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  1. FUCK This mission!! Why is it so damn hard lol. How can't i panic when i have been stuck here for a few days lol Tbf, i can't really blame the game, considering i was approaching the map wrong and once i finally found the right approach - after quadzillion tries, i was able to do it xD Still... To 3000? How much HP does he have... >6500 Boi ....? I only brought you down to like 4800 tho? Well, still FUCK YOU! Atleast we got a couple cool outfits out of it lmao.
  2. Hola! This is the first time i am spending any considerable time on my pc this weekend lol
  3. Hola! amo la democracia! Or, after learning spanish everyone will insist i am Brazilian, just you wait xD
  4. Bro i should learn spanish just to fool people lol Everyone, literally everyone i meet thinks i am spanish or latin american xD
  5. I felt that after my 3rd run in already tbh. Kinda the same problem i face with Rogue/-lites
  6. on lighter news https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cnllen9xq5lo https://gonintendo.com/contents/35771-nintendo-s-president-is-a-self-described-huge-fan-of-fire-emblem
  7. all good! always welcome to! I don't have much to say, but hang in there!
  8. I know And i agree with you. Logically, Biden is the answer - But i think the situation is too emotional right now to consider logic alone. Too many people died. Too many feel betrayed by the ideals they grew up with. What they see is that human rights mean jack shit. Those who could decide the vote have family members that died. Would be very hard to get to them. Many probably lost trust in democracy. I know some who did. "I will never vote again, it's all a lie." - A friend of mine who got naturalized over here, losing all trust in politics and feeling betrayed by everything they grew up with. And that's not an uncommon opinion i hear from foreigner friends/those with foreign backgrounds. In 50 years people would be watching the remains of the american reich
  9. who the fuck is this "The left" you guys have over there can be barely called left tbh. i agree with you, but also "Vote us so others don't get it" is not a good pitch for any sane voter. It's like telling someone to punch themselves or we will kill you lmao. Honestly if i was US american i don't think i would've voted either. nah. Mandatory voting sucks. Have a good system instead of the pest or cholera shit you guys have. doubt tbh
  10. oh yeah didn't you guys kick the- Lmao what grade school shit is this xD It was just a joke bro calm down /s obvs i mean, here we have politicians getting physically attacked - especially the greens, and everything is getting polarized to high extreme. Still, it's the brits 😛
  11. Oshi no Ko judging a game halfway through? I am usually judging how much i am enjoying what i am playing xD always a possibility, but i won't let that hold me back or i would stop gaming all together xD
  12. It legit could end up as a Top Tier SRPG. Still halfway through tho so can't completely judge yet, but signs looking good. Although, the main reason for the change is that the other series that occupied that space i really haven't been enjoying lately, with me being close to dropping it. https://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-politics-69042935
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