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  1. To think I had all this stuff I wanted to post coming back to Teehee, only for it to all slide to the side. I suppose it can wait, but I felt I had to post something, even if it's a little trolly before I disappear for a while. Teehee folks.
  2. *Cans shift about, groans in increasing discomfort as the realisation of all the forgetfulness dawns I knew life was going to complicate matters the last few weeks, month really (the Christmas period was going to mean I wasn't going to get on this, not to mention I was out of the country for last week and a bit before that), but I didn't realise just how much I'd throw this aside due to it. And I know I'm going to be busier in the coming months. I think I have to call it. I'll probably be off the forums for the next while too, but I think I have one parting teehee at least. I apologise to everyone for delaying matters.
  3. Roshea being a magic tank, lease he has the niche. Becksploding ballasticians bodaciously I assume he doesn't say elephant. Makes sense for this to be in there. I'd be concerned if you had gotten caught out. RIP the castle there.
  4. Roy's our boy's our Roy's our boy's our Roy. Super Mario Wonder I'd assume would be an option, but I don't know it well enough to suggest (Probably elephant form, but I can't tell what they'd use to represent other than Mario being big). But I want to mention Advance Wars, a game that got a release for the first time in 15 years after being delayed by one due to war. Considering this is a first time attempt for me to do one of these, it'll suck, especially representing the bomber. Kanbei - Sephiroth? (Not one of the Sephiralts has black hair, this is not helping), stats raised for a time, I feel like the Wing could represent his counters being stronger well but I'm not sure how to represent that he's expensive. Sturm - ROB with small Dark Samus minion, increased projectile damage, items dropped are firearm themed, calls on Moon Assist Trophy Bomber - Meta Knight, plenty of bomb items dropping, including Smart, Bob-omb, Submarine - Metal Inkling with Blue Steel gun, can get clear status regularly
  5. Thing is, it could argue about the DSi being different enough like the GBC to the GB to be on it's own, but it was available on the regular DS (Same with Gold/Silver). And while I know Gen 7 wasn't released for just New 3DS, considering how performance issues were a presence on the older models that could be argued too. As for keeping the wheel spinning and leaving Gen 5 to the 3DS, it seems like BW were being worked on for a bit beforehand, even if their release was close to HGSS. So maybe they felt they could act on the DS because the 3DS specs hadn't been given and they had the time to release on the DS? There's also the prep time needed for a new set of hardware, especially for something specialised like the DS would add time on to the start of the first title to a new console. Localisation of course being another factor up to Gen 6. Thing is, it's funny.
  6. So I've been playing Fell Xenologue. How unpopular is it to be bothered by the execution of it's story? I wasn't spoiler free going in admittedly, but the handling of the world, the other twist's implications for how little agency really was there all along and that ending.... well, certainly was a choice. I will say that boss was fascinating as a fight (Frustrating too), though of course Eirika was crucial again. This has been a thing in Engage I worry about sometimes. Excuse me. You mean PEAK. So peak I got White 2 day one, a feat that wouldn't be matched for 9 years. But in all seriousness, considering how the 3DS did in the first year or so of sales, it probably would have liked better first game . Now Game Freak probably could have cut out BW2 from development to get a title out sooner for 3DS, but that's not what happened there. Some of that could be driven by GF going for the established base they had for the DS games with how Unova was a bit of a sales dip (A crying shame, because again PEAK), combined with keeping to the same hardware base for the game that was a direct sequel to their previous title.
  7. Teehee @Eltosian Kadath There is one less unit available from Firene and Solm out of the recruited allies compared to Brodia and Elusia. This is all the proof I need Eve and Seforia were planned recruits, alongside the cutting room stuff.
  8. Thing is Boucorst might have taken enough from the enemy Excadril that he could have finished things off with no losses. The risk of rolling down the hill could have been prevented and that's what ticks me off about that gym- Nick also was lost I think Tentacruel can work, I've used it before. ....Wow there's really that few late game axes in SD. Discounting Dracoknights if the Whitewings still promote to that. Matthis, might as well take out my next catch preemptively.
  9. Ah yeah, I left it off there. Let's get back on the rails.... get it? Because Clay runs a mineahforgetit. TL;DR: Get two new members, take some minor risks and get to listen to more angry Veardiy. Plan is train up the new guys and have options besides Ogmalfred trained up with Earthquake.
  10. Yeah, I have to head off today, so it'll be next week before I get back on this. Pleasant surprise that I didn't have to, but access to stuff like Bullet Seed and Rock Blast gives it better coverage than I anticipated. As someone who never bothered to follow this arc, do they actually? Any discussion of this character has to admit that even if they're a child actor they're probably closer to 18 than not, so that's a yikes. And if it bursts? I will never know if that would have been guaranteed, but if it was that's unfortunate. Fogado looks quite worried here to me, like if the Divine Dragon was going to invade. Ah, the secret Solm Royalty's ability to entrance people with their eyes. We shall mourn you as appropriate. This map and it's 7 slots tightens things so much, but it probably didn't help last time I hadn't promoted anyone. The Quicksand really traps your units huh. Franne with this much damage, surprising. Unfortunate for that person, rushing over tends to be a rush for it. But you didn't Bouch. Ah yes, the rare moment of Bunet being useful. Least you got it. In fairness, he wouldn't be but for.... well, all this.
  11. So, why didn't I mention Kirby earlier? I mean, probably makes more sense than the others I mentioned? Well, I'd feel like if any of them was going to be the one being used to bring the crossover together it'd be a Kirby title, enough space elements to use to justify it and all. But yeah, Kirby as animated makes the most sense, if anything I could see an impassioned director insisting on a film which changes animation styles as it goes, something caused by the villain. Who of course would be so western-inspired devil-looking that the Kirby movie would be called Satanic before it even came out. Sadly, too much on the budget for the series, we'd probably end up with Chalamet as Marth if that happened- >Wrys ala The Rock *Is smote
  12. One could argue fourth with Pokemon, but that's...... complicated as an ownership structure. Moving on. As to where I'd expect, I'd say one of three answers: Splatoon as an animated flick (Seems to me the straightforward answer for this franchise from what I know if it), Animal Crossing as a Slice of Life animated series (I'd think the most likely in terms of expected reception, but my question for it is how they'd monetise off this. It is popular enough I think it could get away with it) or Metroid as another live action film (as one of the older franchises that's always held some prestige, even as there have been difficulties getting it going in the last decade recent years have shown it still has some appeal and story wise it could work at cinematic length. Live action would probably be the pick due to them intending on keeping human proportions, as opposed to Mario). But I want say this for the joke of it: FE, as a live action series. With a cast of primarily humanoids they're probably going to treat it like LoZ and make it live action. With a larger minor cast and a structure that befits a series more they wouldn't really make it a standalone film assuming they try to keep a similar structure. And with it's present sales position maybe they'd treat it as a lower budget show and not be worried about returns on it, see if it works out.
  13. Okay, just a moment to indicate I'm off.... on holiday.

    Definitely for the next week, we'll see about the week after.

    1. Punished Dayni

      Punished Dayni

      .....Remember when I thought that I might actually show up again regularly after a week? Only for me to have to run off again and only show up again now? Yeah, that happened.

      Apparently there was a fake Genealogy leak while I was gone too, that at least was proven quick.

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