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  1. I may or may not be doing crazy things.
  2. The chosen heroine arrives!
  3. "Hey Fates was pretty good, maybe I should do some Fates stuff." Two months later. "Oh, I should probably finish that mug I was doing" I couldn't decide on what hair color to do, so I went Camilla!Soliel from my first run of Conquest.
  4. Sℯrif

    Dat Merc

    To be fair. All my work are self mugs. I am incredibly vain
  5. Oh hey. I finished a thing The body is full custom, still with a spliced face but i'm cool with it.
  6. Full Custom body replacement WIP. Before the color correction you can definitely see the strong Chrom-base of the hair. Haven't really added anything past the torso but I based the clothing off the feel of the Lucina's design plus a bit of the Nohr Mercenaries design and what I imagine to be an odd half fencing jerkin for the leather armor on top to add the asymmetry I so crave.
  7. Thanks guys. I am working toward swapping out the spliced body for a custom body. I do want to base the clothing off a generic class from Awakening. I know Phoenix does a lot of great FE10 styled portraits splices/customs. Them and there was also LordEmblem/Windlord from yeeeeeears ago (like '06) who's bread and butter was FE9 splices and customs. whooo knooows
  8. Oh hey everyone. Sorry I've been absent for so long. I just got finished with a 4 month long project that took all of my creative energy. To get back in to the swing of things, I wanted to try and make a custom Awakening portrait... But I realize I have not idea how the style works so I started off with a spice instead. And because I'm an insane narcissist, I decided to make myself but a bit more theif-y There's some custom bits, Chrom, Virion, Generic Solider, Generic Theif, Generic Assassin, Maskless Gerome, and a little bit of Tiki as well. I think it came out pretty nice.
  9. Another character added to the group. Because of the asymmetric clothing, I'll want to make an facing left alternate
  10. Thanks everyone. I did a bit of editing on the two and definitely took the advice on the little hair piece on the second. I shortened the head of the first one by just a few pixels (bit of the chin bit of the forehead)
  11. Maaaayyyybe. Another character for said project The hair was based of one of Sully's Concept Art, it be less obvious if she didn't have the same hair color.
  12. Wow, I haven't updated since January? Wat Working on mugshots for a game that I'm working on. That and doing some edits(minor or otherwise) on some of the older FE:A mugs Mostly fixing faces, shrinking Inigo's head a bit. Re-positioning Kjelle's face
  13. Happy birthday!

  14. Great minds think alike Smirks, I also though furs would be a good choice. Garcia & Dolza were very interesting choices for this theme.
  15. Haha yeah, I looked at with fresher eyes and went back rearranged and beefed up the hand a smidge and thinned out the face to fix some of the proportion issues
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