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  1. Sorry for such late responses, I have just been a bit quiet, and kept getting distracted before posting anything. You know, I did watch through Fate Stay Night back in the day. One of my roommates in college was really into anime, so I watched a fair bit with him, Fate Stay Night included. Very true. It was my favorite music from the original, and their attempts to improve fail to do so. Glad you managed to finish it in spite of the little enthusiasm hiccup there near the end. Glad to hear about the promise of potential improvement in your life. Although with even good change bringing up that innate fear of change, hopefully this comfortable little game helps assuage that anxiety. Sorry if I got a little wordy there. WELCOME BACK!!! Sorry for shouting, just glad to see you around again.
  2. The cynical answer here is that you probably can finish this ironman just fine, as a good Robin and Chrom can legitimately solo the game while paired together (and on some of the questionably designed higher difficulties that is even suggested), but I am guessing that isn't how you usually like to play this game. The staff problem is easily fixed by promoting one (or more based on your preference) of your Pegasi into a Falcon Knight, which can use staff, although you still might want to promote some into a Dark Flier instead to approach the very powerful Gale Force skill. It might even be worth reclassing Lucina (assuming she can) into a flier class to go down one of these two paths as well. You definitely want to promote all of your unpromoted units right now for the better stats to help recover from your losses, and to approach some of the powerful lv 15 promoted skills for them.
  3. I did finally get to the checkpoint in the linked ironman, although I must admit I did play what is a short section very slowly. I didn't poke @Venger_06 about it yet, but last I heard he was playing through Persona 3 Reloded, so he might be as slow about updating as I have been.
  4. ...You have really created a horrible monstrosity with this one. Earthbound is a classic, and an excellent little JRPG that is well worth playing, so don't be knocking it before you tried it. Alright that is rather funny.
  5. There are a lot I would like to see return, and a lot of them are Thracia staples. The return of Thracia Capture would be excellent, especially with some heavy monetary restrictions the same way Thracia used it. Speaking of which, Thracia style Rescue would be fun to see return with it, as the two mechanics feel very interrelated in the Thracia. Thracia Fatigue would be great to return as a way to get people to push people to change up their lineup a bit as they go, and think more about the units they are overusing. Thracia style Leadership stars are things I rather like to return as well. Give us an incentive for going after minor enemy leaders, and as a way to encourage players to use what would otherwise be kind of underwhelming mid to late game prepromotes. Finally lets see some Thracia style forced indoor dismounting so that you are incentivized to train up and use your infantry units, especially if they have a nice balance of indoor and outdoor maps, and I even think the late game focus on indoors helps as well. Now for a few that aren't Thracia staples. First with the Triangle Attack, especially if they have both a flier and non-flier triangle (like in Binding Blade and New Mystery). I love both the axey-boy Triangle attack, and the Ostian Armor Triangle Attack a lot, and seeing other odd triangle attack combinations like that would be nice to see again. I also love the Fates dynamic between Guard Stance and Attack Stance, so seeing those return at some point would be a lot of fun, although it is so thoroughly tied to Fates that I don't know if it ever will. Honestly, Ledges would be cool to see return as well, as the height advantage is something that feels oddly absent from a lot of Fire Emblem games...
  6. I have only played the GBA version, and I don't think I ever got around to finish it. Glad you are thinking of starting with the first. I have a soft spot for the first game, but I can't really argue against the second one being an objectively better game. That isn't to say the first is bad, but the second does such a good job of refining all of the good points of the first. To be fair, I had to look it up to get the right acronym, as I could only tell that the one you put was wrong... Whereas I can't remember the last time I have used my Switch docked, much preferring it as a handhold. What can I say, I like handheld consoles. Nintendo of America would end up releasing Xenoblade stateside, but only after effort from fans via Operation Rainfall. Also Japanese companies got it into their head that JRPGs were too complex for the ignorant American audiences, inspiring some really aweful business decisions like the creation of the condescending Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (not to mention dumbing down of some early SNES games like FFII/IV), or only selling Earthbound with a massive strategy guide included. I respect this mentality, of keeping yourself blind for the choice. Both, as both IPs are too big for the people involved to allow one or the other to win, so it ends with both getting a few good punches in before Superman makes friends so they can take down some other bad guy together. Congratulation, and done so quickly as well (also thanks for sharing your thoughts on it) I think that is a good way of putting it with this game, none of its individual pieces are all that great, but they combine into a good experience. They really do. The games industry has strong competition in that department. They are going for a nice personal best, but I don't think they are real record competitors.
  7. might as well suggest the best of the loose trilogy at that point, Terranigma.
