see you too! Oh no, does this mean he's leaving? What about my hopes and dreams of marrying him and having a family with him? 👀 Seems my hopes and dreams aren't dead after all. what a good boy-d (pun copyright of @badatfireemblem) We had fun smashing that bandit, and now all that remains is the boss. uh-oh child abuse in fire emblem i'm not done sassing you around yet mate Hey, I wanted to recruit you. I wanted you to join my team and S-support with me and have lots of babies with me. This is on you, man. Ike's first good level-up. Took him a while. yesssss Chapter 1 is done!
  10. Starting Radiant Dawn will be starting with a clean slate. Deaths will not carry over in between games. Thanks! The prologue should be up soon (Natalie is just taking a while)!
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