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  1. I've been trying to hack the Judgral games for a while now, and I have a couple of doubts. Is hex the only way to edit... -Text (Names, Dialogue, etc.)? (I heard of a text editing tool called "Resire" but where can I find it? Or are they working on it right now?) -Maps? Can I use that broken YY-chr thing to edit the sprites of the 2 games? And if I can, where are the portraits, map sprites and battle sprites? (things get much harder if you don't like the GBA games at all at least you can make custom weapon locks and broken weapons ) Thanks!
  2. Why is Chrom madly in love with Cordelia every time I check? ...and why does Tharja hate me so much?
  3. Hi there, Eliwood! Hope you like it in here :P Also, if you need help on hacking you can search up your question. If it isn't there, write a topic about it. 99% of the time, people will respond with a solution. ;)
  4. A poisoned Dorcas wants to object to that statement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM-s5C0dnZs XD
  5. Not too sure, but whatever you do don't play FE5: Thracia 776. Chapter 1 is so hard you'll have to use your Jagen to weaken the boss.
  6. http://katyoukai.deviantart.com/art/Fire-Emblem-in-a-Nutshell-52317957 This is the definition of funny. XD
  7. Earthbound is one of a kind. It has 11 defense layers. Almost no game has more XD
  8. 23: Buy both M'n'Ms and Skittles, and put them together. (You forgot 23..?)
  9. But they do! What if Nintendo suddenly starts making MOTHER games and only MOTHER games from now on for no reason?
  10. 18,27,4,9,46 35,10,19,21,20 44,38,*,1,28 15,43,8,50,6 12,35,48,25,40 Like this?
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