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  1. Kinda, there are certain things that can cause your Social Links to "reverse" (where you need to apologize to fix them, and might even loss progress), or possibly even break them entirely, and one of those is when you get to a point of officially dating a girl (but before creating an unbreakable bond by maxing it out), and then go on a date with another girl. It is one of many little quirks that makes maxing all social links on a New Game run very difficult to plan out (another one being that actively ignoring an in progress Social Link for too long can also cause a "reverse"). That honestly sounds like a noticeable improvement. There is a solid argument for Yellow to be the definitive edition of RBY, but I can't really argue with the fact that Platinum was by far the most improved 3rd version.
  2. Finally to Genealogy...alright I will finally jump into to this little playlogue/discussion. Ah the classic Alec distraction for Ayra. With how nerfed the warp staff is in this game, Arden is getting no help there. Admittedly it is kind of fum that he gets A rank Sword and Lances together with B rank Axe and Bow on promotion. I do like that about this prologue, how clearly tailored to your units enemy stats are. To be fair Gandolf shouldn't be able to proc a crit anyway given his stats, and weapons. That is a bit of a shame, as the only mention of Jugdral's Fire Emblem requires a child of Azel to make it to the end of the game. Plus that +30% Def growth to all his children is another nice boon on top of that. There is also the option to have him breed a meme-y Wrath+Vantage combo, but his stats aren't the best for the magic children that results. Yeah, tome balance in this game is very silly. He also gets the opportunity for some lover crits from the start. Also, a bit of a side note, but Ethlyn also has a sibling crit with Sigurd, one of the only ones available in generation 1. Yeah, I think leadership is one of them, so that would make sense. That is a scary position for Sigurd to be in. That is why Sigurd trust him with his child's life in chapter 5... They do also all have potential for two different lover's talks each as well, which is something. Because Bramimond revives her just before the Fire Dragon fight, so clearly this image is from the last half chapter with a Dragon camera man 😛 I like that little fanfict-splanation. Ah its fun to see some Valflame used in the prologue. Arvis gets to show SIgurd how it is done. Fun fact, Arvis has different dialogue if Azel managed to die already under Sigurd's command. Really its that the base AI is kind of random. Some enemies have the more logical (and thus consistent) "clever AI" (Kaga specifically notes that this occurs with Eldigan's Cross Knights in an interview), but after a completed run you unlock an option in the menu to set all enemy AI to "clever AI". Clever AI is a lot smarter, but is also a lot more consistent, and thus more manipulatable with things like miracle (as miracle's avoid is something the AI doesn't consider). You really are taking full advantage of them this run. I could definitely see that. All Sigurd has to do is read the room to realize that Grannvale is not really the good guys of this conflict. I think you both summed up a fair number of the reasons I am a fan of Genealogy's weapon and money system. Smart AI in Pokemon is such a funny mix of good and terrible ideas. How it handles not very effective moves is the funniest in context, it will deincentivize moves the game thinks are not very effective (this is a bit bugged, as each type are checked individually in order, which leads to a priority system that fails to understand how multiple types effect the with the opposite order as the glitch that displays the not-very/supper effective text), unless they have an alternative, and the code for identifying an alternative is actually smart enough to both check for an attacking move of a different type, and that moves with a special damage calculation (like Seismic Toss, Bide, or Psywave) are effectively a different type move. It does have the issue of recognizing other not very effective attacking moves as valid alternatives (so if it only has not very effective attacking moves, and a normally effective status moves it will just use that normally effective status move), so even this smarter part of the code is flawed, but it actually can recognize attacking moves here. The code for what to do with this information falls flat on its face, as it de-prioritzes not very effective status, will de-prioritize all not very effective attacking moves if there are attacking moves of multiple types (which is an issue if all their attacking moves are not very effective), and it also deincentives not very effective special damage calculation moves (which are treated as moves of a different type for identifying alternative options), leading to things like Sabrina's Alakazam only ever using Recover against a psychic type.