  8. Its a fun little game, I even still have the cart for it. Oh wow, I take it you haven't played the other Zone of the Enders games. I guess they are straight up action titles, and thus a very different genre from this board's bread and butter. They are top notch robot action really, I highly recommend them as the games that I feel most makes you feel like you are playing a mecha anime. Do you mean the IAS (Interactive Attack System)? I tried with that turned off for a run (which I didn't finish) but the hitrates are reminiscent of Binding Blade without it, whereas if you use the IAS, once you get used to it you can far more reliably hit (and get higher damage crits if you get good at it), and dodge attacks. Not sure which ends up faster in the end. Perhaps I will get back to that run eventually, but it has been a little while since I played it. The Fist of Mars is clearly a side story, but Mars is still a prominent feature of the other games. The first game involves an attack from BAHRAM of Mars attacking the Antilia space station orbiting Jupiter, where they are trying to capture the sister Orbital frames of Anubis and Jehuty. The 2nd Runner spends a majority of the game on Mars with an opening section on Callisto (one of Jupiter's moons), and an ending section on Phobos (Mars's moon) where we have the final climactic fight between Jehuty and Anubis that the pair of game builds up to. Congrats, hopefully you had plenty of fun with that absolute classic.
  9. Alright time to finish this two parter. That gets me to the checkpoint, but I have a fair number of paralogues to get through for the next one, as I put quite a few off so I can potentially bring Veyle with me...
  10. True, but Square felt the most extreme, most memorable of which was both how late to the NFT fad they were, and how long they kept their NFT marketplace open for.
  11. I have never really understood the hate she garners, although part of that might be because of The Answer. A lot of people don't like how she behaves in that scenario, and I tend to be a bit dismissive of The Answer in general. It is a sad fate that interesting mechanics with strong senses of realism, and flavor are abandoned for how they constrain the player. Its like with the loss of the older fatigue system, and AI controlled party before P3P. I never really felt P4 needed a remake after Golden, but I guess they want all the Personas to get the P5 aesthetic glow-up. They really knocked it out of the park with that look. The big issue with Square is their executives are so willing to jump onto whatever last year's get rick quick scam was, and are too embarrassed to back down before it becomes a disaster. I still remember that little goofy little line.
  12. The dog has managed to corner a skunk in the yard, so this is going to be an exciting (and stinky) night. I was more talking about the other ways of causing reversal in P3, like if you leave your friend on read for months at a time, or if you double book a hangout the one that gets knowingly snubbed gets a reversal, or if one girl you are actively dating (but not maxed out yet) catching you on a date with another girl, things like. I guess I could get a bit into to the spoilery talk about Aigis then Fair enough. Having done the Kasumi romance in Royal (after doing the Harem option in the original P5), it isn't quite as restrictive, but you do miss out on the Christmas event for her from what I remember, but still get the Valentines day and white day ones. Also, there was a Christmas date option in the original P3, so unless they updated it significantly, I don't really see how that is new content. More like it was mediocre actually. Not being the worst in a series with a number of entries solidly in the double digits (triple digits if you include all of the spinoff titles) isn't exactly a glowing recommendation by any means, and in a way he is right. For how bland and mediocre that game was, people really went overboard with the vitriol back in the day. To be fair, the "anime fan on prom night" advertise was atomic grade cringe.
  13. 😁 Ah of course, just in the Japanese for now. Have they announced if there are plans for an English release? The timing is suspicious...did you pull some string with Steam for me or something? I take it that means they added platonic endings to the girl's social links then. I am not surprised, it was a notable weakness of the original (and together with more potential means for reversals, or even breaking a social link very definitively cemented it as the hardest game to max all the social links in...I actually kind of hope most of those were left in, although I also doubt they were). Funnily enough I am tempted to go full platonic, as that would be newer content for me, and ironically I always thought Fuuka's Social Link was rather weakened by the forced pivot into romance territory, with the FeMC's platonic version being the superior one in my opinion. A romantic relationship with Aigis has an odd feeling to it for me, as her relationship to the player is complicated, and distinctly personal, although I don't think I can really explain why without getting into spoiler territory. Also if it is like the original, you will sadly have a long wait for her Social Link to become available.
  14. Yeah, I am with you. 60 is better, but 30 isn't a deal breaker, and a consistent 30 is better than a shaky 60. Frame rates a bit different from frame windows like that. I know people are being sloppy with their terminology throughout this little discussion, but this is a rather different concept from what everyone else has been talking about. Wait, is the Vestaria Saga 1 remake already out or something? Nice little Tanka there. I am not the biggest fan of poetry, but I do like the Japanese style poems like this, and the only poem I am ever proud to have written was a Haiku, so that might be a part of it. Ah, have fun. I tried to get into the Mystery Dungeon games back with Blue Rescue Team, but the randomized nature of quests really messes with inner completionist. That is a surprisingly fitting pair to bring, really making it feel like Yellow or the Let's Go games.
  15. Really should have gotten this one out earlier, but playing through it was rather draining. Thankfully the game lets you save between this two parter of a map, because that was so draining that I have left it at that save point for like a week now. I will try to reach the checkpoint by the weekend, although I don't know when I will get my writeup for it up.
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