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  1. The roster looks pretty garbage to me at the moment in my opinion. Only Frederick and Robin look all that interesting, and while I like Lissa's idea on paper she just looks very unnatural with the way she swings the axe in the trailer. I could totally get behind War Cleric Lissa, since it was one of my favorite Awakening classes, but I'll be very disappointed if she doesn't look super floaty and silly with the axe like the War Clerics did. Call me an elitist, call me what you will, but unless there are more interesting choices from older games announced I will most likely not purchase this game. Hell, even a few Echoes characters would be better than just "Awakening and Fates and we can toss Marth in, too, I guess"
  2. For serious story moments, I liked the scene between Clive and Alm when Clive apologized to Alm for his own weakness after rescuing Delthea. That scene was just a big moment for Clive and made me like him a lot. I also liked all of Berkut's meltdowns, his va was just amazing. For funny lines, the DLC memory between Clair and Fernand where they bicker about their love interests had me in stitches, especially "I am going to find your brother and bury him in a very deep hole". Also Tobin in general was great.
  3. Personally, I found that Leon with Hunter's Volley useful for taking out Mogalls, Hestia, and Marla. Also Alm gets +20 Crit standing next to Celica so that's really helpful vs Duma
  4. Terrors are definitely spawned from the powers of Mila and Duma. They started popping up after the Divine Accord was broken and they are more prevalent the closer one is to Mila, as stated by Python at the Deliverance HQ.
  5. Personally, it irks me that they have the same name, but it makes sense if you consider Falchion to be a TYPE of sword, one forged by Naga for the purpose of sealing dragons. However, I do think that the Kingsfang is a cool name for it.
  6. One thing that has irked me in past Fire Emblem games is movement-inhibiting mechanics, like Deserts and FE7's rain. It has lots of issues, but my biggest issue is that it slows down both the player AND the enemy. If there was some way to slow down the player but not the enemy, it could actually be a challenging gimmick, as you would be swarmed very quickly and have limited options. And yes, there are ways to do this artificially, like by filling a desert map with Fliers and Mages, it is still janky. The best way I can see at the moment is perhaps a literal uphill battle, where your units are scaling a hill or a staircase and fighting gravity while the enemy is descending to meet you at a much quicker pace.
  7. Yes there is? Graphics upgrade, more features, wifi compatibility, 2-3 more generations of Pokémon to add in as postgame content? I'm just saying that ideally, I'd like a DP remake to go by a formula we know works for Pokémon and have Gen 8's main titles test the water on the home console.
  8. Pearl was my first Pokémon game and Platinum is my all-time favorite, so I'm super biased towards Sinnoh. However, I honestly would rather see the remakes for 3DS. We haven't had a console main-series Pokémon game, and while I'm excited to see what the Switch is capable of, I would prefer to be guaranteed that my Gen IV remake will work out without using an entirely new platform and formula.
  9. I think you overestimate Faye's ability. Even with your Nosferatu Cleric build, her bulk and speed will be questionable for a while and her support with Alm decreases her avoid, meaning that Archers and Mages will absolutely punch holes in her. You also only have Silque and Claire backing her up, neither of which being very good combat units as Claire only picks up after a late Lv.12 promotion and Silque is only really great for support.
  10. They might be the best units in the game on Alm's side, but their recruitment is pretty far apart and you'll be running with only Silque, Claire, and Faye until late Ch.3. It's more of the lack of units that makes the game challenging than the units themselves.
  11. They only die for good if they are defeated in the last chapter, and they all have different defeat quotes, too. As for the topic at hand, you could do a run with just a specific group of characters, like the OG Deliverance (Claire, Clive, Mathilda, Lukas, Forsyth, Python) for Alm's route or only units associated with the Novis Monastary (Celica, Bowey, Mae, Genny, Nomah) for Celica's route. Too bad units can't be revived across routes, you could add Silque to the above list. Additionally, the Girl Power run is an oldie-but-goodie that is challenging in Echoes due to the cast being a bit of a sausage party. Also, a no weapons run could be interesting. You could decide whether Shields and Rings and such count.
  12. Is there really any example in Fire Emblem of a story that doesn't fail in the areas you are addressing? Might I remind you, the last time FE tried a game in which the plot wasn't "locked to rails" was Fates, and we all know what an atrocity that was. Echoes does a better job of world-building than most games, and especially more so than your average Fire Emblem game.
  13. I'm probably just sour because my Celi was stuck at 14 Speed at endgame even after giving her at least one Pegasus Cheese.
  14. Sorry, meant to put that in the word "Here" but neglected to do so lmao Additionally, I'd argue that the Spd boosts are most valuable on Celica. I myself have Bowey the Spd boosts because I just wanted to use him, but his Spd still wasn't stellar with Fire and it didn't grow all that much. Mae gets along fine without the Speed, but I've seen a ton of Spd screwed Celicas for some reason, including my own, and Celica is really important and can be a great unit with her spell list.
