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  1. I'm so mad at myself for still trying for Idunn and now not having Orbs for Yune.
  2. Palla is the only interesting unit for me. Marisa is ok but don't care enough to go for her. The other two are Heroes OCs and I pretty much never care for them. But at least everyone looks pretty good well everyone except Loki imo. Not a fan of Kusakihara tbh. If only Palla was the free unit instead of Loki so I'd actually get a character I like and not one I heavily dislike.
  3. I don't think a banner as appealed to me less but that just means I get to save more Orbs for January so yes.
  4. Two free summons two amazing pulls I now have a spare Vengeful Fighter and I'm not sure what to do with it. Probably going to BK.
  5. I got Nephenee on my free summon. I'm not sure who to give Wrath to though. I guess my OG Lyn would like it but I could also keep it so I can give it to Ayra someday when I get a spare Hector.
  6. Huh I'm already done with this banner. I got Linde albeit her being -spd +HP. I got her that's all that matters and I got a neutral Tiki. So I have all Summer Units I really wanted. Maybe I'll go for Innes now. I also got a pitybreaker Mia. I merged her because with the Flashing Blade Seal coming I didn't see much use in using her for SI.
  7. I find it pretty amusing that after finally getting Summer Tiki yesterday they realease another Summer Tiki right afterwards. Ah well. Not liking Linde sharing focus with Takumi that much though.
  8. If the left is indeed Linde it seems my quest to summon summer units continues. Thankfully I got all I wanted by now so I will be able to focus only on her.
  9. my free summon from the VG Banner This is my third Linde and I'm quite happy
  10. FE1/3: Phina, Samson, Astram (mainly because Mercurius), Phina, Lena and Julian FE2: Kliff I guess FE4: Lex, Azelle, Tine, Ced, Quan, Ethlyn, Altena and Larcei FE5: Othin, Sara, Linoan, Mareeta and Asbel FE6: Perceval FE7: uhm Rath I guess FE8: Gerik FE9/10: Jill, Ilyana and Marcia FE13: Sumia Also multi post before finished. WELP
  11. Gorshalach from Warcraft is probably up there with other swords as well. Sargeras cleaved a planet in half with it
  12. I have two Lindes and a Luke. Those are probably my rarest. Also I guess Y!Tiki and 3 normal Azuras but I think Linde and Luke are more rare.
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