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  1. For those of you who have beat Fire Emblem Fates and don't have much left to do in the game, much like myself, I have created a list of challenging My Castles to battle. It is always fun to test your team against a opponent who has put a lot of thought in creating there team/castle map. I recommend you battle at their castle for a extra level of toughest if you are into challenging battles. Please feel free to add/comment on any castles that you thought were challenging. Castle List: Ft. Raikuno 13990-24660 17481-52989 Twilight 18436-09879 45947-88840 Ft. Brian 08027-95513 67008-98436 DemonicPalace 15737-92170 65680-25217 Ft.Zhao 16142-87964 42189-62908
  2. Tiki really is popular she has a huge lead on everyone else.
  3. I feel you, one of my friends got her on her second pull and didn't even know who she was.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble summoning Ninian? I have summoned from about 19 blue orbs and nothing, my 5 star rates is up to 3.75%. Is she worth the trouble or should I just move on?
  5. As someone already mention Anankos has many powers, though one of his stronger feats is placing a curse on anyone who mentions the Valla Kingdom.
  6. She does have a form that the player is able to control in Heroes, not sure if that counts though.
  7. I forgot about this until the new update on Fire Emblem Heroes, but doesn't Ninian have a dragon form as well. She turn into it in the story. I believe she should be included as well.
  8. My favorite prince has to be Kana, he has a innocent view of the world which is rare for Fire Emblem princes. Also I just like him because he is my favorite character. My favorite princess is Hinoka, I just really like her design.
  9. The male version appears in one chapter and the female version appears in the other. I don't see them as the same character thought since there personality are different.
  10. The DLC In Fire Emblem Awakening where you had to fight Morgan was sad, specially because Morgan is one of my favorite characters. It does add more story to there character.
  11. I'll add a fourth since I agree it's hard to tell if any dragon is "pure blooded." I mean according to Kana's ending people believe him to be a dragon god, so it's hard to say if a dragon is actually "pure blooded." Kana - Dragon Spawn Generations on, people would call him the dragon god incarnate and tell stories of how the divine Kana would transform into a dragon to save people. But really he was just a boy who loved his mother.
  12. My favorite final boss battle has to be Ashera, reason being the fight was the most epic. Your team vs the boss no soldiers or monsters, just having to destroy her aura and survive her powerful attacks. Also her having the power to revive herself if defeated the wrong way, which I have done on my first play through. I can't think of another battle more epic.
  13. I think I have to go with Anankos, he has displayed god like powers throughout the game. Which other dragons did display however none of which were even close to the powers Anankos displayed.
  14. Who are Ein, Khozen, and Mannu? I don't remember which games these three were from.
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