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  1. dragon claws are not the legendary gauntlets the actual one is an unreleased weapon that should be out on the last update
  2. remake/new game/spin off fe4/fe5 time other because there's no "no spin off" option i just hit awakening sequel but I'm good with fodlan, it doesn't really need to be jumped into again. it has 4 routes that all dive into various character's backstories; i think it's honestly very much done
  3. i also have issues with flayn but i couldn't deal with seteth screaming so when I do crimson again I will do so
  4. this question is flawed in nature, like why does anyone do anything and not everything of that genre because they want to, let people live
  5. the white beasts in silver snow do have her blood as well, as that's how they became white beasts in the first place i won't spoil the entire plot of that chapter, so I'll just leave it at that golems I believe were created by rhea/serios for the service of the church and are powered by crest stones, while titanus are bastardizations of that technology given a massive upgrade (given the defensive and offensive capability) by the agarthans. the names I think are just for reference/honor, I don't think the golems were ever humanoid
  6. Edelgard - Armored Lord/Emperor Hubert - Dark Bishop Dorothea - Warlock/Dancer (Maybe?) Ferdinand - Paladin Bernadetta - Sniper Caspar - Warrior Petra - Assassin Lindhardt - Bishop Dimitri - Great/High Lord Dedue - Fortress Knight Felix - Swordmaster Mercedes - Bishop Ashe - Sniper Annette - Warlock Sylvain - Paladin Ingrid - Pegasus Knight/Falcoknight Claude - Wyvern Master/Barbossa Lorenz - Paladin Hilda - Warrior Raphael - Grappler Lysithea - Warlock Ignatz - Sniper Marianne - Bishop Leonie - Paladin Flayn - Bishop Cyril - Sniper As far as I know, no one's default class is a Master Class with the exception of the lords and maybe ingrid with falcoknight
  7. felix mortal savant is the biggest bait class ever jesus, never do this unless you want to ruin the unit i've done brawler/warmaster, sniper, and SM/Hero/MS(It was my first run and I was baited) Personally, Sniper was the most fun but warmaster was just so efficient dorothea dancer, moving on if you don't have her as a dancer, gremory is the other option (but her support list is fantastic so make her a magic dancer and you'll be a-ok) ferd idk, i've made him a paladin, dancer, and a gk, as well as a hero i liked hero a lot, paladin was ok, dancer was meh, gk was meh so personal bias says hero but paladin is probably better caspar/ashe/leonie
  8. ... how did you even get to that chapter lol i mean just stick to that strat or sacrifice some units idk
  9. I think it boils down to I think they intended blue lions to be the "canon" route, which is why there is much more work put into the route. Something that I hope dlc or updates address, but doing the other routes just feels like... Idk, something was missing. Also the fact that dimitri's classes all say "lord" in them, and he uses lances and sword (swords being the canon fe lord weapon and lances being a weapon cavalry use, which many FE lords either start as or promote to). But whatever still ain't my fave 😉
  10. i was ~38-40 and I went straight up the middle and right side so yeah it's possible unless you literally only used byleth and dimitri and everyone else is level 20
  11. dislike -> like hilda wow didn't expect this one linhardt i love this guy caspar is my boy bernie such a poor lost soul marianne was so annoying until I got to know her and now she's hella dope hubert man this man is just a dick until you realize he kind of... isn't slyvain is the guy jeritza big shocks like -> dislike flayn please shut up mercedes aaaaaaaaaaaaa i think it's just her voice rhea LOL i've played enough routes dislike -> dislike cyril leave lorenz LOLOLOL played through 3 routes (BE both, BL), working on 4th (GD)
  12. I would reword the name of that poll, as it doesn't make sense to say this is going to be the direction for every fe, as IS is not known for consistency Despite saying I enjoyed what they did in three houses (I've done 2.5 routes at this point), I agree that there's a lot of added time to the game that's not actually related to gameplay or story, just idle time. But I also had 0 issue with investing extra time because the content is great, character development is great, and the extra features are for the most part done well, and largely skippable if you really don't want to do them.
  13. it's actually... super easy to handle that initial bolting mage, use a bow on a flier; brave bow boom dead. bow fliers in general destroy all of the starting dark mages around the bolting one for the second one, i used warp to just get someone there to murk them before they could do anything SEIROS wasn't as bad as I initially thought if you just gambit her to get her out of the way (or you'll have a lot of reinforcements you don't want to deal with), I personally just went all left to handle her and dedue and ignored most of the demonic beats in the middle and sent someone to deal with the lovely mercedes after handling dimi for real though, that was... horrible. idk who to be madder at, dedue or the soldiers themselves. shit was crazy and then dedue went off and i literally screamed WHAT THE FUCK
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