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  1. and I'll leave my ID here as well if people still have room in their friends list ;P Caro: 3456945129
  2. I think the story is better than the story from awakening, but I agree with the rushed feel. and yes with the new RNG (which misses 99% hit attacks) the gameplay did get a lot more random >< the new pairup is much better, no more enemy reinforcements that kill you as soon as they appear. I think in general the characters also got better, especially for birthright (why is everyone in Nohr crazy?). Some of the parent-child supports are also really good, but that's always the fixed-parent-child supports the variable-parent child supports are incredibly generic (Velouria-Camilla supports: *hug**hug* leave and be safe *hug**hug**hug**hug*) and yes unbalanced teams, grinding helps a bit, but it is so hard to level dark mages >< if only they would ever hit something... (I finished birthright and am playing conquest right now, haven't had the time for revelations yet)
  3. it was supposed to be between conquest and birthright in terms of difficulty
  4. <sarcasm> Oh how glad I am that I didn't have enough free time yet to finish both birthright and conquest </sarcasm>
  5. weirdest case of luck-bad luck yesterday enemy with 20-something hit chance and a crit chance below 10, so yeah enemy does crit. and my Hisame stays alive with 1 HP left XD. should I laugh or cry here
  6. Hey you can't beat my RNG crew case XD I missed with a 99% hit chance and yesterday I tried shiro's map and kaze got critted by a followup attack from the boss T_T 3 enemies left and someone dies
  7. never thought being dyslectic would prove an advantage ;P I don't even notice these things (but than again I can't even spell check my own reports)
  8. I think they reworked the RNG. one of my guys missed with a 99% hit chance >< low numbers matter this time. And what's the best support you've found so far? I stumbled upon SaizoXMozu and that one's so cute ^^
  9. camilla's outfit ;P the fact that there are children means someone had to (And I think it's more about other aspects tho) *looks at pegi thing* there is a strong language warning? so no more 'moldy onions'? XD
  10. In that case, welcome to europe XD (ausi couldn't be further away from europe, but who cares ;P)
  11. good thing the track&trace doesn't follow the delivery truck on GPS XD (my SE is in the delivery truck now ^^)
  12. Nope, the days between the announcement and the pre-orders coming online were the most unproductive days ever ;P
  13. I think that makes you the first. I get mine tomorrow (for nedgame, find your track&trace code in your order details on the website, its not in the email)
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