  15. Depends on the game. Melee is definitely Marth, secondary Luigi and Captain Falcon. In Brawl I played mostly Ike, secondary Snek I really enjoy Ike and Ivysaur in PM. Sm4sh is a total tossup, I play Roy, Marth, Ike, Mewtwo, Zard, Luigi, Samus... There are few that I don't play from time to time. In SSF2 I play Black Mage and Issac the most out of the newcomers, and in terms of Smash veterans I enjoy the feel of Marth, Captain Falcon, and Falco in that game so far.
  16. It's totally doable, but again the Dracoshield is ehhhh because it eats your speed. However, if you wanted to style on the map, you just have to get Slayde on low HP so he starts trying to run away to the Supplies and then have literally everybody in your army dogpile Desaix and chip him down 2 HP at a time with every attacker. Edit: Here's a video that explains it way better than I can, it goes step-by-step and has visuals to back it up. https://youtu.be/Yj3ycEJAyZE
  17. The main issue I see is that Jesse's kingdom was supposed to be a) in the desert, b) mainly mercenaries a la Ilia, and c) "a place where everyone lives free". The area you recruit Yen'Fay in is pretty damn far from the desert in Valentia, and Chon'Sin, being apparently based on Eastern feudal governments and cultures, doesn't exactly strike me as a motley confederation of mercenaries nor as a place where everybody lives free, if history is any indication. Provided, there is a 2000 year gap between Echoes and Awakening, but regardless it just doesn't seem likely. As evidenced by Awakening, Alm's dynasty only lasts 1000 years and Valentia/Valm breaks back up into several nations until Walhart goes on his conquest of Valentia in an attempt to emulate Alm/Rudolf. If we're being realistic, Jesse's idealistic kingdom and form of government probably wouldn't last long to begin with and was likely just lost to history, just like Alm and Celica's united Valentia.
  18. Cav!Kliff is pretty much equal to Archer!Kliff, I myself went with Archer since his supports really help with Hit, but Cavalier will be more useful initially due to the better bases. Kliff will be fine for Spd here soon no matter what you do, his 60% growth makes him pretty tough to get screwed. Mage!Tobe should be good for Speed once he gets Excalibur, but don't be afraid to drop a few points of Speed on him from lion wells if he's struggling with Speed, since he will be putting in serious work for most of the early-mid game.
  19. Ohhhhhh, yeah, those are different. Especially Sonya's map, because at least the Witch summons usually have atrocious stats (and often have Thunder which brings their attack speed close to nil) and you can just kill the boss to despawn them.
  20. Witch AI is super easy to manipulate, though. Just cluster your low-res units together and have a Res tank sit outside the main group, and for some dumb reason they'll ignore the sitting ducks and go for your Dread Fighter anyway. And if you're worried that your Barons will get left in the dust and get picked off, just bait the witches on Turn One.
  21. Just a few more pointers about the leveling and EXP, and forgive me if these have been mentioned before, I don't really feel like reading an entire thread rn. It's already been stated, but it can't hurt to be reiterated. Promote ASAP. EXP gains past Lv.10 are atrocious, and I mean like 9 EXP per kill. One thing that I haven't seen mentioned: Don't bench anybody. Even if you already have 3 units in the same class, the game lets you deploy everybody in your army on every map except for dungeons (into which you can bring 10 units). There's really no reason not to use everybody. Even if somebody is getting RNG screwed, this promotion system negates that a bit because promotion will bring a unit's stats up to about the average for their class if they are suffering in a specific stat. Gaiden/Echoes also helps out units that really struggle at base, group EXP and this game's promotion bonuses help a lot, and hell, there's even infinite grinding and dungeon crawling, so they can catch up real quick if you need them to. Additionally, your units will, for the most part, be dealing a lot less damage to enemies than in previous games, and ORKO'ing is really rare until mid-late game without Crits or effective weapons, so you'll often need two or three units to gang up on tougher enemies like Dread Fighters and Gold Knights, so really the more the merrier in this game.
  22. I didn't find Clive to be bad, per se, but he didn't improve as much as anybody else did. Clive started out doing about 14 damage all the time, doing it in a single hit to quick-but-fragile units and in two hits on Knights and his fellow Cavaliers if he doubled them, and as the story progresses he's doing about the same amount of damage proportionally. The issue is that after a while many of my other units are ORKOing or 2RKOing enemies while Clive just never quite gets there.
  23. I used the Speed Ring to make the terrifying and beautiful sentence "Luthier doubling with Sagittae" a reality.
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