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  1. This is the big one the game goes with as a symbol. Also Sothe mentioning that the laguz are "Children of Strength to the beorc "Children of Wisdom". Not only is this a cultural thing, but laguz are also so in touch with their chaotic side that, if a situation is sufficiently high in intensity (like the average battlefield), they lose all sense of reason and continue pushing the objective until they win. Beorc armies can gain the upper hand because they can do things like strategic withdrawals and precision flanking- the reason Soren is so powerful for the Laguz Alliance is because it lets them match the strategy and lean entirely on their strength. Zelgius ultimately defeats them because he finds the force lead by Skrimir and exploits his poor tactical acumen. The funny thing about Ranulf is that the game sorta implies that he's some kind of avatar of Order among laguz- basically everything mentioned about the laguz's poor planning and fury under pressure doesn't apply to him. Even he can succumb to it under the right circumstances, but the reason he's the main link between the beorc planners and the laguz is that he's the laguz that thinks most like a beorc. Which is a neat parallel to Ike being the beorc that thinks most like a laguz.
  2. I've spent a lot of time in a community that was first exposed to Fire Emblem through Three Houses, and one of the most surprising things we found was that a lot of the things that supported Edelgard's arguments in the game were things that Ike, Yune, and other heroic characters supported in the Tellius duology (and likewise, more than a few of the villains had arguments that turned into Rhea's position). In order to help ground them in the lore of Tellius, showing off the good, the bad, and the relevant, I eventually wrote this: https://bethanygamestudies.blogspot.com/2021/08/fire-emblem-path-of-radiance-compilation.html https://bethanygamestudies.blogspot.com/2021/10/fire-emblem-radiant-dawn-compilation.html Half-LP, half literature-analysis, and a boatload of Fire Emblem content I'm surprised it never even occurred to me to share here earlier.
  3. Aw, thanks for remembering! ...Come to think of it, something I've done recently could go up on the forums here...
  4. I created this as an idea- how many characters from each setting made the top 200. I went with 200 mostly because that's what the recent results do. My main question when I made it is "did the 3H hype train die down yet"- it turns out it's still holding strong, even if there is, in fact, a decrease. What I was more surprised to see was how well Tellius, Heroes and TMS are doing. (One thing that also helps Fates out here is that somehow, it's still only lost one character to actually winning.) Byleth's character is defined by the narrative with just a little bit of digging and using the gameplay experience of being Byleth. It's not quite the same as a conventional character, but it is by no means inferior.
  5. Yeah, she also has the "god believes in the inherent strength of mankind" that is Sothis (and literally every Fire Emblem religion except Seiros), but she's also like "dragons are inherently evil and righteousness is equivalent to murdering them". And also kinda seems to think Hartmut sparing Idoun was a mistake? I'm willing to forgive the former, because war dragons in Elibe are artificial, but the latter makes it sound... considerably less good.
  6. I've gotta say, Elimine's dialogue, especially her confession, feels very... off, in some way. Like, I feel like she might not necessarily be innocent where the corrupt factions of the Elimine Church are concerned? Wasn't expecting a really templar Elimine. Maybe it's because of Rhea's popularity.
  7. There's been a few ideas pitched around in my server. Zeke/Nyna, a few Jugdral pairings like Leaf/Nanna, something with the Awakening kids in Fates, or just repeating the Tellius pairing (literally anyone could do the trick.)
  8. There's some surprising creativity in bringing along a minister for the Bridal set. Also a pair of canonical lovers, a piner, and... someone with only occasional romantic teases for no one in particular, and someone so straight laced that romance almost never comes up for them. They'll just throw anybody in these gowns.
  9. From looking at the tags on the PEGI site, I thought it was the "bad language" that got them the 12. The tag as described on the tag description set doesn't list what Bad Language looks like in a 7+ game and 12+ has "mild bad language". I think Seiros stabbing Nemesis in 3H would push them over the 12 for Violence these days, though. Cutscenes have gotten a lot more intense since PoR.
  10. Honestly, sometimes Supports in the modern games just read like RD Supports but extended to fifteen lines each. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/94525-support-conversation-branches 3H compared to PoR is anything but smaller scale. PoR has like five Supports that change based on circumstances total, and only one of which is not in response to permadeath. The fact 3H is the first game since PoR to return to the idea of Supports that change is also rather telling. This point is one I heartily agree with, but sadly, I don't see Supports going away. If you count the total chains across the series, you'll notice that the total amount per game slowly started dying off from Binding Blade to Path of Radiance before they were removed outright in RD, and they weren't considered vital enough to backport into SD. Both games got panned specificially for lack of Supports, and now Awakening and 3H have more Supports total than Binding Blade, and Fates had like twice as many. SoV and 3H have represented them starting to go back to Base Conversations and the like. I think another argument I've seen a lot in this thread in general for keeping Supports over other means has a bit of a flaw: namely, how costly they would be to include. Supports aren't exactly a zero-sum inclusion, there is active development time being put into each one, and saying "either remove or cut down on these" opens up time to start brainstorming and writing these alternate ideas. Other than the "this is the way it has always been done" advantage, Supports should really present no less of a narrative challenge to justify.
  11. If you look at the detailed results for the ratings boards for both ESRB and PEGI, you'll notice that Camilla's introduction scene is mentioned. I think PEGI actually adds a sexual content warning to Birthright that Conquest doesn't get in one region's boards- the other one considers the Conquest boob bonk as equally worth mentioning.
  12. Not quite the point I was making. Rather than "well, technically, this unit didn't actually need magic to get here" applying case-by-case, the entire banner is like that this go around, and people thinking Dimitri is off for not being magical is causing them to miss the fact that the same applies to the other four. And besides, despite getting to where they are their own ways, Corrin, Ashnard and Berkut are all cured, in whole or in part, by having the magical portion of their condition removed by magic. This banner's selection of units focuses on the human element of their redemption (or death) in their original circumstances, too.
  13. The following is what I expect is the vast majority of changes that Supports undergo based on the circumstances in which you view them- time-based, route-based, progress elsewhere, etc. The source was https://fedatamine.com/en-us/, and as I recall when I compiled this, they're missing at least one example that I know of from other sources, which is why I believe there might be more. They also don't know some of the triggers, and some Supports have triggers listed but no actual changes listed- I suspect the latter is not the case in other languages. "Minor student references" are moments where a character talks about school mechanics like exams or studying that is replaced with a war mechanic post-timeskip. "Timeline references" are when characters date things and correctly add five years if the timeskip's five years have passed. "Social position references" are when characters will correctly change the titles a person uses if they change over the story. Marianne will use a different expression based on Part when referring to Dorte and other animals that make her feel comfortable. Edelgard: Dimitri Claude Black Eagles with Byleth/Black Eagles Blue Lions and Byleth/Blue Lions Golden Deer and Byleth/Golden Deer Black Eagles and Blue Lions Black Eagles and Golden Deer Blue Lions and Golden Deer Students and Church Church Ashen Wolves
  14. I think Dimitri has been a bit of a lightningrod to hide the fact that no one on this banner is being magically compelled to become Fallen. The entire banner is dedicated to people whom a societal construct has failed in a critical way- the devotion to ideals, upbringing, familial piety and grief for the beloved. The previous Fallen candidates- even Corrin, Berkut and Ashnard- can and should be supernaturally treated to restore their normal faculties or ideals, but this set requires something a bit more foundational.
  15. On Ao3, who drew the image you have as your avatar?

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