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  1. I don't have Hector. How bad would he be against Clarisse and the Blue Tome Mage? Cecilia could be a decent one. Reinhardt should be solid enough for the Swords. He may want the Atk +1 seal just in case. What I did was (and this was even for Infernal): send Ryoma (we have the same nature) in range of Thief/Green Tome Cavalier and M!Robin (in your case, either of Hector or Cecilia) in range of Thief/Clarisse. Thief goes for Ryoma, which means Ryoma's Vantage 3 is live and will kill the Green Tome Cavalier on retaliation. M!Robin will severely weaken Clarisse. Ridding yourself the Green Tome Cavalier will relieve you of some pressure. In my runs, he was the one to break the wall. Without him, the enemies won't start pouring in for another turn or two.
  2. Getting close to 50K+ Feathers again after 5* Camus. Still have 1000 flags for the next round!
  3. I do hope so! Someone's Eirika has taken over Vax's Sharena for most times now. @Arcanite Well that certainly backfired on you, haha. I was going to reply the same--and I'm not even on Team Lissa
  4. This many matches later and still haven't gotten @Astellius's Est. I think there's only like five or so people in Team Priscilla for my friends. I don't get it. I'm not entirely for the Feathers so I spent like 410 flags total for this round. Once for a multiplier. Kudos to Team Clarine for a nice match. Also reading @Clarine's posts was entertaining. What a well-spoken lady she is. Sadly, with the multipliers in, it's not as exciting for me like with Chrom vs Ephraim. Being on Team Chrom, that match was so hectic. I've been spoiled.
  5. Let's be fair: My M!Robin was actually the real champ of this map. A -raven + Triangle Adept 2/3 does wonders here. For your Xander, he could be the one to go all the way to the left if he can tank the Green Tome Cavalier's attack and kill on retaliation. That may depend on the build. I used Ryoma with Vantage 3. -breakers to compensate for speed. Unlike Legion, there are no reinforcements. You can try a healer for a defensive approach.
  6. Holy shit. M!Robin with Swordbreaker 3 and Triangle Adept 2 saves me in Infernal. Team: (all Level 40 and 5*) +Res/-HP Ryoma, +Atk/-Spd M!Robin, +Atk/-Spd Ninian, +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt Skills: Ryoma - Raijinto, Swap, Moonbow, Speed +3 (exclusively SI'ed for this... proceed to forget Windsweep prevents follow-ups for the Thief, oops), Vantage 3, Hone Speed 3, Speed +1 (seal) Ninian - Light Breath+, Dance, Wings of Mercy 2 (not used), Hone Attack 3, Spur Defense 1 (seal; originally had Speed +1 seal) M!Robin - Blarraven+, Bonfire, Triangle Adept 2, Swordbreaker 3, Spur Defense 3 Reinhardt - Dire Thunder, Reposition, Moonbow, Attack +3, Wings of Mercy 3 (not used), Spur Attack 2, Attack +1 (seal) General Strategy: Positions: Ryoma southwest, Ninian south, M!Robin north, Reinhardt northeast 1) Buff Ryoma and M!Robin with Hone Attack 3 2) Ryoma punches west. M!Robin moves one space west, out of range of Infantry Sword with Panic Ploy. 3) Ryoma kills the Green Tome Cavalier via Vantage 3 after the encounter with Thief 4) M!Robin moves to Ninian's west. Have Reinhardt kill Clarisse. Ninian dances Reinhardt out of Blue Mage's range. Ryoma moves south one. 5) M!Robin moves south one. Reinhardt and Ninian placed out of range, but Ninian must be placed next to M!Robin. 6) M!Robin kills the weakened Thief. Ninian dances M!Robin. M!Robin kills Sword Cavalier thanks to Swordbreaker 3. 7) Laugh as since a majority of my team is +Atk, Ninian and Reinhardt with Moonbow proc has enough to kill the Blue Mage. 8) M!Robin kills the Infantry Sword with Swordbreaker 3 and a Bonfire. 9) Done! Basically, if I had reread Windsweep, I could have done this without skills exclusively SI'ed for Infernal. Oh well. Guess I needed to make room in my roster anyways! Edit: As for Lunatic, it was Camilla instead of Reinhardt. Completely horseless, oh yeah~
  7. Haven't gotten her once. I mostly get @Vaximillian's Sharena and @Korath88's Celica. Once for @Alexmender's Minerva. I want to try Est. Game, please. I spent only 5 flags during one of the multipliers. At least all my Gauntlet-related flag quests are done. Just need to finish Arena victories.
