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  1. may I have link download Leauge of Champion fire emblem? All link are dead TvT

  2. shut up and leave hey mods maybe do something about this guy
  3. install the plugins that are linked if you want to play the game fuck off if you want to break into the coding whatsoever, do not waste my time replying to you again (and I know you've done this on FEU as well)
  4. Chapters 6 and 7 crashes, the fix with instructions on how to apply are in the first post
  5. Three weeks. First post has been updated with relevant information. Hard mode and Easy mode are added. Enjoy.
  6. as someone who bought the wii u version on release like an idiot, bought the dlc for wii u like an idiot, then bought a switch, then re-bought the game for switch including the dlc finish it, it's an great feeling to actually have completed it i'm not going to sit here and tell you "wow the final boss is amazing" because you know by now he's a joke BUT what I did in both version was finish the game 100% (shrines, screw the dumb koroks) then explore forever in hard mode
  7. Yeah not two weeks, probably like this week maybe I've decided to include an easy mode as well as hard mode for the next update, so that sort of added a bit more work. Not too much, but you know how it is.
  8. idk what section really fits for this, so I guess. Move it if you need to. Decided to try out a series on my channel (well a series of 1 right now) of Fire Emblem Jeopardy. Admittedly, maybe the first one was too difficult, but I thank my participants, GabrielKnight, Rubber, and Sol for being good sports and indulging me. Next round will be up… idk, whenever I set up the next one and gather participants. Anyone is welcome to join in, I’m ideally looking for 3-4 per round. That’s it, hopefully you enjoy it.
  9. The link to the project topic on FEU is here What you're effectively asking is how to implement 2RN to the snes titles (to my knowledge they use the same routine), which would require using a debugger and finding the routine itself. I personally don't know where this routine is set, nor do I know if it is used for all calculations or if the 1RN system is copied throughout the games (early FE was fairly inefficient with its coding).
  10. OP is just looking for examples from the community's perspective By yelling at them to simply "PLAY MORE" you're effectively silencing any potential for a discussion to arise Anyway An endgame map to me should firstly feel like an endgame. I don't want to see a random level 14 mercenary running around, nor do I want to see iron lances. On the opposite side, I do not want to see a bunch of 20/20 units with all stats capped. There should be something going on on the map, not just "run and kill the boss". FE5 has the dreadlords for example, and FE16 VW Some kind of subboss adds a nice element. There are other things, such as dynamic events, like when fighting any of the final bosses in fe10, they have an AOE effect every so often. It should feel like a rough fight to get to the end, but it shouldn't make me sit in place for several turns fending off infinite reinforcements. Surprises like traps, map changes, weather conditions, hidden rooms (think fe7), things like that. Not ambush spawns. As for desert maps, the problem with them to me is they are too large most of the time and you are limited to moving 1-2 tiles per turn. Mixing in different tiles, such as plains, so you have sections that are faster than others helps alleviate the sluggish feel, as well as gives the player more options than just fliers/magi(if magi can sand walk). I personally have done a project that featured... 4? Desert maps within 6 chapters, and I received little complaints if any to my knowledge. Keeping them smaller, giving the player options, and either having a way to ensure the player can find the hidden desert item or explicitly make clear there are not any. Those are just some thoughts
  11. Hmm, okay; I'll look into that chapter's events, thanks! The update including Ch9 and the interlude (along with hard mode and the ch5 fix) should be coming in around 2 weeks.
  12. She's only recruitable in ch6 if you brought Crioxe though, so if you didn't, you don't even have a way to get her in ch6. Ch8 is very much supposed to be an opportunity for you to train up some of your weaker characters, as Ch9 is going to be more difficult than any of the previous chapters, so you'll want to have a somewhat balanced team. Trainees I suppose, but they're not weak, they're just not nearly as strong as they were before, which was too strong. Now they're more on par with your other units, which is what I prefer.
  13. I'm not certain what you mean by this; I didn't really nerf trainees, I just lowered base stats all around. Cander is... Honestly one of the strongest trainees given you have the most time to utilize him and can give him boosters like the pow booster or a magic flower to add to his lower magic stat while pushing him in a wind magic direction to fully take advantage of his killer speed/luck and partially ignore his abysmal defenses (more avoid) and skill (Wind magic has higher hit and crit rates). Sort of the point. Anima triangle exists, but deal with dark and light is a bit different. Light magic is weaker overall, but light magic users like Palla obtain Smite either at level 20 or upon promotion, which gives them effective damage vs dark magic as well as ignoring the Dark skill: Eldritch. Eldritch gives the user WTA over any mage that doesn't have either Eldritch or Smite. Purpose of this is to discourage mage v mage combat (unless you have one of those abilities) and make physical weapons the ideal choice vs mages and their lower defenses. Good, I'm notoriously a pegasus hater, so I really tried to make Branna useful. I really think it's one of the easier chapters. The only real threats on getting to Demetra are the Hero and the Warrior. General is dealt with fairly quickly by anyone you send right. You also do not need to send anyone to rescue Catty, nor do you need to rush to try and recruit Robina, as both are recruitable in Ch7. I was curious to know if anyone had attempted that side instead of the standard route. Perhaps next time you do, try not killing her instantly. You miss out on the gold but may get something else... Yeah that cander is pretty slow, which is difficult to work with as that's his biggest asset. I also never really post here due to not remembering the log in information, but I figured I should relay this here as well. Hidden items! They’re a thing in the current release. Maybe you've found some of them. Here’s one for free. Side note regarding that, in Chapter 5 there is a hidden item hinted at in the leftmost mountains. The current version will crash, so do not attempt to obtain it, it will be fixed in the update release that contains both Chapter 9 and the Interlude. Speaking of Chapter 9… Everyone’s favorite siege engine is back.
  14. Yeah basically the entire project was rebuilt from the ground up, so only normal is included to determine an idea for how difficult to make hard mode
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