  3. I was away for a while, so sorry if I am commenting on somewhat old things at this point. Causal was not a typo for casual. A causal relationship is one where one of those things is the cause of the other. What I was trying to say is that I don't think the existence or details of religions really matters to how misogynistic a society is. The mythology is always just a smoke screen, an excuse for inappropriate behavior made to bait those who give people the benefit of the doubt, and the more intellectually minded to fall into a wasteful pit of analysis. Don't worry about it. Truth be told I am behind on my next update as well, meant to get it out last week, but I got to distracted by preparing for, going to, and now recovering from the gaming convention I was at last weekend. Hopefully I will get it up some time tomorrow, or the day after. The Social Links with party member are treated rather differently in Persona 3 than in the later Persona games. You can only form an individual Social Link with the ones you can date, and the main reason to do so is to date them, as your party members have their own arcs independent of the player character. Also each of those date possibilities require one of your social stats to be maxed out (max Courage for Fuuka, max Charm for Yukari, max Academics for Mitsuru, Aegis is a bit of an exception to that, as her social link was added in later editions of the game, but is locked to basically the end of the game). Happy belated birthday. Sorry I wasn't active at the time. Yeah, I miss that kid. I see him browsing the site every now and then, but I guess he doesn't have the time, or means at college to be as active as he was. He also renames the player to Thief, and prevents you from getting the best ending, which is a shame as the max rupee cost bow is obnoxious to get. Starting on what was jokingly called tutorial island back in CK2 is classic. Have fun, the more dynastic focus, as opposed to nationalistic focus of CK makes for an interesting take on the Paradox grand strategy games. Congrats, its one of the good 3d Sonic games. Are you going to try and unlock the secret level by getting all the medals? I never did as a kid, but could probably pull it of now... hmm...I might have to put that on my game backlog now... The closest they came is its possible for one of the Dead Lords of FE5 to be a corpsified Evyle, a mother like figure to Leif... Yeah, its like the old 3rd version of Pokemon games. I do have a lot of nostalgia for those, as they aren't really replaced by DLC. It was a chance to change things for the better in retrospect, while keeping the heart the same, with both versions still being complete games. That either indicates those poor women have tragically lonely lives, or that Guardian Sing has a super sexy voice. I started a blind ironman LP of the game, but got a bit distracted... Having it does help a lot (even against Reptor, as it gives +20 Mdef), but you can certainly get away with using one of the other holy weapons Like so. Also just out of curiosity, did you get to see the battle convo between Lex and his father? Not to mention the cruelty of sending Oifey away... I might be letting Oifey's ending sway me a little there. Don't worry, Ethlyn is too strong and independent to let her husband send her away without fighting.
  4. Shrug, I have played something like 3-4 rather different translations of that game over the years (5 if you count the original Japanese, as I have had a bit of fun with my hard copy of it), there is no official translation of FE4, and the places FE4 character names have come up in modern times are not consistent. Plus these versions are one of the easiest to look up. Holy blood inheritance is meant to be a bit more random than the gameplay indicates, how the holy blood of Dierdre's children end up is definitely one hint at that, the story of Hezul's youngest of something silly like 7 children being the one to inherit strong hoy blood is another hint at that... Ehhh...there is more than one way to skin a cat (for example are you using the extremely foreign ヴ to represent V sounds or just characters with B sounds...) and its important to remember that Japanese characters represent sounds not simply letters, such that I think the first is a lot closer to Darius than the second is (the u sounds are more of an oo sound like fool) That is especially silly, as there are a lot of FE4 Mythological names applied to people of different genders from their mythological counterparts. I don't think FE has really gotten enough into the weeds enough to talk about a title as one given to a consort. Really that distinction that has kind of lost so much relevance in our times of irrelevant monarchs that it isn't something people generally think about. I don't think religion has ever had a causal relationship with misogyny, at most it is an easy lie to point to for the lazy. Its more that the consequences of such desires in medieval time were so dire that any writing about it are treated like lies, slander, or criminal evidence (even in modern day). You are definitely painting the religions in FE in far too wide a brush. Due to you playing one of Kaga's games right now, I will be a bit vague here, but Kaga tends to play it fairly straight with the polytheistic gods being powerful being in the world, or that once were part of the world, without much moralizing beyond the most malicious being seen as evil, and kindest as good, although most are rather aloof. If you read through the more religious of FE6's supports, Elibe's Church of St. Elmine is a simple monotheistic faith, very like our modern day one with St. Elmine as the prophet of this perfect ideal god that isn't treated as a part of the world. The people of the Sacae also follow a far more animistic religion very vaguely reminiscent of Shintoism. I have never cared enough about FE8 to figure out if it even had a religion. Tellius is an interesting case, as the truth of the matter is more similar to the flawed character with only minor limitations on their powers, but because the goddesses have not been a part of the world for so long, a faith more similar to that of the moralist nature of monotheism falsely arisen. It is a bit of a theme on FE10 that the gods are flawed in spite of human's beliefs that have come to pass in their absence. This is probably a fair critique of how Awakening handles things, but that is another game I do not feel strongly about. Fates definitely doesn't have that sense of morality attached to its gods, we don't hear all that much about the dragon gods of old, or how they are usually worshiped (because Fates world building is hilariously bad) but it comes across far more similarly to the way you describe polytheistic faiths. I will point out for Three Houses that it comes across to me as a bit of intentional propaganda from Rhea for her own purposes. How much that changes things is debatable, but I do feel it is a bit of interesting context to add.
