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  1. Welcome to the Penultimate map! Ya know, too many dragons, too many staves, so... Rally Lck and Skl Flyskip time Xemcel is a funny name tbh Some shopping and some lvl'ing And we reach Finale! Soon ™️
  2. They don't need even need to ship 3 Goals xD Albania and Croatia winning would put Italy in last place lol. Now, Albania is facing Spain true, but Spain is already Group leader 100%, nothing will change that, so they will most likely rest their best for Ro16
  3. Scenes when Albania and Croatia kick out Italy in the group phase
  4. We're through - and just need a tie against Switzerland to top the group and hopefully get a good seeding. Switzerland are most likely through - 70% chance - but they really fucked up by tying against Scotland today. A win would've ensured next round, but 4 Points are usually enough thanks to 3rd place ruling....However if we batter them hard they might land in hot waters. Speaking about Scotland, if they can defeat Hungary next match they have a very good chance to go through as well. The tie gave them life, a little bit of hope. Hungary is most likely out. With their goal difference of -4 they need to not only win big against Scotland, but also rely on other groups. Will be hard.
  5. mostly as expected tbh. Some upsets there, but nothing too surprising Let Match day 2 start!
  6. I did try the demo of the OG game - was not a fan of the gameplay. This however looks quite different and more fun same. Looks cool tho
  7. There's a meme with him being a turtle or something Add a mask and.. Trailer looked cool
  8. For me: M&L Zelda Phantom Brave Romancing Saga Mario Party Prime 4 i think this might be Nintendo testing the grounds for a full 3D LoZ game with playable Zelda
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