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  1. Classic kek Honestly most matches have been pretty fun so far...but today was boring, and i don't think tomorrow will be any better kek Aside from France maybe going full BOOOM on Austria lol Too early to say tbh. Wanna see how the other Teams play first. So far historical favs have been doing well tho (Results wise)
  2. The english are fucking shite m8 They are leading but man are they boring... Then again, they are facing Serbia, ie. Bullies extraordinaire The serbs are never fun to watch
  3. ...low They aren't good afaik Yeah it's mostly US + others getting the scraps (&Host privileges) You are gonna go full handegg in a football match?
  4. Iirc they used to be more loose, but they made them more strict to limit the poaching. There're also matters with nations that share a nationality (like UK), so there more requirements than just citizenship (usually living there for a time or some kinda clear connection - which 99% of the times is the case when you hold the nationality)
  5. F It does (Malaysia for example) but it's more rare and "ien" defo flows better. Even tho you aren't thaaat bad. A solid B-tier team. That won't work thaaat easily. Some nations do try, but they aren't that succesful really. Not to mention most peeps would prefer representing their nation (or a really really succesful one then - but that stuff is usually more a club football thing) Many of the Top nations do have players of foreign background yes, but it's usully people who are born/grew up there - and thus usually naturalborn citizens. There're exceptions, and some nations do sometimes skirt around citizenship laws to "recruit" someone with alot of promise, but it doesn't happen as often as you'd think. I really hope i can visit during that time :D
  6. Saw it earlier today and ngl a pretty arrogant attitude. But i guess many in Brazil feel similar?
  7. They have a special edition every now and then where they get countries from outside south america to join (usually North american ones). It's even taking place in the US this time
  8. Rip Canada tbh US has a very good chance to advance tho
  9. 😄 It's football season after all. You guys also have the Copa America next week!
  10. Fun~ (Funny enough, Spain vs. Croatia the most boring match so far)
  11. Kaguya is cool xD Honestly? I think they needed to. There was much dooming around our national team, and even i was not that hopeful. And than they gave us alooooooooooot of hope yesterday
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