  8. Hopefully my Reinhardt has been helpful despite not being fully optimized. My battles have been easy thanks to Priscilla being Level 1. Tempest Trials and other priorities took over before I could train her. Oops.
  9. Sounds rough. Since we're on the same team however... Sent a request. I'm "Dual" with a Reinhardt lead. May the +Atk/-Spd guide you to victory as he flies in with Wings of Mercy 3.
  10. First map: Celica/Priscilla/Gaius vs Anna/Anna/Anna Nice Jugdral barbecue.
  11. Haha. He's already set as leader. It's a "just in case" list. XD
  12. Ah yes. Should the Gauntlet have its color meta, here's my list of 5*s I can switch to for Team Priscilla: +Spd/-Def Marth +Atk/-Spd Roy +Res/-Atk Eirika +Res/-HP Ryoma +Res/-Def Sanaki +Atk/-Spd Tharja +Atk/-Spd Ninian +Atk/-Spd M!Robin +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt +Atk/-Res Spring Chrom +Def/-Spd Minerva +Spd/-HP Camilla +Spd/-Res Gordin +Spd/-HP Bride Lyn Sharena Camus
  13. Eh, why not. Team Priscilla people that want to add me, it's 3866984492, username "Dual." Let me know if you're adding me and your username. Rep is Reinhardt.
  14. I think my final decision is Priscilla first. If you don't mind, I'll be adding you. Reinhardt lead for scum-lord status. "Dual" as username.
  15. Maybe I'll go in order. Sounds like Priscilla will lose anyways, but I want to generate enough points if I'm not going to support a character I own later.
  16. I don't know who to vote for. Have: Priscilla, Clarine, Lissa Who I like the most: Lachesis, Mist Decisions.
  17. 40% bonus unit = x1.4 Surrender once = x1.15 or something like that Definitely worth it.
  18. Well, I beat Lunatic seven battles with a team of Camus, Sanaki, Minerva, and Bridal Lyn. Wasn't expecting to hence the lack of bonus unit. Yeah, my Speed rating tanked but that's okay. Motherland intensifies I mean, it's all for Camus SP. I was really confused why my Sanaki could double axes, forgetting I gave her Axebreaker 3 for Infernal Legion. It helps to take out Minervas and Camillas. Can't complain there. Everyone, you can do it! @Luna of Dragonblood Congrats!
  19. Haha. I might come to that just training Camus. I'm having more fun with Tempest Trials using it as a HM/EXP grinding zone. Helps that it contributes some points towards staying in the 5K bracket. Win-win.
  20. @Zeo That's rough. I think I've dealt with both in one map once, but it was easy to take care of them with my own Delete Button (Reinhardt). I'm 100K+ now. That's one day ahead of schedule. I'm glad. Means I can focus on training up my new shiny 5* Camus. Maybe even use the Tempest Trials to get his SP up... though I wouldn't know how to compose a team with him as game-winning as my A team of Tharja, Reinhardt, Ninian, and Ryoma. No Vantage or Quick Riposte yet means he can't be as good as my Ryoma. Maybe I'll sac the last Lon'qu I have like I did with Ryoma. Score: 100,077 Rank: 3,953 I'll just stay in the 5K bracket. Seems reasonable.
  21. Two daily Orbs should be until the 22nd. To everyone: you're getting there! Whatever your goal is, don't give up! For those curious on rankings, 95,894 is rank 3,240.
  22. Score of 90,030 puts me at rank 3,243. The end is in sight. Sweet release is coming.
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