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  1. Yeah, and with a gen two banner maybe we could have gotten Exalt Lucina over this travesty.
  2. Oof, Female Robin and Grima. Double whammy of bad.
  3. I think Link and young Link are only ever considered different in Melee and Ultimate, and in Ultimate they literally are different characters. I can somewhat see it, but it does also ironically fly into the face of the argument a lot of people use to say Tiki is Tiki so shut up and like it. The biggest tell will be if smol is still votable next year. While I don't have much love lost for the younger one though, I'm not sure if they can really fit into the Baby Mario and Mario category. Those two have a heavier disconnect. Adult is still very much a continuation of smol.
  4. It seems part of this is based on the phallacy of you thinking they aren't the same character...but they are. Factually speaking, they are the same character. Now, a lot of time has passed and clearly their fan bases don't fully mesh which could give you practical reasons to say they are different, but they are the same person at different points in her life. And I meant as close as they could make it while still technically going by the results. They followed the results of the vote, not so much the intent. Again, it goes back to if people wanted academy TH lords, they would have voted for academy TH lords. If we wanted young Tiki content, they would have voted for young Tiki. But that's all kinda beside the point as it's not like them. This was a direct response to how people perceived adult Tiki was treated compared to young Tiki. Yet instead of something unique or based on Naga or literally anything else, they gave us this. And, yeah, I wouldn't have wanted Bantu either, but at least then it wouldn't have been directly opposed to the whole point. Because, as I said, the context is extremely important here. It didn't matter about Ike and Roy because they weren't voted in to get out from under Greil and Eliwood's shadows. Adult Tiki was voted in largely because people were tired of her getting so little compared to her younger self. They are different because the surrounding circumstances are different. That legendary example is somewhat poor. Young Tiki was generally around more in Archanea, and I'm at least told Fae is decently important to the plot at least. I agree the pool is quickly drying up, but I'm also hardly confident they'll pick adult Tiki. Especially with the afore referenced divide in how they treat young and adult Tiki. Adult Tiki wasn't even mandatory in Awakening. At least in that regard Mythics aren't as picky. Either way, you can't really confirm that she's getting one, or that it'll be the Naga outfit so that it couldn't have been used here.
  5. But there is a version of Tiki dressed like that. The one that didn't win and was consistently outvoted. If people wanted a young Tiki reference they would have voted for her instead. No, it's clearly not small Tiki, but it's about as close as they could possibly make it. Even the sprites look ludicrously similar. No, those two have never had separate entries, but Alm and Celica went nowhere till Echoes so obviously those were the versions people were voting for. Er...you mean Male Robin? Not really relevant but I certainly hope they don't do Female Robin after female Grima. And I still kinda doubt legendary Tiki as they consider her a minor character for Awakening which, yeah, fair enough in that regard. Mythic maybe.
  6. For one, cause there isn't a version of Roy and Ike you could vote for that are dressed like that. It'd be like if they dressed 4's winners in their academy outfits. More than that though, it's really quite simple in that it outright ignores the main reason she won at all. That being the bias towards young Tiki. So, what do they do when the fans rally and vote in her older self? Reference young Tiki anyway. So perhaps a better analogy would be if people were angry Eliwood was getting more alts than Roy and then they did brave Roy. Context is extremely important here. It's a case of losing even when you win for those who voted for that reason. Female Byleth at least has the excuse of it being a third hair color that was not votable, but they still kinda skirted the results there as well, but at least that was a neutral option. And, for the record, I don't like how they handled Alm and Celica either though I have less of a stake in them. I don't think it was a good choice to represent their older looks when people were clearly voting for the remakes. Also seems extremely generous to assume she'll get an ascended given both their track record with adult Tiki and who she has to compete with for that spot (Lucina who already has a Cipher outfit that fits ready to go, Owain, Lissa, Male and Female Robin, Male and Female Morgan).
  7. Going off Ike, that seems unlikely. He's essentially a slightly more steam punk version of his other one. Even if they do it'll be a long time before they get here or even 4.
  8. Problem with that is this isn't some student art project, it's a product. Which means to some extent fan wishes should be at least considered. They essentially looked at the results and went yes, but no. Like, why hold the poll at all if you're going to skirt it and still represent the version that didn't win? In all technicality, yes, it's adult Tiki, but it looks so much like young Tiki, it's very reasonable for those people to feel shafted. Especially as this was a pushback against young Tiki. And, yes, yes, Japan views Tiki differently, but that's also ignoring or ignorant of why adult Tiki was pushed to the top anyway.
  9. Well, Tiki went from a must get to a freebie pull Chrom and potentially bail.
  10. Oh, and for this. It's something I didn't realize till recently, but Sothis Regalia actually uses a different hair color than default and enlightened. That way they don't have to choose.
  11. Wow, that Tiki outfit is awful. Objectively looks fine, but this flies in the face of the whole point of voting for adult Tiki.
  12. Oh yeah, definitely sparking Lucina if I have to. Wouldn't really say no to most of them though.
  13. Well, yeah, the problem is that she looks way young while supposedly being the same Lucina. If it was another Lucina, then there wouldn't be as much of an issue. Overall, the outfit itself doesn't seem bad, it's pretty much all in the art which has the serious flaw of making her look like a child.
  14. Maybe it's not comparable...maybe she looks younger. Seriously, just look at them side by side.
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