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  1. weirdly I can't count; that was part 6 here's 7
  2. chill out from their perspective, it makes complete sense and was something they were going to have to do eventually because they backed themselves into a corner by making so many pokemon. yes the timing is very odd given they just recently brought up pokemon home, which is supposed to hold everything you ever had, but the new game won't actually transfer everything. yes it's weird because their literal slogan has gone from "gotta catch 'em all!" to "gotta catch 'em all*" however, most likely the majority of cut members will be legendaries and (possibly) starters to give the new pokemon the spotlight. idk personally i have little issue with this, it's very difficult to find reasons to use specific pokemon when they've been powercrept, so if this is going to somewhat relieve that i'm happy. however, idgaf about noctowl why is that staying lol edit ^ yeah they have the right idea
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU9Yw0C29ew Part 4 is up! Seems I'm probably going to upload 3 times a week (Tue/Thurs/Sat), so stay tuned for that.
  4. I guess I never actually posted this here because I’m stupid but I’ve been working on rewrites for some of the plot aspects of the game. Nothing really changes in Sugari’s chapters (a new character is replacing Denson’s role), and Barnaldo is… basically being written out in favor of a different character. Reasoning being I couldn’t figure out a real link between the two main characters, and despite how much I enjoyed making those chapters (and somehow creating a meme in one of them), I had no choice but to kick him. As of now, chapters up to 4 have been redone to varying degrees, and the next release (which will certainly not be 1.3) will encompass all the chapters it was originally going to include (ie Prologue -> Interlude). Sorry about the wait and lack of information. You can always feel free to join my discord 1 as well for any information on progress or to help out anything (mostly face sprites).
  5. I’m currently doing a (basically) blind LP of @Primefusion's TRTR , probably uploading once a week. that’s all bye oh and suggestions on improvements are welcome as I do not know what I’m doing also I'm still working on Fractured Realms lel
  6. for someone who claims to be against shipping, you sound suspiciously like a dedicated shipper with these overly defensive responses to people's posts
  7. Hah tomorrow Anyway, first post is updated with the new download.
  8. Quick hotfix update will probably be up tomorrow, it addresses the balance/random errors that were reported.
  9. this is inaccurate; fe13 has durability and fe15 is a remake of fe2, which didn't have durability to begin with. Fe14 is the only one that really decided to drop it on it's own (and it was certainly not done well, much like almost everything in fe14).
  10. how about none that seems like enough to me
  11. pretty much this now i have another roy to try and merge to +10 oh joy i'm doing so well so far
  12. she's also 100% not relevant anymore, further supporting that it's not her
  13. jesus calm down ana yes 2 bodies, no that is 100% not fjorm (she isn't relevant at all anymore, there is 0 reason it would be her) blue hair on farther person seems to support gustav, blond hair on closer person without the little hair pin seems to support the mother
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