  5. I am a bit surprised by myself that I didn't mention the Dual Protagonists sharing a throne in Gaiden. People love to talk about Alm overshadowing Celica, but Celica's role as a more religious Christ like figure has always muddled those comparisons. ...Odd as it is to say Kaga tends to make his avatars of the gods women. The heir of the Divine Dragon god Naga is the little dragon girl Tiki, Celica is believed to be the reincarnation of the Goddess Mila in her Gaiden ending, you have the godly dragons of TRS, not to mention the Popess of Berwick, and the Circlet Sisters of Vestaria Saga. The remake is more willing to say Queen about Minerva, but is ambiguous enough that Ping may be right about that technicality, and is certainly right about it in the original, but even in the official translation of the original they indicate she is a ruling princess. This is kind of about FE4's ending, so spoiler box away. Actually, I seem to remember TRS's ending being just as convoluted, and would really need to look it up to remember who ends up as king and queen of what in the ending.
  6. I honestly can't believe a Vtuber controversy got big enough for me to here about it. Really more of a monstrous train wreck of capitalism...
  7. One rare one that I rather like is when the protagonist is the only one without magic/special powers, and has to compensate for that with their wits instead.
  8. I think one of the mods mentioned they broke in the server transfer last night in another thread.
  9. Yeah the tyrant Marth's manifest destiny is very stupid.
  10. The chapter is called the threshold of fate... That could easily be part of it, although I generally got more the impression that it is more of a male preference form of succession generally, but with Dierdre being an amnesiac stranger that has never been trained to rule even before losing her memories, Azmur might be making the practical assumption that her husband will probably be the real power when he passes, with Dierdre as a figure head at best. It would barely be an FE game without dead parents 😛 It is funny that you have to repair Sigurd's holy weapon. Literally one of the images in GuardianSing's post is showing General Aida. I guess there is a clear difference in that as all the strong women I can think of raised in Granvale are magically oriented. It wasn't short for Greatest Of All Time before, it was just a joke about the obnoxious animal in the past, like jokes about the Jack Ass. ...That is a bit more debatable. Archanea has queens rule between the games, with Sheema, and Minerva, although both were vassal queens of the Archanean empire, just like Marth's Altea; and in Jugdral Hilda would do the same after the death of her son and husband. Plus there are certainly ways to arrange for Genealogy to end with Regnant queens, although it usually requires the death of their brothers to get them there. As for Vestaria Saga, are you talking about Athol? I kind of remember there being something about a Queen in Sphire too after a succession crisis in the region, but I don't think that has been a region we really get to explore in any of the games. You loss out on all the lock picks you can steal in later chapter, and sell into more boots money.
  11. Fates definitely has the best and worst character design. What, you meant that to be two seperate entries...fine I will do the extra work for that. I think for worst I have to go with Shadow Dragon. It feels like they went out of their way to make the characters in that game feel even more generic than they already are. New Mystery avoids sharing the same distinction thanks to some of the oddballs they added in with their everything and the kitchen sink approach, especially the amazing coated trio of Camus subordinates. Best I think I will give to Binding Blade, for having the guts to have a playable old woman, something almost unheard of in videogames. That isn't to detract from the other great designs in that game, but that is what really pushes it over the edge for me. I am a bit surprised by how much I am seeing Engage for the worst design option, as I think it has some of the best female character design in the series, although I guess a lot of the men came off as a bit generic, and new game syndrome may be hurting it a fair bit as well.
  12. That is a bit debatable, as there are hints at it possibly being Beowulf x Lachesis as well.
  13. I see what you are saying. Funny it was a track from Majora's Mask that reminded you of it, as Majora's Mask is my favorite of the Zelda games. I am glad Azel got a lover, as one of his kids living to the end is necessary to see the only mention of the Fire Emblem in all of Jugdral. Admittedly I kind of prefer the Azel x Tailtiu pairing, as the two were childhood friend, but this is a fairly solid choice storywise. Not all that surprising, there are a bunch of events pushing either the Lewyn x Sylvia or Leywn x Erin, so getting one of those two accidentally is very common, and I think the Lewyn x Sylvia is a little more common, but there is a Lewyn x Erin talk after retaking Silesia castle that basically pushes those two into marriage, if you see it and neither are already married. Poor guy lost his first crush to Azel, figures he would fall for her cooler twin sister. Funnily enough, all but one of the pairing you have and planned are ones that have notable talks after they become lovers. I am glad you are planning on letting Jamke have a kid, for spoilery reasons, even if that is the one without a lover's talk. Discussing shipping in Genealogy is a time honored tradition among Fire Emblem fans. I am not much of a music person, but I do have a soft spot for Genealogy's music, although my favorite tracks are rather late game. I am still debating whether Towards the Light, or Velthomer Palace theme is my favorite of the bunch. Interesting... Eh, TRS does some interesting things, especially when you get to the convergence points where you get to rearrange the two armies. Also it has one of my favorite final maps. As the only person who has ever cared about Lamia and her all female mercenary band, that would fill me with so much hate. Lol Yeah, the Master Knight promotion is ridiculous, best promotion in the franchise hands down. Also the first dark mage in the franchise was in Thracia 776, so that Dark Magic rank is basically enemy only. That thing turns him into a monster. +20 speed is enough to turn anyone into an invincible dodge tanking beast that dominates almost all battles. Each one you keep from falling is worth money on every unit at the end on the chapter, and each one you lose, loses you a tactics rank a piece.
  14. Rarely has a game let you harm a child, so I have a fair bit of respect for it pretending to let you eat one...although the fact that they back pedal on it, even when playing as a baby eating monster like Venom is still sad. Please, they will just release the Orange Box 2, that way they can release Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Team Fortress 3 with the number 2 instead of 3 😛 It cracks me up every time FEH has a new hero reveal where they have this massive wall of text explaining the new hero's skill...only to need a second page of text to show all of them. The showrunners really showing their ass with that statement. It took a bit to figure out based on just a screenshot, but I believe its the Grannvale Army 1 Theme that plays there, although I am not entirely sure where you might have heard it before. I did a quick check of other places you might have heard it earlier in the game, the two that came to mind were when the Granvale army forces you to flee to Silesia (nope that is the Enemy Message 2 theme), and possibly when Arvis is around during the prologue (nope that was obviously Arvis's Theme), but neither of those played it. I think they used a version of it in one of FEH's tempest trials, so perhaps you remember it from that. A fair number of the themes intentionally call back to other themes related to them, so maybe that is why it seems so reminiscent... Naw they got this (just ignore the murder bows coming in from the far corner). This is entirely unrelated, but just out of curiosity, which characters are lovers so far, and are there any people you are trying to make lovers?
  15. Milotic is such an iconic wall of gen 3, and I am glad you took the time to actually get one. All that clever encounter routing to get yourself this little pink puffball of a fairy. Its funny how much better Battle Armor is in nuzlockes than any other context. Cawthorn? I do like how you are going over your encounter routing a fair bit here. I respect the refusal to use Legendaries. I know what you mean, I have had to double check so many things when commenting to make sure I am not just remembering Emerald, and spreading lies about the remake... Alright, I decided to do another paralogue, so my troops wont have to share the one fresh heal staff... Next time, I promise to do a real story map, but in the meantime, take care everyone.
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